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  1. Sadly when those rides were open I wasn’t tall enough to ride them so I don’t know want they were like besides videos I’ve seen. But I know for sure that el toro and Kingda Ka are amazing rides
  2. Over the years Great Adventure has had many great rollar coasters. Which year do you think was the best for coasters and what year was the best all around? I think it's either the late eights because of the ultra twister and GASM or the early ninetys because of viper, Shockwave and Batman. Aslo, is it okay to ask questions like these?
  3. Awesome! Thanks for responding so fast.
  4. Hi, I’m new to this website and I noticed that there was a spotlight on historical signs that was not available, so the next time I went to the park I went looking for the signs and only found the runaway mine train sign. Are there anymore and where? Also do people usually respond to these types of things?
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