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  1. Yeah, the times I've ridden El Toro; the people take too long and don't follow directions by pulling the lap bar down BEFORE fastening the seat belt. In theory, ET dispatches should be quicker because of the strictly enforced "No loose articles" policy.
  2. I do recall that the Blue Batman side of the ride had the higher downtime because it used more LIM's (in fact, the Batman side didn't even operate for the 2005 season). And of course, The Chiller had those OTSR's until '01 for the Robin side and '02 for the Batman side. Perhaps if The Chiller had it's own power source at the ride (as Maverick and Wicked Twister at Cedar Point do); the operational issues wouldn't have happened. Or if a modern version of The Chiller was constructed using LSM's? But the ride looked very cool and the soft opening in '97 with all those sets of twins was very
  3. I'm just wondering (and yes I know it'll depend on how the COVID 19 pandemic goes!) when 2021 opening weekend will be. I know under normal circumstances, it's typically the last weekend of March or first weekend of April.
  4. Yeah, the times I've stayed overnight while going to Great Adventure, I've stayed at a hotel 12 miles away. Now if they did build a hotel on site, would they just carve out a chunk of the parking lot?
  5. Even with the new trains (they look like the ones used on Sky Rocket II's); it still looks like it'll be a rough ride.
  6. For those that lived in the dorms while working at the park (you can see them, the employee parking lot, the boneyard as well as the HR building while going up Nitro's lift hill); what were they like? From what I could see, they looked about the size of a modular trailer give or take. I assume they are just for the summertime employees? How much did they take out of each paycheck to pay for rent? Does each dorm have it's own washer/dryer? Maximum number of people living in each dorm? Late night parties?
  7. If I was in charge, I'd add some shows to the place. You know, stunt shows in the Batman arena, magic/dance shows in the Showcase Theater. And perhaps concerts or other events (Monster Truck show) in the Northern Star arena. Yeah I'm whistling Dixie here, but frick; got to have some use rather then vacant buildings
  8. How long has that building been abandoned? Edit: and speaking of abandoned, what about the long abandoned gas station (at least 10 years abandoned?) near the entrance/exit next to one of the solar panel covered lots?
  9. I'd be surprised to see Cyborg removed after just 3 seasons. Why has it been closed all year? Staffing/maintenance issues? Also, what's the coldest it's been up at Great Adventure for HITP? I bet a winter ride on Nitro is a blast!
  10. From my homepark (Six Flags America); the rumored ride(s) for removal are: Penguin's Blizzard River (maintenance headache and can't operate in cooler weather) Shipwreck Falls (same as above) Batwing (slow operations and maintenance pain. Also it opens up a half hour later then the other rides at the park) Not sure what I think would replace those attractions if they were to be removed. For PBR, I'd go for a 4D Free Spin; for Shipwreck Falls I'd go for a Sky Rocket II; and for Batwing, I'd go for a B&M Flyer :) And yes, I'm probably Whistling Dixie with those ideas; but fri
  11. Any idea what the highest attendance number ever was for Great Adventure?
  12. I for one would like to see Mind Eraser at Six Flags America get the treatment that SFNE's ME got (new trains with vest restraints and a rename/repainted scheme)
  13. Interesting how the Intamin & TOGO stand ups used a lap restraint instead of the "bicycle seats" for their stand ups.
  14. Given how we better understand LIM launches, could something like The Chiller work present day?
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