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  1. Oh yeah and cyborg is still closed

  2. So Hallofest is pretty good im surprised that big clown balloon got to fit in the batmobiles spot. Reflections of the dead isnt that scary so check that out to be least scared. Lady Of The Lake was pretty alright. and Disrict 6 was pretty good a lot of preformers in that spot I also got the Jersey Devil Nanocoaster! its still in the box im going to try and assemble it this week. Also It wouldve been cool if they had a scare zone where Runaway mine train and Bizarro are. I got to ride Green Lantern and superman along with batman joker and nitro. El Toro had a long line so i skipped it and ka also had a long line. I also got to ride Wonder Woman and check out The construction of jersey devil. It was an awseome experience and I recommend to go i got scared a few times too.

  3. I'm So excited! I just can't wait for hallowfest!

  4. I'm going to Great Adventure tomorrow for Hallowfest, let's see if Cyborg is now open. 

  5. No you got a superloop in the same spot A SUPERLOOP
  6. and im completely fine with light mode just i need that dark mode

  7. Is there dark mode on here lol

  8. Least favorite coaster: BIzarro its just really bad for me i would care less if it got removed

  9. District 6 unleashed logo looks familiar and Scarecrow streets design looks awesome
  10. just to keep in mind whyd they put clownTown in movietown???? lol

  11. OK OK ON THE SIXFLAGS WEBSITE HALLOWFESTS PAGE JUST GOT UPDATED AND OH BOY do the new names suck im suprised they didnt keep demon district or carnevil lol

    1. 29yrswithaGApass


      Those names are part of Fright Fest.  Hallowfest will be different than Fright Fest.  

    2. Eugene Krabs

      Eugene Krabs

      oh i get it now

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