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  1. Lets just take the time to appreciate how beautiful this is.
  2. Makes sense covid is beginning to pop up everywhere again with more cases every day. The park maybe even close due to it. Holiday Lights is a good idea.
  3. Bizarro has a high chance of valleying in the cold I dont expect it to open for Holiday in the park
  4. It looks holiday themed maybe a new area? And I doubt they would tease a ride getting the axe. Some people speculate a new ride which is kinda dumb considering they're building JDC still. Others say new food options, games, or entertainment.
  5. I had a reservation for this weekend but due to the spike of covid cases I may be better not going.
  6. 250,000 deaths here in the US this looks very bad pretty much depressing
  7. I think Great Adventure is the biggest cash maker for six flags in 2020
  8. I've noticed that they now have been decorating Bugs Bunny national Park. During Hallowfest it was called Corn stalk national Park, and now its going to be called and decorated as Wild Lights national Park. could be a throwback to Winter Lights but with no drive through.
  9. ^ Cyborg is noticeably removed from the map! It could be the next ride getting removed or it could just be the reason its been closed all year.
  10. Recently found out Harley Quinn Spinsanity has opened at Six Flags Over Texas, so why hasnĀ“t Cyborg opened here?
  11. Turns out there's going to be a Jersey Devil BBQ, located across from Seaport Eats. It premiered on the old 2020 map and still on the new one. Replacing Nitro Pub. Though I dont think they have done any work on it right now.
  12. You do realize this was a video on youtube that was fanmade right? I think this person also made another one but for jersey devil coaster clone called the joker ( i think thats what started the raptor joker clone rumor) but on the comments i found so many people saying this was coming in 2021 lol it could be i just thought it was kinda funny.
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