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  1. The Go Carts are not on the website, therefore, I think they are safe as gone.
  2. Removal this year for a 22 opening I guess? I'm headed to Frontier City this year... loved it last year.
  3. This part of the park will be truly missed. It was unique in the chain and the Volcano coaster was fantastic. Kings Dominion falls down the ladder of Cedar Fair parks to second tier if there isn't a great replacement in store.
  4. I will be pretty bummed if that's the case, I have been meaning to go there for a few years, but held off until management could get everything open (Rollo Coaster being down for a few years). I haven't been there since the late 1990s. I have a feeling this may be it for Parques as the owner here, perhaps they might be in some major financial distress and frankly, I hope they sell the PGH parks they have held hostage for 15 years. In that time, they have drove them into the ground. Here is some footage of Idlewild's hay day ->
  5. Any idea when reservations will go up?
  6. Found footage of Don Heibig taking Cedar Fair Platinum Passholders back behind The Beast today in my ICloud. Hope you guys enjoy it...
  7. Ravine Flyer 2 is worth the drive.... sadly - the bumper boats are loooonnnggg gone.
  8. Have some old VHS footage I converted to Youtube today. It is of Waldameer Park in Erie, Pa in 1991. Obviously, I can't remember much of this as it was 30 years ago, but surely if you enjoy old, small amusement parks, you will love this. If you never heard of Waldameer before this, i strongly encourage you to check out Ravine Flyer 2 and make the trip out. It's worth it!
  9. Any idea of when we know? I hate losing rides personally, but can deal with it, if the replacement is good.
  10. Lol - I was thinking of doing a podcast on this and you may have convinced me........
  11. I'm seeing a lot people thinking this one goes if something goes at SGADV... pure speculation... but it's a popular discussion point
  12. This looked pretty cool, but not sure I would make it out this year to it.
  13. With the news of Six Flags removing 15 rides across the chain, I uploaded some footage of this ride from a few weeks ago in case it gets the AX. Hopefully that is not the case.
  14. Why would you remove El Toro? It's typically a rated as a top 5 coaster in the world.
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