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  1. is very sad to see that go, i went there over the summer and it was phenomanal! there was no wait for just about anything. Everything was just about under price. And im disssaponited to see it go.
  2. That's right what i'm talking about there! and i did'nt take the photo. It's from gadv.com. but keep all the utiltys in there the same such as, "Blue parrot restrooms","Snowy's Snacks","Showcase Theather", and possibly,"Forzen Cokea-cola
  3. and Medusa 2.0 and whatever this is sorry if i kinda am off topic and once you think of it, there probably going to do somthing over by old county/movietown(please don't touch that part of movietown , it's my favorite) and the former site of Kowla Canyon
  4. fine but i wiil ask again later. It's defintaly not medusa 2.0 because that's blue track. And the shrek coaster was only a very wild guess. The orange is DEFNATILY not rusted. just keep thinking by the way my guess Daffy Diver
  5. heres a puzzle for the 09 seson it is not blurry or anthing its just a a puzzel so take a look so now im realy thinking, so try and answer these questions were are they doing the consturction? Why are they doing consturtion? My only hint that I can give you is (only because i don't now the answer my self) is(don't look if you dont want clues, but highlight to read clues)
  6. i don't konw mabey chiller i guess (look down)
  7. uhh , guys it's been there for a while now
  8. I toatly agree ! it's just one oof those things, you can tell. Sadly I have some kinda instict taht somthing bad is going to hit conga rapids, for some reson.
  9. on saturday I went to Escape from the Asylum right when everyone stared going , then line was huge ,but it movied fast. I thought it was some what of a maze
  10. I like the way you think Luis L. with you'r viper returns idea. (IT'S GENIUS!) It would also be cool (and out of the way) if they could make a drop uder el toro's bridge. but it needs somewhat of a make over. But they should defintly keep the color scheme. just a few touches, nothing huge that changes the whole ride. p.s go ahead and start bashing the lance dude. Ask him if his park has the tallest and fastest coaster on earth, and ask hime if he has a dancing old guy as a mascot (hopfully he dosn't have a six flags park near him). Let's see what he thinks about that .
  11. actuley they did have a heath leger joker( of course not the real heath leger). I notice him when I was on line for the dark kinght(supsingly after 9:00 nothing in the park was crowed, besides hypnostria, which was an hilarous profoumence.) Also ... when I got to go in the bloked off half of movietown(which is right know not bloked off) I went on Escape from the Asylum. That was right behind the chiller's ice genrator snd obsovatry. Supsingly over on that side of the park sonwy's snaks was open and so was the fozen coke stall. anyway back to Escape from the Asylum. It was like a
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