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  1. Probably will be going to the park for the first time in 14 years this weekend. Haven't been since the opening year of Kingda Ka as a kid. Having kept up with the park through youtube, and theme park sites including this one and Gadv online for a large majority of that time, this event is a long time coming and I am sure looking forward to visiting the theme park where the community surrounding it helped shape my interest in theme parks, music, and the internet as a whole. Might even come back with a trip report
  2. HELLO EVERYONE!! Many years ago, one of my favorite things I used to watch on this site was the many video trip reports from Great Adventure and parks around the world that members would often post here. Today I am so thrilled to say that I have made my own vtr over the weekend and wanted to share it here for you all to enjoy! This video is of the amazing trip I had this Saturday to Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  3. I am so glad you guys liked the PTR and thank you for all the compliments! I have always loved reading the trip reports from this site, and it feels great to be able to share one of my own! Kings Dominion is a very fun park with tons of things to do, and I highly recommend visiting it if you are in the area
  4. They do still have the sim theater. It had some Robinson Crusoe film in there. I don't think it was open though
  5. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it!
  6. This last Saturday, I went on a trip with others from my school to Kings Dominion for about 7 hours. When we got there, the first thing I noticed was how cold and windy it was. I knew that this could either be a great thing because it will scare away the crowds and there will be little to no lines, or it will be too windy and cold for a lot of different rides to operate and there would even be a possibility of the park closing early. Well it turned out the combination of just the right amount of cold and the wind made this an amazing day by scaring away much of the crowds. Even though some major rides were closed for the day, or ended up closing later in the day, I ended up getting in lots of rides. I will let the pictures do the talking, but I will give my ride count for the day here. Backlot Stunt Coaster, Delirium, Grizzly, The Crypt, Ricochet, Bad Apple, Eiffel Tower, Flying Eagles, Wave Swinger, Boo Blasters, Woodstock Express: x1 Volcano, Flight of Fear, Anaconda, Rebel Yell, Avalanche: 2x I305: 5x (closed later in the day) Dominator, Wind Seeker, Drop Tower, Hurler: Closed On to the photos! I welcome you to this trip report with the obligatory Eiffel tower/fountain/logo picture Some nice theming at this Cedar Fair park to start the day! Many rides similar to those in Great Adventures past can be found at Kings Dominion. This is the parks Looping Starship called Berzserker. I never did get around to riding it today though Overpriced Chinese food! Did I mention the park was dead today?! Wave Swinger Swinging away The legendary singing mushrooms. They were recently brought back for the parks 40th anniversary, but I guess they have taken up permanent residence at the park noted My first ride of the season! It was so cold at the park, that they hosted the olympic bobsled time trials today! "all clear means you're out of here" This water path used to be part of an old water ride that ran through the mountain where volcano now resides How much water can fit into a jeep? Tune in next week to find out! The gates to heaven Old meets new!! 305 feet of pure bliss A train going down the second hill The exit to I305 lets you get really close to the ride Dale Earnhardt approves Kings Dominion. Where you can launch out of a volcano, drive a nascar, and go to space, all while walking about 300 yards ooh aliens Ready to launch! After this ride I went to Anaconda Through the trees Surprisingly, this ride wasn't too rough Sploosh!! After seeing that Great Adventure is paving their parking lot, Kings Dominion decided to build this parking garage right in the middle of the park! Ride billboard, and train For how small it is, Backlot Stunt Coaster is a fun ride that's perfect for families. Especially if all the effects are working New for 2016, this new mondial frisbee Its a very dizzying ride, and it actually goes up pretty high Delirium is a much better ride than Shockwave; the parks old stand-up coaster that was in this spot last year Rebel Yell was rough both times I rode it today A train full of cold riders Last month it was announced that Hurler would be closed for the season Que speculation for Iron Hurler 2017! Can't you just imagine a zero-g roll drop right there next year Shrubbery tunnel The entrance to Grizzly is kind of strange. You have to walk through the Dinosaurs alive gift shop to get to it Rawr!!! Around 10 years ago, that was the station for Hypersonic XLC. You can still see some of the footers in this picture Its really hard to get good pictures of Grizzly since its buried deep in the Virginia wilderness Wind Seeker was closed due to seeking too much wind You can't forget the classics If you need a rest from coaster riding, you can take a nice quiet car ride through the forest Or watch the parade Story time: In 1971 Apollo 14 went into space it brought along with it several seeds. When the seeds came back down and were distributed to different areas of the United States, one of the places that received seeds was Kings Dominion. This tree is from one of those seeds, giving this tree the honor of being called "moon tree" At around 1 the park was still dead. I made my way over to Dominator and saw that it was closed. Loop De Loop Dominator never got the chance to dominate anything today I believe the rectangles in the track were from a catwalk from when Dominator was over the water at Geauga Lake I'm blue daba de daba die Fun Fact, this ride opened up in 1974 one year before the park did in 1975 The front side of water... I ended up eating at this nice little restaurant called Outer Hanks Giant snoopy guarding over his area Dino Falls The only crowd in the park today was in front of the theater because of this indoor cheerleading event the park was having Drop Tower was closed due to high winds today effectively killing the area around it Don't worry Intimidator, I'll be back soon I never rode this ride until today, and it was very fun. Kings Dominions Top Spin "The Crypt" has some cool water fountains and.. FIRE!! I went over next to the parks bobsled Avalanche and rode it twice. This ride is really fun, and also great for families. I like how the ride goes over the path like this Cool Dale Earnhardt car they have at the entrance to the ride More twisty Goodness Happy riders I then went up to the Eiffel tower to grab some pictures The wind up here was crazy I didn't want to risk dropping my phone so sorry about the bars Dominator sitting idol. Notice the lack of people on the paths Some huge flowers WAIT... how did I end up at Busch Gardens Williamsburg?!? Americana The parks 100 year old carousel originally from Roger Williams Park in Rhode Island R.I.P Flying Wave It seems that they old Great Adventure lion has made its way down to Kings Dominion for the day It was stuck at this time all day. But you know what they say, "a broken clock is right twice a day" For some reason, I went back to the Hurler area and took some pictures and rode Ricochet the parks wild mouse I'm glad its getting a refurbishment cause it really needs it. Each time I have ridden it, even on the busiest of days, it had no wait what so ever. Not to mention it was incredibly rough. I also hope they do something about that large grey box they call a station. Since everything around it is closed, I don't even know if people know it is even here Peace out!! I like the do not touch sign After walking all the way to Intimidator, it closed due to high winds when I was next in line. Oh well, so close yet so far away. My last ride of the day was the parks Shooting ride For how out of the way it is, and how cheesy the theming is, it is still enjoyable in its own special way more giant flowers and birds At around six it was time to bid farewell to Kings Dominion after a wonderful day And I'll leave with this shot of Dominator from the parking lot Thank you guys so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it.
  7. Thanks for the nice response jdc12192! I hope I can make it back to the park someday soon as well. I can't wait for the day that I get to ride on El Toro for the first time.
  8. Hello Greatadventurehistory.com As a child I used to go to Great Adventure all the time. I loved it and it was one of my favorite places to go. Then in 2006 when I was eleven, my family and I moved to Virginia, and I wasn’t going to be able to go to the park I used to enjoy so much.Then in mid 2007, I went searching online about roller coasters, where I came across many theme park websites that I never knew existed. For me, all of these sites fueled a great interest in theme parks which I still have to this day. My favorite one of these websites was the site Gadv.com and I found it incredibly interesting to find that there were so many people talking about Great Adventure, giving different stories, trip reports, and talking about the happenings around the park. One of which was whether or not one of my favorite coasters Batman & Robin The Chiller was going to be removed from the park. Then in 2008, I saw on Screamscape this cool web page showing this “graveyard” of past Great Adventure rides (link to that here: http://www.greatadventurehistory.com/Graveyard.htm). I followed the links to this site which became another one of my favorites especially since I could learn about the different rides and attractions that I never got to experience and the history of a lot of my favorites rides. It is then I created this account! Anyways time goes by, and today I still read almost daily the different theme park related websites across the web including this one. Over the years, I have posted on here and at Gadv.com from time to time when I have had an opinion about something, but without me being able to visit the park and give a true perspective, I personally find it hard for me to add anything of content to the topics of discussion. However, I always do enjoy reading about the updates from the park, and the different happenings involving this site. Thank you guys for reading this, I will see you around!
  9. Not to interrupt, but does anyone think that we might get another type of enhancement around the park next year along with the coaster? Not talking about some major thrill ride, but more like a touch up on certain areas that would need it.
  10. These are some great pictures! Sounds like it was an awesome day as well
  11. I think it would be cool to see what Viper would be like if it was made by B&M or Intamin. It would certainly be smoother and if they lengthened the layout a bit, it would be a fun little coaster. Of course, they would also hopefully keep the rings
  12. Congratulations to Cole Hamels on the no hitter!
  13. I can't say I didn't see it coming and I know many in the coaster community are rejoicing at its certain demise. However truth be told, personally I thought that this coaster was actually pretty fun. There was a weird type of stand-up airtime on the bunny hills at the end, and I personally thought it wasn't really too rough, especially compared to other coasters at the same park. However seeing that it is leaving (and possibly to another park, though that option seems unlikely at this point) It does open up a good size area for future expansion. Maybe for a few flat rides
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