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  1. Just when you think their policies and rules can’t get worse especially considering the main audience for this park is families with kids : ” Can I bring my own food into Nickelodeon Universe? Food is not currently allowed inside Nickelodeon Universe under COVID-19 guidelines. Please also note that due to these guidelines, food is also unavailable for purchase in the parks at this time. ” That is in addition to no re-entry allowed once someone leaves the park.
  2. I was near Knoebels again at the beginning of the month and decided to give the park another chance this year hoping the threat of rain and school already in session would keep crowds low. I got there around 4:50 and they were closing at 6:00 with maybe a couple hundred cars in the lot at the most. I started with $10 book of tickets discounted to $9 since it was a weekday. The Flyers had no one riding and I had a solo ride. Twister also had no one in the station so I got the front row. I almost had another solo ride until 2 other people entered the station. StratosFear
  3. It’s good to see more Raptor coasters being built. I like the theme they chose.
  4. Great Pictures I like the coaster logo pillows as prizes. I rarely play games at any park because I don’t need a stuffed animal. Coaster themed prizes would get me to try the games more often.
  5. It could be a glitch or mistake but Justice League might be open, Queue Times is showing a 15 minute wait for it now https://queue-times.com/parks/37/queue_times If it is open, that will be good to have another indoor ride running for the event.
  6. This was always my favorite store to go to when I would visit the park in the 90s. There was a great selection of merchandise.
  7. It looks like today might be the most crowded day of the season so far. Green Lantern, Nitro and Wonder Woman all are showing a 2 hour and 10 minute wait, even the Big Wheel is showing a 70 minute wait.
  8. Thank you, I liked the way the old entrance looked but hope this will be better with crowds. A tea cup ride is a good idea. Hopefully the staffing issues will be better in the fall and winter. I remember last year during those times, so many rides were closed. Thank you, rule enforcement could have been better but it wasn't bad enough where I would feel uncomfortable visiting again this year.
  9. I wasn't sure if I was going to get any new coaster credits this year and really wanted to try Candymonium. Before daily operations ended, I decided to go to Hersheypark and if I didn't like what I saw, leave after a few rides. The new entrance looks great and should help with the crowds the park gets at opening. I got there at 3:00 and there was no wait to get in but in past years, it could take 15 minutes to enter the park even with low crowds. There are now metal detectors where you can leave your phone and keys in your pocket. I went to Candymonium first. The app ha
  10. I'm surprised they aren't hiring someone already with the company.
  11. Hopefully the amount sanitizers being empty or not working when I was there was just an off day and it normally isn't like that. Thank you. I agree, it would have been more enjoyable if people were following the rules. I expected some people to not distance or wear the masks right but it was more people than I would have thought not following the policies.
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