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  1. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I would have liked to have seen the queue kept that way even if the line would rarely get to that area now.
  2. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I was watching this on TV tonight, I thought it was funny they got 2 things wrong just in this 1 part of the video. a mine train and at SFOT?
  3. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    More snow today, will it ever end? At this rate there will be maybe 4 or 5 months without any snow this year.
  4. Hersheypark, 4/14/18

    With it being a Saturday with great weather, rain on Sunday and discounted Springtime in the Park admission, I thought the park was going to be extremely crowded and wasn't even considering going until I saw the wait times a few hours after opening and that they weren't that bad and decided to go to the park at the last minute. I think because there was a season pass night on Friday and the park usually not open for a 3rd weekend of Springtime in the Park also made it less crowded. Pass holders close to the park probably went on Friday night and others may not have known the park was open this weekend. Most coasters were 20 - 30 minute waits, with some like Lightning Racer almost a walk on and the usual longer waits like Laff Trakk at an hour. I was expecting to open up the app and see 90 minute - 2 hour waits. Coal Cracker was open. That was a nice surprise with the warm weather. I miss the days of Saw Mill Log Flume opening at the start of the season at Great Adventure no matter what the temperature was. Even if the ride was ready to go, I wouldn't have expected to see it open with the lack of staffing at Great Adventure. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge's single rider line is now a Fast Track line. The Hershey drop tower was not running in combo mode and was running in Space Shot mode which I had never seen before. Sidewinder and Trailblazer were closed, when riding Storm Runner I saw a mechanic working at the side of Trailblazer's lift hill. I happened to be right near Storm Runner when it reopened after a breakdown and only had to wait a few minutes. Hopefully Trailblazer's issues aren't that bad with it being 45 years old next year. I don't mind skipping it unless the wait is short but it's still a fun coaster. Almost all rides were running at full capacity, 4 trains at Lightning Racer, 2 trains at Storm Runner. Ride Count: Comet, 2 sooperdooperlooper, 2 Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge, 1 Reese's Tower, 1 Hershey Tower, 1 Skyrush, 1 Coal Cracker, 1 Great Bear, 2 Lightning Racer, 2 (1 ride on each track) Fahrenheit, 1 Wildcat, 1 Storm Runner, 1
  5. Disneyland & California Adventure

    Nice report, it sounds like you got a lot of different rides in. Disneyland is probably my favorite park I have been to, if it didn't require a plane ride (or days of driving), I would want to visit more often.
  6. Misc GA Mumblings

    That sounds horrible. It's too bad they can't just load the line skip passes onto the membership card automatically and scan that at the ride, like the dining pass.
  7. Misc GA Mumblings

    I can't believe some of the wait times Queue Times is showing. 30 minutes for the carousel and 45 minutes for the Tea Cups? That sounds like Fright Fest crowd level wait times.
  8. They tried bringing back Looney Tunes but it looks like the show was unsuccessful https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Looney_Tunes
  9. Misc GA Mumblings

    More flats would be good, I like that they have been trying to correct that over the last 6 or so years. I remember there was some amount of time when Red Zone purposely closed rides like Tango and Houdini to save money and removed many flats and if someone went early or late in the season without water rides open (around 2008 or 2009), the only non kiddie rides totaled to under 10. Skyway, Jolly Roger, Buccaneer, Fantasy Fling, Parachutes, Twister, Tea Cups, Motion Simulator, Carousel.
  10. 4/5/18

    With Thursday being the first day of the week that had ok weather, the park was somewhat crowded. There were some rides closed because of the wind and Nitro was closed all day. Sky Screamer was different with the chairs moving slightly sideways more than normal because of the wind. Skull Mountain had the strobes off at the end of the ride. This broke a record of 148 trips in a row for me of not missing Nitro and interestingly enough, the last time I went to the park and didn't ride Nitro (also because it was closed all day) was April 5, 2009, exactly 9 years ago from this visit to the park. Ride Count: Sky Screamer, 1 Skull Mountain, 5 Justice League, 2 Bizarro, 1 Green Lantern, 1 Runaway Mine Train, 1 Batman, 1 Kingda Ka, 0.5 (the train got to the launch track but the ride shut down because of the wind). Runaway Mine Train was only running 1 train. Soda prices went up this year. I still saw people buying them when getting dinner at Garden State Grill. I guess Six Flags wants everyone to buy the souvenir bottles. The Thrill Pass is back this year.
  11. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Six Flags FUN!
  12. GAdv Opening Weekend Photos

    I agree with everyone else that Nitro picture is really great
  13. GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday robertleax
  14. Hersheypark, 4/1/18

    I was hoping to get to Great Adventure today but with snow supposed to start after midnight, I thought that if the forecast was wrong and it started to snow up to a couple hours earlier and I stayed until closing, there was a chance I would be driving home in the snow and didn't want to take that chance. Seeing that Hershey's wait times weren't that bad yesterday compared to Springtime in the Park the last few years (up to 45 minute waits this year vs up to 150 minute waits last year and in 2016) and combined with a 6:00 closing, I didn't it wouldn't be that bad. This was the first time since 2006 I didn't start my coaster season at Great Adventure except the few times I went to Florida in January or February and even though Hersheypark is one of my favorite parks, it was strange to not have Nitro or Kingda Ka be my first local coaster ride of the year. I went to sooperdooperlooper first which is the also the last coaster I rode in 2017 on a Tuesday night the week before Christmas. The queue was changed where Fast Track now is at the entrance and the main lines doesn't go under and around the station anymore. The beginning of the queue has just switchbacks instead of those diagonal sections of path that used to be there. 2 trains were running with a mostly empty station. Comet also had 2 trains running with about a 10 minute wait. It's nice how smooth the coaster is for being over 70 years old. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge had no wait. Storm Runner had 1 train running with the 2nd train on the other side of the station and was around a 10 minute wait. The more times I ride Storm Runner, the more I like the coaster. Trailblazer was evacuating riders from the brake run. It never reopened when I was there. Great Bear was running 2 trains with a mostly empty station. I took advantage of that and got a front row ride and re-rode in row 7. Row 7 had some vibration but nothing too bad. All 3 Triple Towers were running, I only went to the Hershey tower. It's fun but no Zumanjaro. Some flat rides like Frontier Flyers and The Claw were closed. A lot of kiddie rides were closed as well. I was glad the coasters were open and remember around 10 years ago Midway America wasn't even open for Springtime in the Park. Lightning Racer had 1 train on each track and Lightning had 3 rows closed off, Thunder had 4 rows closed off. They usually close off rows on days with low crowds so they don't have to constantly re-buckle the seatbelts but the station was crowded enough to have all rows open with each row being 2 - 3 train waits. Even with Thunder having an extra row closed off, it was winning most of the races. I rode Wild Mouse since it was almost a walk on. Wildcat had 1 train running and the vinyl or plastic covers around the openings of the sides of the station that were added during Christmas Candylane were still there. I hope they are removed when it gets warmer out since it might be uncomfortable to have to wait in a hot station. It was nice to not have rows assigned at Fahrenheit and being able to wait for whatever row you wanted. I waited 2 trains for the front row. It's fun but I'm not much of a fan of the vertical lift. I walked back to Great Bear and found a completely empty station and also went back to sooperdooperlooper and walked on the front row. After those 2 rides I started to feel like I had enough. Whenever my first trip of the season is, I don't like to ride too many coasters since I have to get used to it again and I guess I rode more than normal and combined with not getting a lot of sleep, I was ready to leave even though the park was open for another 40 minutes. I stopped at Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge again on the way out, walking past Comet with a half empty station which was difficult to pass up and missing SkyRush completely knowing how intense it is. I'll be back plenty of more times this year so missing SkyRush didn't bother me that much. This was a great day to start the 2018 season. Looney Tunes and Batman, am I sure I'm not really at Great Adventure? Breakers Edge looks great, the 2 back to back saucer turns are probably going to be a lot of fun. It looks like the Whip won't be running today. sooperdooperlooper's reconfigured queue.
  15. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Going by past additions, I hope it will be something great. Maybe a RMC wood or hybrid coaster?