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  1. 9/21/17

    Thursday was my first trip to Great Adventure since the beginning of June. Besides going to my favorite rides like Nitro, I was really looking forward to trying Justice League. After processing my 2018 pass and getting lunch before the 3:00 deadline, I went to see the new section of the park. The bridge to cross into the area was an interesting addition and the whole area looks great. The ride itself would have to wait until later because the Queue Times website (that pulls wait times from the park's app) was showing a 55 minute wait. Instead I went to Nitro. The line was just past where the 30 minute wait time sign used to be and was around 15 minutes with 3 trains running including an extra train wait for the front row. Even though riding in the front row of Nitro is fun with the unobstructed view, I still prefer the last row with more air time. By the time I exited the ride, the line was almost to the switchbacks. Skull Mountain was also around 15 minutes for the last row. The station was cool with multiple fans in use. One side of the Skyway was open with an almost full queue. Joker didn't look like it had much of a line but I skipped it and went to Frontier Adventures. As expected, Saw Mill Log Flume is closed for the season even though it would have been nice to see it open on this day with it in the mid 80s. Bizarro was around 20 minutes with all 3 trains running. It is so much better than Hydra. Runaway Mine Train was another 15 minute wait. I saw in the last row of the first car and normally go for the front row of any car. This time the ride was more violent than normal especially in at the curving drop around the 2nd half of the ride. The air time hill felt more extreme compared to riding in other rows. El Toro was I think around 20 minutes (since I didn't have my phone with me to check the time). Excellent as always. Zumanjaro had no wait and I rode twice. S&S Towers like Hershey Triple Tower and Dominator are fun but I think Zumanjaro is way better than any other drop tower ride, even Tower of Terror. Parachutes had a long line with only 1 side open. Green Lantern had about a 10 minute wait. After dinner, I went back to the other side of the park riding Nitro again with about a 20 minute wait and Batman with a 10 minute wait. Batman is so much more intense than any other B&M invert I have tried and even with a short line, it's still a once a trip ride for me. Finally it was time for Justice League. I think it was around 30 minutes including using the single rider line. I already mentioned how much I liked the ride in the Justice League thread and will add some other thoughts here with a spoiler tag so I don't ruin anything for anyone that hasn't tried the ride yet. I'm going to have to try to get to the park at opening during Holiday in the Park and hopefully have the chance to ride multiple times in 1 day. I got 103,250 but seeing that others have gotten around 500,000 or more, I want to try to get a higher score. Overall it was an excellent addition and as I said in the other thread, now my favorite non coaster ride in the park. If these are still popular, it looked like a better deal than buying one in a store.
  2. Misc GA Mumblings

    Dorney has lockers that have phone charging, they are the same size as the standard lockers although there aren't that many of them. I think the lockers are from the same company that Great Adventure uses so maybe Great Adventure will eventually get them as well.
  3. Dutch Wonderland August 18, 2017

    From the pictures, it looks like the park has changed since my last trip there in 2003. I like the coasters original paint of white supports compared to the blue and purple that is there now. It also appears most of the theming is gone from the boat ride at the front of the park.
  4. I finally got back to the park to try Justice League and if I had 1 word to describe this ride it would be amazing. The queue and ride itself made me feel like I left NJ and was transported to Orlando. I really thought it was on the same level of quality of what you would find at Universal. The mix of screens and actual props / animatronics was good too. Without having to think twice, it easily takes over as my favorite non coaster ride in the park (before it was a tie between Zumanjaro and Saw Mill Log Flume).
  5. Fright Fest 2017

    Crowds seemed to get lower the later it got. I walked onto Zumanjaro at around 7 and when I left after 8, Green Lantern's station had empty waiting rows. The one maze I walked past looked like it had a short line as well (Forgotten Carnival?). The coaster lines didn't seem too bad, other rides like Deja Vu had a full queue probably because the crowd was a lot of families with kids.
  6. Prosthetics and Riding Rides

    It depends on the manufacturer and park and probably state law as you mentioned. Some B&M coasters have a special harness that allows people missing a limb to ride. It has some multi point harness that attaches to something on the back of the train. I rode Nitro 3 or 4 years ago when an employee was testing it. I think Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg has something similar.
  7. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    It looks great, why didn't they have rides like this there when I was a kid? It was all water park rides and playground type attractions back then.
  8. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I'm hoping it's not a coaster so I won't consider having to go back there to get the credit on the way to Great Adventure if it is something more than a kiddie coaster. I already got the Vapor Trail credit a year or two after it opened when employees were allowed to invite friends and family to visit on opening day for free each year (a cousin was Elmo).
  9. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I remember years ago when we used to start putting out Christmas merchandise at work in late September or early October some customers would get annoyed because they thought it was too early. The problem was that since other stores had the items out, we had to have it for sale too if we didn't want people shopping early to go elsewhere.
  10. Knoebels 8/24/17

    I went for the first row of the 3rd car since that was one of the shorter lines. I was trying to remember if last year if it was the green train running or not since it wasn't nearly as rough this year compared to last year.
  11. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Comet open would be great, I would have rather seen it open over Sidewinder. I think Laff Trakk gets a long line because it's still new and the only 42" minimum height requirement coaster on that side of the park so it gets everyone that can't ride Wildcat, Lightning Racer, Wild Mouse and Fahrenheit. Their Halloween event is fun as long as you don't mind that there are no mazes, haunted houses or scare zones. The whole park is decorated, there are a few shows and trick or treating for kids. Other than that the park is just like the rest of the year with everything open except the water park and Tidal Force. Crowds are really low on Sunday's too even if the weather is nice (this year the last Sunday might be more crowded since it is season pass holder appreciation day). I haven't been to Candy Lane since 2007.
  12. Fright Fest 2017

    The way I look at it is that Six Flags really undercharges for a season pass, around $65 for a gold pass with parking. Even with the $30 add on for the trails and mazes it is still under $100 total. Other parks still charge more than that and some Cedar Fair parks like Carowinds don't even get you into their Halloween event with a season pass or require an upcharge like Knott's.
  13. Hersheypark, 9/16/17

    Normally I don't like to go to parks on a Saturday but looking at the wait times on the park's app before leaving, they didn't look too bad. The lot was really crowded because of the RV show taking place at the same time. I went to the season pass office to renew my pass for next year, this year the early pricing is $145. They already had next year's coupons books as well. Comet was first with about a 10 minute wait. The employee at the merge point was keeping the station ramp mostly empty which caused the station to not be that full and I was able to get a front row ride without any extra wait. Comet is my favorite wooden coaster at the park and I think the smoothest. If the trim brake on the 2nd turn around wasn't used, the 2nd half of the coaster would even be better. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge had no line using the single rider line. It's ok but I'm sure Justice League is better (hopefully I will finally get back to Great Adventure sometime in the next few weeks to find out how good Justice League is). sooperdooperlooper had a long line so I thought I would go back to it later. Great Bear's line was bad too and I went to Coal Cracker instead. The drop with the bump is good and the boats skip along the water after that, where you get hit with some water. The Kisses Triple Tower was closed. Hershey had around a 15 minute wait, Reese's had a 1 cycle wait so I went with the Reese's Tower. The air time is really better than a Space Shot. One thing I didn't realize until recently was that the Double Shot at Playland's Castaway Cove in Ocean City gives you 2 full cycles. That was previously the only Double Shot I had tried and thought that was the standard ride cycle, and didn't understand why the Kisses and Reese's tower only give one full launch and now see that is what a standard Double Shot ride is. Trailblazer had around a 4 train wait, it's ok and not worth waiting that much time for but when walking by, it's worth a quick lap. Storm Runner was around 20 minutes, great as always with the forceful launch and some unique inversions. I just wish the ride had another 500 - 1000 feet of track with a few more elements. I skipped Sidewinder because even with the new restraints, I still don't like boomerangs that much. I'll probably ride the coaster during Christmas Candylane now that it has been added to the list of open rides. Frontier Flyers had a half full queue. It's not worth the wait when they have these pieces of foam or rubber that don't allow the rudder to turn that far and make snapping almost impossible. Tidal Force was open and had mostly full boats going out with it being around 85 degrees out. Wildcat had a 2 train wait. 2 trains were running with 2 middle rows closed off. It was running ok, not as bad as I have seen in past visits although still the roughest wooden coaster in the park. Even though it's the first GCI and has a good layout, I wouldn't mind seeing the coaster converted to a RMC. From Wildcat's lift hill, you can see the new water slides parts. Laff Trakk had it's normal hour line. Even when the park is empty it still seems to always have a 45+ minute line. I skipped the Whip because the concrete floor makes the ride too rough compared to the smooth metal floor that Knoebels' and Dorney's whips have. Fahrenheit was also skipped because of the line. Lightning Racer had 2 trains running on each side with no wait. It's a lot of fun racing the other train with the finish line at the end and lights in the station indicating which train won. Wild Mouse was around 10 minutes. It's fun but not as good as The Dark Knight. I went back to Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge and Comet again and then to sooperdooperlooper. This time the line was just out of the station and after 2 trains were dispatched, an announcement was made that there would be a short delay. Both trains were cycled empty and I later saw one was on the final brakes, the other stopped on the lift hill while something was being worked on or checked in the station, possibly the chain lift that is in the station. After 10 minutes of waiting, I left. Coal Cracker looked like it was closed to the night and Great Bear had a much shorter wait, this time just out of the station. After 2 rides in middle rows, I went back to the Reese's Tower with no wait and then Skyrush with a 2 train wait. I still feel the same way about Skyrush, it's good but my least favorite hyper. sooperdooperlooper had reopened with an empty station. After getting a front row ride and walking around for a back row ride, I stayed on the train for 2 more rides. The park was almost closed at this point and felt like I had gotten enough rides in and decided to leave. I hope to be back once or twice next month for Hersheypark in the Dark. The Claw was repainted green this year. Comet rarely has such a short line.
  14. The seat was probably locked regardless of the seatbelt. I have never ridden El Diablo but if the seatbelt works the same way as on a B&M coaster like Bizarro or Batman, the seat is locked and the seatbelt is more to make sure the restraint is down far enough to be safe and maybe a secondary backup restraint.
  15. https://www.kennywood.com/kennywood-log-jammer-retires It's a shame to see such a great log flume removed, especially with the rare uphill section. The rapids and Pittsburgh Plunge can get you soaked and removing the one water ride that doesn't get you soaked seems like a mistake. 3 days notice is not much time for people to get their final rides in either.