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  1. It's a bring a friend free ticket.
  2. Hopefully sometime within the first month, it will depend on how much the virus is still spreading when parks start to open again.
  3. I liked the canopy because I thought it looked cool to have the rides under it. The tree was a cool addition too.
  4. Gamestop's lack of concern for customers and especially their employees, this was posted by a District Manager on Reddit: "District manager here... I can tell you this company is NOT taking the situation seriously. Our regional call today was about taking more tech trades and "taking advantage" of the situation. This phrase was sincerely said on our call. They will not shut down a store if they can avoid it. Even if an associate has come down with the virus, which has happened by the way. They expect associates from another location to come in, clean the location and re-open. This is mind-boggling. Many DMs have expressed concerns with taking in trades - They will not halt the trade business. We are also not allowed to email anyone about the coronavirus issue. Everything HAS to happen through voice calls. It's insane team. I wish I had better news to bring you, but they are putting profits before their people and customers. They will risk spreading infection until the government in your area shuts down retail hours of operation. Keep this in mind: GameStop CANNOT retaliate against you if you decide you are not coming into work out of corvid-19 concern. If you decide you've had enough, you can leave. Call your HR partner if you need to confirm. You can use PTO - but otherwise, you will not get paid unless the government in your state (or nationally) creates regulation. I also suggest contacting your local state representatives and asking them to do something for retail associates. With many restaurants, bars, and dining facilities closing, we are most at risk of spreading this disease. Stay safe" "Taking advantage" of the situation?!?!? I rarely buy anything from their stores, now I will never buy anything from them again.
  5. Hersheypark cancelled Springtime in the Park, their planned opening is May 1st. https://stories.hersheypa.com/covid-19-impact-across-hershey-entertainment--resorts/
  6. Scranton cancelled their parade as well.
  7. I agree. Up until yesterday I thought things would be basically normal for the park season with a few extra precautions. Now with all these sports leagues suspending the season, even MLB likely suspending spring training with it being outdoors, I don't see how parks are going to not close. Edit, and now Disneyland is closing:
  8. It is really frustrating. Raise prices each year or multiple times a year, upcharge event after upcharge event and the results are cutback on everything. Shorter park operating hours, rides running at half capacity, character meet and greets removed or less availability, other minor cutbacks like taking away bread from the table service restaurants and now maintenance issues. Then that leads to secondary problems like reading Easy WDW and seeing zero Fast Pass availbility for Hollywood Stuidos the day before a visit and seeing a full queue for the Little Mermaid show on a weekday in February. I hate seeing what is happening to the resort. It used to be one of my favorite places to visit and although it was never cheap, I really don't feel like what is being offered is even close to being worth what it costs to visit.
  9. I remember using Roller Racers at multiple places (I'm not sure if I tried them at Great Adventure or not) and also one of my friends had one at their house. They were a lot of fun, especially in the neighborhood where you could ride on a sidewalk that went slightly downhill for extra speed. It seems like a good idea for a park attraction with the low cost compared to a ride.
  10. The water park is opening March 19th. https://www.americandream.com/venue/dreamworks-water-park/tickets Pricing is $99 for 1 day, The twilight ticket for the last 2 hours a day is $74. That is way more than I was expecting and at that price maybe it will help keep lines shorter but there is no way I'd pay that much for a water park.
  11. I hope some of the classic scenes are kept and there are still many traditional audio animatronics. I miss World of Motion and Horizons and liked how at least the first half of Spaceship Earth was similar to those rides. It would be great to see the monitors gone. I never liked the removal of all the scenes in the 2nd half of the ride and having to just look at the screen and make selections for the video at the end.
  12. I remember going through that type of play area as a kid but I'm not 100% sure it was at Great Adventure or not since I feel like I could be getting it confused with the Amazing Mumford's Water Maze at Sesame Place which looks similar (or maybe I tried both versions). http://bigbirdbridge.blogspot.com/2012/08/amazing-mumfords-water-maze-version-2.html
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