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  1. It can be frustrating waiting to get into the parking lot and being stuck in line with cars in front either taking a long time to pay or asking the parking lot attendant many questions causing the line not to move. It would be great to just scan the pass or membership and enter the lot in a faster moving line.
  2. The processing dates during the Labor Day sale are usually only around a month making it difficult for anyone who lives further away to be able to process the pass in time. I ended up paying $83 during the Thanksgiving weekend sale instead of $68 during the Labor Day sale because I couldn't get to the park by September 30th. With Cedar Fair's system, all I have to do is enter my current season pass number, upload a picture if the current picture is more than a few years old and as soon as the purchase is complete, my pass is renewed. I'd like to see a similar set up for Six Flags.
  3. I get the plastic bottle every year with the dining pass and never use it, I didn't even pick up this years version. Besides not wanting to carry it around, I don't like the idea of leaving it in a station or entrance to a ride where it could be taken by someone else either by accident or purpose or tampered with. Cleaning them is also annoying since they aren't dishwasher safe. The paper cups would be great.
  4. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2018/12/11/adventureland-new-rollercoaster-phoenix-tickets-coupons-summer-hours-opening-altoona-des-moines-ia/2276263002/ It's going to be a Maurer spinning coaster. It will be interesting to see if it's a clone like most of the other Maurer spinning coasters that are SC2000 versions like Laff Trakk or an original design.
  5. I usually walk through the arcade to get around that closed walkway but would prefer to see it open again, especially because that arcade isn't always open.
  6. Now with the Gold Plus membership level gone (unless that is just temporary), that should help a little with only 3 membership levels. I think it would be best to have 2 season pass types, regular and gold and 2 membership levels, a basic one and a top tier one like Diamond Elite. With the previous 4 membership levels, 3 types of season passes (Summer Thrill Pass, Combo Pass and Gold), it is a lot to figure out. I can only imagine how complicated it would be for someone who visits only twice a year and doesn't go online to amusement park message boards of other social media groups to decide on what pass or membership to get.
  7. Yoshi

    Holiday in the Park 2018 - New Info & Guide Map

    I have only been there once but checking Queue Times almost every day, it looks like crowds have been better than expected with the cold weather. Tonight Justice League was showing a 45 minute wait and the Skyway a 20 minute wait even with temperatures under 30 degrees. I would have thought everything would be a walk on in that weather.
  8. I agree Coaster Dynamix models would be great. If there was a Statix train for Nitro, I'd buy it without thinking twice (I just have Talon from Dorney right now). The Nanocoaster models would be nice to see as well. I also have some generic Six Flags merchandise I have bought from the park in past years like a baseball that has "Six Flags Coaster Team" on it. I like it because I collect baseballs but would have preferred to have the baseball mention Great Adventure somewhere on it.
  9. Yoshi

    ACE Documentary: The Path to RailBlazer

    I'll have to watch the video after it released, it sounds interesting. The single rail design was a cool idea.
  10. I'd like to see the skyline added. I also agree about TLC for the ride overall. I miss the hologram billboards that no longer work.
  11. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I got a survey from Cedar Fair today about Dorney Park season passes. You had to select the top 5 reasons you bought a 2019 season pass from a list. One of the choices was 2019 additions to Dorney Park. 😕
  12. I remember having to cross my legs for it to be more comfortable. It was one of the worst wild mouse coasters I have ridden, shorter than other models and fewer drops. They could, it used to be on the same pier as Great White
  13. Screamscape is reporting that this coaster is not only replacing Flitzer but Doo Wooper as well. http://screamscape.com/html/morey-s_piers.htm
  14. More food choices would be great. I liked some of the different items the park had over past seasons like some of the flatbread sandwiches that are no longer offered.
  15. Yoshi

    Batman & Robin: The Chiller

    That's a shame, I don't think I would have ever gotten to Brazil to ride the coaster but it would have been nice to see the ride still running for others to enjoy.