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  1. Last week I went to Orlando mostly for Disney and also went to Fun Spot Kissimmee as well as Kings Dominion. Day 1, 6/4. We left PA around 9:45 a.m. and got to Savannah, GA. There were a lot less South of the Border ads compared to past trips. Even if the wild mouse coaster was still there, I don't think I would have stopped to get the credit because the whole place looks really run down. Day 2, 6/5. We got to Orlando around 3:30 p.m. and went right to Fun Spot. There were signs stating that parking was $20 but free today. I didn't think they ever charged for parking and just added those signs to make it look like you were getting extra value. Prices went up since my visit to the Orlando location 4 years ago. The coasters and major rides are $10 each, the smaller rides are $5 each. Mine Blower would be my first Gravity Group coaster. The station was empty except 2 people waiting for the front. The trains were comfortable with just lap bars. For a smaller coaster, it was more aggressive than I was expecting and a little rough for a newer coaster but not too bad. It was interesting to ride a wooden coaster with an inversion and the overbanked turn was great. Kiddie Coaster was just ridden for the credit. It was 5 or 6 laps. This was my 150th coaster which follows the pattern of my 50th coaster also being bad (Rollie's Coaster at Morey's Piers) and my 100th coaster was great (Banshee at Kings Island). Hopefully that means #200 will also be a good coaster. Rockstar Coaster was basically the same as Primeval Whirl except it was made by Zamperla instead of Reverchon. This coaster had a lot of spinning compared to any other spinning coaster I have tried. The rest of the park looked good with a Screamin' Swing, Flying Scooters, go karts and other flat rides. I didn't ride anything other than the coasters since we had plans to go to Disney Springs and it was very hot and humid. I didn't feel like getting dizzy or not feeling great right at the start of the trip. I was glad to get to a new park for the first time since Knott's Berry Farm 3 years ago. I would return but I prefer the Orlando location because I prefer White Lightning to Mine Blower and Freedom Flyer to Rockstar Coaster. Disney Springs was a bit of a disappointment. World of Disney went from having multiple rooms all with different theming to one large room with a more generic look and a lot less merchandise. It was the same at Once Upon A Toy which is now just one room. I always get a baseball for my collection and was told they weren't selling them anymore. Once Upon A Toy had 2 different designs left and not many of each. It seemed like throughout the trip, the merchandise was really lacking and most stores all over WDW had the same items. The WDW part of the trip will be posted next.
  2. I'll be interested to see if Cedar Fair removes or changes some of the more extreme rapids type rides or leave them as is.
  3. I was at 148 coasters a week ago. After visiting Fun Spot Kissimmee (3 credits), Hollywood Studios (1 credit) and Kings Dominion (10 credits), I am up to 162 coasters ridden.
  4. That Mario Kart game looks great. I also like how the prizes are Nintendo themed.
  5. I forgot they were adding a new coaster. Hopefully it opens before ACE goes there again so they can get the coaster credit.
  6. I was deciding between going to Dorney or Hershey on Monday. Looking at the wait times on Hershey's app made the decision easy. The main lot was almost full, the first overflow lot was full and they were using the 2nd overflow lot. I was able to find a spot in the main lot. Getting my Fast Lane Plus wristband was much easier this time. I went to the first store near the entrance and the cashier knew how to process the transaction. Wildwater Kingdom was crowded but not as bad as some other holidays like Labor Day in past years. Operations were ok, some slides were being operated well, others not so much. At the Snake Pit tube slides, a group of 6 all wanted the Constrictor slide. Rather than ask if anyone in line wanted either of the 2 Boa Blasters that were not being used, the lifeguard waited around 5 minutes for all 6 people to slide down the Constrictor before letting anyone else go to the other slides. At the Snake Pit drop box slides, only 1 person was sliding at a time. Someone asked the lifeguard there if the other 2 slides were open and he said they were. Usually the lifeguards will ask people to take the other slides if they want (it's not always easy to tell if all 3 are open or not when only 1 lifeguard is at the 3 control panels). By 5:30, WWK really emptied out. In around 2 1/2 hours I got 15 slides in and rode Wildwater River. Thunder Canyon had what looked like around a 30 minute line. The dispatches were much faster than normal. Usually at least 1 cycle of rafts is stacked outside the loading area, sometimes as many as 8 - 9 rafts. Today they were barely stacking at all which was nice to see. The coaster lines were short but longer than normal for Dorney, they looked like mostly 10 - 15 minute waits. There was someone at the merge point at Steel Force which was good to see. Talon was running 2 trains compared to 1 train last week. Possessed had broken down when I was getting dinner and didn't reopen. It also broke down when I was at the park 9 days ago. Now with Stinger gone, it's probably the least reliable coaster in the park. With Wildwater Kingdom open for the season, I look forward to visiting Dorney a lot over the new few months. Ride Count: Talon, 1x Dominator Green, 1x Thunderhawk, 1x Steel Force, 1x Thunder Canyon, 1x Snake Pit Tube Slides, 7x Snake Pit Drop Box Slides, 1x Wildwater River, 1x Patriot's Plunge, 3x Wildwater Rapids, 3x Aquablast, 1x
  7. Yeah you're right, it is like Funatics. That was 1 reward for each visit up to I think 6 visits. Some of those rewards were a free upgrade to preferred parking, 1 skip the line pass, 1 or 2 free sodas, and I think the final reward was a bring a friend free ticket. Edit, I actually still have the email about the program from 2010, here were the full details: Thought a visit to the park couldn't get any more rewarding?! Introducing Season Pass Funatics - our NEW Rewards Program that makes earning free stuff fun and easy! You may have participated in our Funatics Rewards program last year. Based on your feedback, we've made some improvements to our Rewards Program - including a new name! Read on to learn more about the Season Pass Funatics Rewards Program, and how you can earn great rewards just for visiting the park! How do you sign up? Joining is simple! Just buy a 2010 Season Pass and visit any Six Flags theme park - that's it! Then after each of your first five qualified visits to the parks*, you'll get awesome rewards sent straight to your inbox. What cool rewards can you earn?! SKIP THE LINE PASS After your first visit, use your Skip the Line Pass to hop aboard the ride of your choice without waiting in line - good for you AND a friend! FREE SODA After your second visit, quench your thirst with free refills for your 2010 Sport Bottle for the day! Just bring your Sport Bottle and reward voucher with you to the park. Don't have a 2010 Sport Bottle? Then get 2 free Regular fountain sodas! FREE PARKING After your third visit, how about getting free Regular Parking for the day?! Already have Season Pass Parking? Then get closer to the fun with a free Preferred Parking Upgrade, or treat a friend to the free Regular Parking reward. BRING A FRIEND FREE After your fourth visit, call the most fun person you know, because you've earned a Bring a Friend Free ticket good for one day admission to the park! 20% OFF 2011 SEASON PASS After your fifth visit, you can now take 20% off on up to FOUR 2011 Season Pass purchases! This valuable reward is our way of saying THANK YOU for being a loyal Six Flags fan!
  8. Dorney is adding Pass Perks for this season. It looks a little similar to Six Flags Membership Rewards program the main difference being that you can't pick what reward you want. https://www.dorneypark.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/pass-perks
  9. The trains look cool with a tram car operator at the end of the train. The front of the train looks great too.
  10. Yoshi


    I like to try to get to the park on a Friday in May since crowds are usually low even with all the school groups there. This past Friday was no exception and I got to the park at around 2:15 planning to stay until at least 8 or later. Justice League was first with no line at all using the single rider line. The fog projection before the falling barrels was working again which was nice to see. This was also the first trip to the park where I saw what happens if the car spends too long in front of 1 screen because of delays in loading the other cars. The targets go away so you can't increase your score. I guess that's so the scoring chances are equal if you get a delay or not. Nitro had broken down but was reopened with a station wait. The past couple of years the C train was the smoothest of the 3 trains. It was a little worse this year but not too bad. I also have to say it was nice to see 3 trains running with such low crowds and extremely fast dispatches. I was got back in line for another lap but it broke down again. After riding The Dark Knight, Batman, Skull Mountain, Nitro again and Sky Screamer, I walked over to Saw Mill Log Flume. All of the sudden the turntable and lift conveyor belts stopped moving. I thought the ride had broken down until going back to the walkway in Frontier Adventures and seeing Runaway Mine Train stuck on the brake run, one of Bizarro's trains on the mid course brake run and El Toro stopped on the lift hill. The only ride in the area still running was the balloons in Bugs Bunny National Park. I walked around for a while and saw the rides being evacuated. I'd hate to be on Superman stuck on the lift hill or brake run more than any other coaster. Going back to the other side of the park I saw Cyborg Cyber Spin testing but nothing was open except Sky Screamer and maybe the Big Wheel. I saw the Skyway was open and with both sides running and went back to Frontier Adventures to ride the Saw Mill Log Flume which had reopened. Most of the rides were closed for around an hour. I haven't had the chance to ride the log flume much once in the last 3 seasons so it was good to be at the park when it's open. With no one at the water sprayers, it was just enough of a splash to cool off and not get soaked. The sky was starting to get dark and I thought it could start raining soon. I had been checking the forecast all week and even before I left to go to the park and it kept changing from no rain, to rain later at night and then after I got to the park, a forecast of heavy rain at 7 p.m. I went right over to Zumanjaro because of that. I have had horrible luck with Zumanjaro being open the past year. I visited the park 5 times last season, 3 of trips that were not during HITP. 2 of those 3 visits the ride was closed. Last month I was in the station and about to be on the next cycle and it broke down for the rest of the night so I hadn't ridden Zumanjaro in over a year. It is still my favorite drop tower. Right when the ride dispatched, the rain started. Kingda Ka was of course closed and it looked like it was going to rain the rest of the night so I went back to Justice League for 3 more rides all with no wait using the single rider line (the regular line was probably around 10 minutes). I probably could have gone to The Dark Knight and Skull Mountain but didn't feel like walking around in the rain. Many outdoor coasters will still running but it's uncomfortable to ride in the rain. Even though I missed Green Lantern, El Toro, Kingda Ka, Runaway Mine Train and Bizarro it still was a fun trip since I was able to get multiple Nitro and Justice League rides in during the visit to the park. Ride Count: Nitro, 2x Justice League, 4x Sky Screamer, 1x Skull Mountain, 1x The Dark Knight, 1x Batman, 1x Saw Mill Log Flume, 1x Skyway, 1x Zumanjaro, 1x Only 1 picture, I was planning on taking more pictures on my way out of the park and the rain messed up those plans. El Toro being evacuated
  11. Were crowds low for the preview? I was originally considering going before having the chance to stop at the park on Saturday and didn't feel like going to Dorney 2 days in a row. Talon was running 1 train on Saturday as well.
  12. I was almost driving past Dorney on Saturday and stopped in for 2 1/2 hours for my first visit of the season. It was crowded (for Dorney) with most coaster lines 10 - 20 minutes. I went to pick up my Fast Lane wristband. The first store was sold out, the 2nd store was sold out. I was told to try another store that had the wristbands but told me I can only get the daily Fast Lane wristband there which was incorrect but the employees insisted I couldn't get it and to to go guest services. I wasn't going back and waiting 20+ minutes in line so I tried a 4th store who wanted to charge me the daily price for it. I had to explain how they ring up the Fast Lane wristband, then scan my season pass and it should make the total $0.00. It was kind of frustrating. Also to add to the frustration, some rides like Steel Force had no ride attendant at the Fast Lane merge point. This meant that I had to force my way into the line at the merge point and hope people wouldn't get angry thinking I was cutting them in line. Thunderhawk was running 2 trains which was nice to see since it usually only runs 1 train except on more crowded days. In the station I was surprised to see people leaving smartphones in the cubbies especially because the ride attendants were not sliding the door to cover the cubbies for the train that was in the out on the track. There is no way I would leave anything important in the station. The Whip got some new historical signs near the entrance for it's 100th season. Wild Mouse's operations are worse this year. 1 ride operator has to advance the cars to both loading areas in the station and advance them to dispatch, tell people which car to go to and check restraints. This meant much of the time only 1 car is running with the other 3 in the station. Seeing how slow the line was moving, it was probably an hour wait. The same like at Great Adventure or Hershey would be 15 minutes for their wild mouse coasters. On a more positive note, I bought the All Season Drink Pass this year and it was great being able to walk up to a drink station or any food place and get a drink and not have to carry around a souvenir bottle and leave it in the station. Ride Count: Talon, 1x Hydra, 1x Steel Force, 1x Thunderhawk, 1x Wild Mouse, 1x Dominator Green, 2x Cedar Creek Flyers, 1x Whip, 1x Here are some pictures of the new sign at The Whip:
  13. Nice report, I didn't realize most of the rides were shut down from the power surge either. I thought just the Log Flume that I was waiting for had broken down until I saw all the coasters stopped on the lift hill or brakes.
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