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  1. A bunch are posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sfgadvconnoisseurs/
  2. I couldn't believe the wait times looking at Queue Times a few times today. I was thinking a 2+ hour wait for Skull Mountain has to be a full queue or at least close to it.
  3. I usually don't get to the park until the afternoon so I don't have the chance to ride the coaster that often. It's fun and the glow theming is cool but not worth the wait it usually gets. I only have gotten 4 or 5 rides in around 25 visits to the park since it opened. I'm going to try to get to the park on a weekday when schools are still in session and the park is open until 10 pm and stay until closing. Maybe then I'll have a chance to get multiple rides in with no wait and a front row Storm Runner ride. I'll look forward to seeing the track arrive and seeing the construction in future visits. This is the most excited I have been for a new coaster being added to a park in at least 10 years.
  4. Yeah NCSY is there those days with a concert on Monday. I still remember being at the park the same day as them years ago, 20 minute wait at Nitro...with an exit pass from the old Funatics Rewards program. I ended up riding 1 or 2 other coasters and left because it was so crowded.
  5. I only rode the Skyway with a stranger once. They were a single rider and walked into the car after me. I know it hurts capacity for a single rider on the Skyway but I'm glad they don't enforce having multiple people in each car. If there was still a ride in the park with a rule like that, I'd only go to the ride if I was at the park with someone I knew or if someone could ride alone if there was no line, only ride on low crowd days.
  6. I went to Hersheypark yesterday for Springtime In The Park. There is a lot of construction at the entrance area. The old entrance area with the stores and Hersheypark Place restaurant are either demolished or blocked off. Now there is a path from Chocolate World with temporary stores that takes you to the temporary entrance that is close to where the carousel is. I had thought that metal detectors were going to be added this year but it was the same as past years, bag check with no metal detectors. Although crowds were lower than I was expecting, lines were still long for some rides because Storm Runner, Fahrenheit and Sidewinder were closed all day and Skyrush had some downtime as well. Storm Runner has been having problems and it sounds like Fahrenheit and Sidewinder have yet to open for the season. The coasters were all running multiple trains, even Lightning Racer had all 4 trains running which was nice to see since it allowed the wait to be just a few minutes. Other closed rides were Reese's Triple Tower and Coal Cracker. Coal Cracker doesn't seem to run much in April and October even though the ride is scheduled to be open then. It would have been nice to have open yesterday with the temperature around 75 degrees. Laff Trakk had the longest line in the park, it was an hour and 45 minute wait. A ride that only seats 4 people per car and has each car stop (unlike Wild Mouse) just isn't a good fit for a larger park like this. I would have rather seen them add a 2 track version like Winjas Phantasialand. I stopped into the arcade and saw they had a lot of prizes that were items from the gift shops. The Hersheypark Coaster Hero glass I got had a $9.99 price sticker on it (and only cost $6 from playing games to win it). I'd like to see the arcades at Great Adventure offer Great Adventure themed prizes as well. Reese's Cup Fusion construction is moving along. Some of the kiddie rides in the area near the ride are now themed to villains from the ride. I'm looking forward to the re-themed dark ride although I'd be surprised if it is as good as Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. It was a fun trip to the park and I hope to visit again soon when hopefully Storm Runner and Fahrenheit are operating. Ride Count: Comet, 2x sooperdooperlooper, 1x Hershey Triple Tower, 2x Trailblazer, 1x Skyrush, 1x Lightning Racer, 4x (2 laps on each track) Great Bear, 2x One of the few temporary stores in the new walkway. Temporary Entrance The Christmas store moved from near the old park entrance to Midway America.
  7. Happy belated birthday Six Flags FUN! Happy Birthday DiveMachine and TylerRRC1972
  8. Cedar Point is now adding All Season Fast Lane Plus for $849 https://twitter.com/cedarpoint/status/1116691195642679297?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  9. Although I would rather see ride additions (at least for Dorney), I like how Cedar Fair is trying different ideas to add new experiences to the park. If I’m at the park during this event, I’ll stop to see it.
  10. If a wooden coaster isn’t added, that is something I would like to see a Dorney since they could get away with a lower capacity ride more than one of the larger parks in the chain.
  11. I have had that happen on Sky Screamer many times. I think it's because they count up to 32 riders and don't ask how many in each group until they get to the last few spots open. I expect it though and understand why because of capacity. I usually prefer riding alone when I am a single rider but the only rides I would have a problem riding with others is Saw Mill Log Flume in the same section of the boat without the divider, flats like Deja Vu where you slide into other riders, bumper cars or Skull Mountain and Harley Quinn Crazy Train because of the shared lap bar.
  12. Was there a long line? I know there is a sign in the queue that says 6 per car but didn't think they usually put multiple groups in 1 car, unless it is really crowded.
  13. Great pictures. I like that listing of the other Six Flags parks that looks like road signs and shows how far each other park is. The Stongman Challenge game looks like it will probably draw a lot of crowds.
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