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  1. Moreys Piers New Coaster 2018

    When I read the thread title, I thought that maybe the GCI that went over both piers was finally going to happen. The spinning coaster they are adding seems to be the new popular coaster that every small park gets. I think this will be the 4th one installed in NJ since 2016. Since they lack a kids coaster, this will probably be a good addition for them.
  2. Dorney Park Removing Stinger

    That's one relocated coaster I wouldn't mind seeing (a GCI is still my first choice) especially if it were to get the soft strap restraints. Looking at RCDB, I didn't realize Kanonen was so compact. https://rcdb.com/2905.htm#p=12084
  3. Dorney Park Removing Stinger

    This is probably the first time I have been happy to see a coaster removed. I was against the park getting the coaster after all the issues it had at Great America, most specifically when the coaster got stuck with riders for 5 hours. The problems were supposedly fixed when the coaster went to Dorney but it continued to have problem after problem, either valleying, getting stuck with riders for 90 minutes and the opening day issue in 2014 where hydraulic fluid got on riders and was closed the entire season, similar to the what happened with Two Face at SFA. I only rode Stinger 9 times while it was at Dorney and only once after 2013 because it just wasn't fun to ride a coaster and worry about being stuck for an hour or more. Hopefully this will mean Dorney will get a new coaster for 2019 and not something relocated. Will it be scrapped, sold to another non Cedar Fair park or be relocated to Michigan's Adventure.
  4. Misc GA Mumblings

    I'd expect the park to open but we won't know probably until Sunday morning (unless the park opens tomorrow than it would be very likely they will open Sunday as well).
  5. That's good they changed it. It didn't seem like the best idea to leave the cup unattended for a minimum of around 10 - 15 minutes.
  6. Misc GA Mumblings

    Sorry to hear that, after that much traveling, it's a shame the weather caused the park to not open.
  7. Having the choice of the plastic souvenir bottle or paper cups would be good. I have gotten the souvenir bottle 3 years in a row with the dining pass and never use it except for the day I get it at the park. They are annoying to clean since they aren't dishwasher safe and I don't like leaving it in the station of a ride where it could get stolen or tampered with or at a ride entrance like at The Dark Knight. If I pay to leave it in a locker than that just cancels out the value of the drinks so I just get water instead.
  8. Misc GA Mumblings

    I'm going to guess no if it is going to snow in addition to being cold and Friday nights generally bringing lower crowds even with ok weather. It's a shame the weather hasn't been as good this November and December compared to 2015 and 2016. I liked being able to go to HITP wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
  9. Instead of 9 to 4 when it was drive through, it is either opening or 11 to I think 6. You could enter right before closing with the drive through but now with the line in the park, they will close the line early if there is a long line. On a crowded day, the line can be closed by 3.
  10. Saw Mill Log Flume and Congo Rapids aren't enough for the crowds the park gets especially when only 1 of those rides are operating. It seems like over the past few years Saw Mill Log Flume opens sometime in early to mid May around Memorial Day at the latest and then closes around Labor Day and Congo Rapids opens around Memorial Day and closes in mid September. It would be good to have a water ride that could possibly run from April to sometime late in September. That would give the park 3 water rides during the warmest part of the season and still have at least 1 water ride open during the beginning and later parts of the season.
  11. Hopefully the weather forecast doesn't change and the park is able to have the event this time.
  12. With how popular Holiday in the Park is with families, it would be good to have the Safari open the entire season. It might also encourage people to get to the park earlier and spend more time at the park since it seems like every time I go to Holiday in the Park, from opening until 3 - 4, crowds are very low.
  13. Day 11 - Season Locker Pass

    Yeah those lockers are good and helped me in September. The zipper pocket on my shorts broke ( that's the last time I buy clothes from a 3rd party seller on Amazon) and they had the lockers set to 5 hours for free at SkyRush. I guess Hershey can offer it since their daily tickets and season passes are so much more than other local parks. I paid $145 for my 2018 Hershey season pass and that was the early sale pricing. I wouldn't care if they raised the season pass price somewhat. I like the low prices but if they raised it something like $79.99 or $89.99 I would still find it a tremendous value. The first few years I had a season pass it was $60 for the season pass and $60 for the parking pass.
  14. That's good there will finally be hotels near the park. It amazes me that for as long as the park has been around, the closest hotels are 20 minutes away. I would probably stay at a nearby hotel maybe once a year and go to the park 2 days in a row when there is a day I just don't feel like driving over 5 hours round trip.
  15. Disney Parks additions

    I wouldn't have expected to see that. It reminds me of around 10 years ago when multiple Six Flags parks were selling Disney character merchandise.