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  1. Yoshi

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday FlumeOp1974
  2. Yoshi

    Pinball Parlor Spotlight

    It would be cool to see some classic arcade games like that added to one of the arcades in the park, similar to how Hersheypark has a section of older arcade games in their main arcade.
  3. Yoshi

    Construction Spotlight: Skull Mountain

    It's cool to see pictures of the ride track before the building was finished.
  4. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Nitro at 100 minutes tonight. I never remember Friday nights during Fright Fest ever that crowded when I used to visit almost every Friday night except the final 2 weekends and even then it never got that crowded.
  5. Yoshi

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday SFGadv123
  6. Yoshi

    Did you ever get sick on a ride?

    No, thankfully that has never happened to me. I have gotten dizzy or a headache from certain rides.
  7. Yoshi

    Skull Mountain - Scale Model Spotlight

    As much as I like what technology has allowed us to accomplish, there is something cool about seeing an actual model of the ride versus seeing it on a screen. I will also say great job Tbone112499.
  8. Great pictures, seeing the low crowd pictures make me wish I would have been able to visit the park yesterday. It looks like the park did a nice job adding new Fright Fest decorations.
  9. https://www.themeparkinsider.com/flume/201810/6326/ Another Intamin Bobsled coaster will be closing.
  10. Yoshi

    2020 and Beyond Speculation at SFGA

    Every park in the chain except Great Escape has either a Batman clone or a Vekoma SLC. It still gets lines, maybe not as much as Nitro, El Toro or Kingda Ka but is popular. I doubt it will be removed until it reaches the end of its service life.
  11. Yoshi

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    The soda is less than Great Adventure (I want to say the fountain sodas are $4.49 - $4.99 at Great Adventure), I think the pretzels and ice cream bars are around $5 at Great Adventure. The fountain soda prices at Great Adventure don't bother me as much since they offer the refill bottles.
  12. This is probably the most excited I have been about any coaster addition to a local park in 10+ years. Nitro is my 2nd favorite steel coaster and to have a similar type ride at Hersheypark will be great. The park could use another high capacity coaster with 2 out of the last 3 coasters really not great for handling the crowds the park gets (Laff Trakk and Fahrenheit). I'll still go to Skyrush on most visits to the park but on a day when the park is empty, I'll be spending more time riding this new coaster over and over. I am also hoping that this coaster will be open for Christmas Candylane in 2020 since I find the current coasters open not as good as what Great Adventure offers for Holiday in the Park. I'm also looking forward to seeing a season pass line at the entrance. Most times I visit the park later in the day when there is no wait to get in but on days I get there for opening, even on a slow day, it can get very crowded. It also looks like metal detectors are going to be added at the entrances.
  13. Yoshi

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    And now more price increases, $3.99 for a fountain soda, $7.00 for a soft pretzel, $5.75 for a Mickey ice cream bar.
  14. Yoshi

    willy wonka dark ride

    I didn't know there was a prequel. Maybe if they think it is going to be popular, it could be something that would work in the parks.
  15. Yoshi

    willy wonka dark ride

    They might be able to but I don't know if it would benefit the park if had an attraction with those properties except Kids WB. Many of those properties are older and may not have the marketability if it is something most park visitors aren't familiar with.