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  1. All were former Six Flags owned parks except Wet n Wild Phoenix. It would be like going back to the early 2000's if they reacquired Elitch Gardens too.
  2. Yoshi

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    It's a shame that weather caused the theme park's opening weekend to be delayed almost a week and now it looks like the same thing is going to happen with Hurricane Harbor. If the forecast stays the same, there will be rain most of the day.
  3. Yoshi

    Photo of the Week

    Interesting that there used to be so many more switchbacks compared to today. If that setup was still in place, it would probably be almost right next to Skull Mountain's queue.
  4. Yoshi

    2017 Attendance Report is out

    It's good to see Great Adventure in the top 20 for North America parks and 5th in that list if year round parks are removed. I would have thought Justice League might have helped increase attendance more than 0.5% over 2016 but I guess any increase in attendance is better than nothing for Six Flags.
  5. Yoshi

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Harry
  6. Yoshi

    Vote for SFGA and El Toro in USA Today's Best 10 polls!

    I voted for Great Adventure and Nitro. I wonder if Knoebels fans are constantly voting with Phoenix currently number one. I don't see how it could be number one on a national poll not just for coaster enthusiasts enthusiasts when 99.9% of the country probably doesn't even knows Knoebels exists. I never even heard of the park until becoming a coaster enthusiast because no one ever talked about it. It was always just Great Adventure, Hershey and Dorney.
  7. Yoshi


    I went for the park yesterday for my 2nd trip of the season. Even though I had already been to the park once in April and gone to Hersheypark twice as well, it didn't feel like the season had really started for me yet since I missed the "big 3" coasters at Great Adventure last month. As expected crowds were really low. For some reason the first 2 or 3 Friday's in May are always empty even with all the school groups when Dorney and Hershey get very crowded on those same days (I checked Hershey's app and some coasters were 75 minute waits). On the way to the park, I thought about how I was almost driving right past Dorney that is a lot closer but with Thunderhawk closed and Wild Mouse not worth more than 1 ride per visit, that only left 4 coasters to ride and I knew I would be bored within 2 - 3 hours of being there and would rather drive over twice as far to get to Great Adventure. Even with the low crowds, Nitro, Bizarro and Kingda Ka were all running 3 trains. El Toro was running 1 train but was a station wait later in the day (and maybe earlier than that too). The Parachutes had 2 sides open. The longest waits of the day were 10 minutes for Kingda Ka, 3 cycles for Sky Screamer and 10 minutes for the Skyway. I took advantage of the low crowds to ride Justice League 5 times. One ride I had my own car which I didn't think would happen that often. I am now up to 15 rides total and still am finding new targets to go after, partially because I stopped to look at the point signs this time that I usually miss using the single rider line. When I was near Justice League, I kept watching Cyborg Cyber Spin as it was moving up thinking it might start testing. Then when I saw it stopped for a few minutes, I went to Justice League and checked back, repeating that a few times but it never did test. Some of the snack stands are now selling sandwiches and wraps that can be used with the dining pass. That should be helpful on days when the food lines elsewhere are bad. With the low crowds, and the old pathway from Golden Kingdom to Plaza Del Carnval open, yesterday's trip reminded me of visiting the park from 2008 - 2010 when I would visit often early in the season on days that were usually empty and before the path closed. Ride Count: Nitro, 4 Justice League, 5 The Dark Knight, 1 Batman, 1 Skull Mountain, 1 Skyway, 1 Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1 Bizarro, 1 Runaway Mine Train, 1 Kingda Ka, 1 Zumanjaro, 2 El Toro, 1 Parachutes, 1 Sky Screamer, 2
  8. Yoshi


    Yeah it was nice to visit the park on a day without lines again as I haven't been able to get there on low crowd days as often as I used to. I'll start posting ride counts again in future reports.
  9. Yoshi

    Justice League Scoreboard Center - What's your score?

    I got 262596 yesterday. That's the first time I ever got over 200,000. Riding without anyone else in the vehicle seems to make the difference without having to compete with other going after the same higher value targets.
  10. Yoshi

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I know it's somewhat petty but because of Cedar Fair doing those type of things, I like how Great Adventure took Cedar Point's tallest and faster coaster records away from them, and that it wasn't Cedar Fair that got took the fastest coaster record away from Six Flags. I still remember when Kingda Ka was under construction how upset Cedar Point / Cedar Fair fans were, claiming things like Six Flags was stealing the record or that it wasn't right how Kingda Ka "just" overtook TTD's height speed records.
  11. Yoshi

    *NEW* Looney Tunes Character Albums

    The first Taz pictured almost looks like a monster that might have been scary for younger kids.
  12. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I have zippered pocket shorts that I only wear to parks (so they don't get worn out) or jackets with zippered pockets to avoid any problems. I don't trust buttons or velcro pockets especially on rides with a lot of inversions or air time. The only bad thing is zippered pocket shorts can be difficult to find and also being able to find ones that can hold a phone. wallet and keys in a side cargo pocket.
  13. Yoshi

    *NEW* Looney Tunes Character Albums

    It's interesting to see photos of the same characters from different decades and see how the look of the costumes changed over the years. I also didn't realize there had been so many characters in the park besides Looney Tunes.
  14. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    That's been the policy for years for all the major coasters then last year it changed at Kingda Ka, El Toro and Joker to not allow any items even if they are in a button or zippered pocket.
  15. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    It would seem difficult to ban keys on the Skyway. Even if someone gets a locker for keys near Skull Mountain or (log flume if open at the other station, or they use the lockers at Bizarro), many people use it as a transportation ride and won't be back to that section of the park for a while if at all that day. It also is strange that keys wouldn't be allowed when that is one of the few rides in the park that allows on ride pictures and video, a phone being held seems more dangerous than keys, not that I want the park to stop allowing pictures to be taken while riding.
  16. Yoshi

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I had no idea there were so many remakes planned. I'm surprised it is some movies around 25 years old like Aladdin and The Lion King. It seems like they are too recent for remakes.
  17. Yoshi

    Do you plan on buying one of GA's new Membership plans?

    Both things seem strange. I would have thought they would allow Diamond Elite access to the lot without a reservation as long as there is an available spot. With no wait time between refills for pass holders, I wonder if it is because the purple 2018 season bottle is the same as the one they sell even to non pass holders and can't put a waiting time because of that. Maybe for next year they will copy Cedar Fair and have a barcode on the bottle that has to scanned that way both pass holders and non pass holders will still have the time restriction as memberships?
  18. Yoshi

    PHOTO TRIP REPORT: April 27th, 2018 - My Season Opener

    Great pictures It's nice to see the park have minor additions like those mini golf animals being added to make the theming better. Being able to use the snack from the dining pass at a store will be a good option on crowded days when the lines are long elsewhere.
  19. Yoshi

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    MLB and Facebook reaching an agreement to exclusively broadcast games on Facebook and not on TV. 2 out of the first 4 and 3 out of the first 6 broadcasts will be Phillies games. It's bad enough having to use Facebook to watch it but since these are day games, I can't even DVR them like normal and watch the game later in the day. Even if there could be option to watch it later on Facebook, the odds are you are going to see the final score before you even get to the video page.
  20. Yoshi

    Six Flags Additions for 2018

    It took me a minute to figure out the coaster in F, Joker?
  21. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I would have liked to have seen the queue kept that way even if the line would rarely get to that area now.
  22. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I was watching this on TV tonight, I thought it was funny they got 2 things wrong just in this 1 part of the video. a mine train and at SFOT?
  23. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    More snow today, will it ever end? At this rate there will be maybe 4 or 5 months without any snow this year.
  24. Yoshi

    Hersheypark, 4/14/18

    With it being a Saturday with great weather, rain on Sunday and discounted Springtime in the Park admission, I thought the park was going to be extremely crowded and wasn't even considering going until I saw the wait times a few hours after opening and that they weren't that bad and decided to go to the park at the last minute. I think because there was a season pass night on Friday and the park usually not open for a 3rd weekend of Springtime in the Park also made it less crowded. Pass holders close to the park probably went on Friday night and others may not have known the park was open this weekend. Most coasters were 20 - 30 minute waits, with some like Lightning Racer almost a walk on and the usual longer waits like Laff Trakk at an hour. I was expecting to open up the app and see 90 minute - 2 hour waits. Coal Cracker was open. That was a nice surprise with the warm weather. I miss the days of Saw Mill Log Flume opening at the start of the season at Great Adventure no matter what the temperature was. Even if the ride was ready to go, I wouldn't have expected to see it open with the lack of staffing at Great Adventure. Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge's single rider line is now a Fast Track line. The Hershey drop tower was not running in combo mode and was running in Space Shot mode which I had never seen before. Sidewinder and Trailblazer were closed, when riding Storm Runner I saw a mechanic working at the side of Trailblazer's lift hill. I happened to be right near Storm Runner when it reopened after a breakdown and only had to wait a few minutes. Hopefully Trailblazer's issues aren't that bad with it being 45 years old next year. I don't mind skipping it unless the wait is short but it's still a fun coaster. Almost all rides were running at full capacity, 4 trains at Lightning Racer, 2 trains at Storm Runner. Ride Count: Comet, 2 sooperdooperlooper, 2 Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge, 1 Reese's Tower, 1 Hershey Tower, 1 Skyrush, 1 Coal Cracker, 1 Great Bear, 2 Lightning Racer, 2 (1 ride on each track) Fahrenheit, 1 Wildcat, 1 Storm Runner, 1
  25. Yoshi

    Disneyland & California Adventure

    Nice report, it sounds like you got a lot of different rides in. Disneyland is probably my favorite park I have been to, if it didn't require a plane ride (or days of driving), I would want to visit more often.