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  1. https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/cedar-fair-entertainment-company-selects-reflectmedia-for-strategic-in-park-advertising-and-sponsorship-management-2019-02-05 It will be interesting to see if they get any of the complaints that Six Flags always gets on other park and coaster message boards about the same kind of advertising.
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    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday harry2004
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    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday Daved
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    Getting to Great Adventure

    I don't think 2019 information is posted yet. Their site still shows the 2018 schedule. https://www.njtransit.com/mobile/six_flags_js.html For 2018, it looks like the bus left NY at 9:30 am. I'm not too familiar with NY but I don't think it would get you to the park in time for opening. The departure time was 30 minutes before the park closes. I would guess it would be the same or similar for 2019. If it's one of the first 2 or 3 Friday's in May, that is one of the best times of the year to visit. There are some school groups but not that many and they usually leave by 4 or 5 p.m. and those last few hours are empty. Last year I went on a Friday in May and crowds were so low I had my own ride vehicle at Justice League. I also rode Nitro 4 times in a row without having to leave the station with lots of empty rows. Great Adventure usually runs multiple trains on the coasters even when crowds are low which is good for re-rides on low crowd days.
  5. Yoshi

    Cedar Fair Adding In Park Advertising

    I agree the Platinum prices are too much. When I was renewing my Dorney pass for 2015, I wasn't sure if I was going to Ohio or not and didn't get the Platinum Pass because I didn't want to spend an almost extra $75 to upgrade to Platinum without being sure I would visit other parks. It was almost the same price to buy a Dorney Gold Pass and buy a Kings Island and Cedar Point Combo ticket for around $175 vs around $180 for the Platinum Pass although I had to pay around $12 each at both Ohio parks for parking. In 2006, I think my Dorney pass got me into all the parks at no extra cost and for 2007, it was only $10 to upgrade to have access to all the parks.
  6. Yoshi

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    I'm expecting the crowds for the opening of the lands especially at Disneyland to make the crowds at Islands of Adventure for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2010 look like nothing. I'm just glad that it's not being built at the Magic Kingdom in Florida to help distribute crowds better.
  7. If Cedar Fair moved Talon, I'd probably stop visiting the park completely in the spring and fall and just visit when Wildwater Kingdom is open because that would leave 1 coaster in the park I normally ride more than once per trip.
  8. I really regret not getting back there to try the coaster and everything else I missed in past trips. I wish they would have kept the original rides that were in the structure. I remember liking the Smurf Mountain ride when I was a kid.
  9. https://www.dailybulletin.com/2019/01/30/scandia-family-fun-park-in-ontario-closing-for-renovations/ I was never there but from reading reports from others, it sounds like the Scandia Screamer was a fun coaster.
  10. I like the train art for TMNT Shellraiser. Now knowing Sandy's Blasting Bronco will go backwards, I'm wondering if I'll be able to deal with it once just to get the credit. I'm not too much of a fan of coasters that travel backwards, especially with inversions.
  11. Very cool, I like how there is so much information and media like this about the park here that can't be found anywhere else.
  12. Yoshi

    The 2018 Warner Awards Results

    PLEASE NOTE: The awarding of ribbons above and the official summary below represents the voting results as of the official close of voting at midnight on January 28, 2019. For categories where a voter selected "N/A - I don't have an opinion on this category," the results are based upon those votes actually cast for the given nominees. The 2018 Warner Awards Results Thank you to everyone who voted in our 2018 GreatAdventureHistory.com Warner Awards. There were many categories where the voting was close. Here are the 2018 winners! Justice League: Battle For Metro the won the Best Ride (Non Roller Coaster) award with 44% of the votes. Zumanjaro Drop of Doom moved from first place to second place this year with 24% of the votes. Safari Off Road Adventure finished in third again with 12% of the votes. El Toro and Nitro again finished with the first and second place awards for the eleventh straight awards in a row in the Best Roller Coaster category. El Toro had 45% of the votes and Nitro had 30% of the votes. Bizarro finished third with 18% of the votes. Dare Devil Dive won Best Upcharge Ride or Attraction with 55%, followed by the Sling Shot with 20% and taking third place was Eagles Flight with 15%. Great Adventure's Best Remaining Original Attraction from 1974 first and second place winners had swapped places from the last awards. Log Flume got 43% and Sky Ride got 37% and Runaway Mine Train got third with 17% Justice League: Battle for Metropolis took first place in Best Themed Attraction with a overwhelming 77% of the votes followed by The Dark Knight with 9% and Safari Off Road Adventure with 6%. Bizarro's themed sign was once again the top winner for the ninth consecutive awards in the Best Attraction Sign category with 43% of the votes. Kingda Ka finished in second again with 14%. New for 2018 Cyborg Cyber Spin finished in third place with 11% Nitro won Best Attraction to Ride at Night with 50%. Cyborg Cyber Spin with it's impressive lighting got second place with 15% of the votes and Sky Ride got third place with 12% of the votes. Best Children's Ride was won by Road Runner Railway for the fifth awards in a row with 48% of the votes, followed by Air Safari 33%, and Wile E Coyote Canyon Blaster with 14%. The winner of the Best Themed Section had a repeat winner this year with Plaza del Carnaval getting 36% of the votes. The Golden Kingdom remained in second again with 18% of the votes. Frontier Adventures stayed in third place and also tied with Bugs Bunny National Park each with 15% of the votes. Sea Lion Presentations won the Best Show with 42% of the votes. Daffy Duck's Dance Off was second with 21% of the votes and Block Party was third with 16% of the votes. The winner of Best Event was once again Holiday in the Park getting 59% of the votes. Fright Fest got 34% and the Independence Day Celebration got 6%. Hell Fest was voted on as Best Fright Fest Attraction with 20% of the votes. Unleashed took second place with 16% of the votes. Dead Man's Party dropped from first place in the previous awards to a third place tie along with Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival 3D each getting 12% of the votes. Great Adventure does a fantastic job decorating the park for Holiday in the Park and for Best Holiday in the Park Attraction All the decorations won this category with 30% of the votes. A Celebration of the Season (Christmas Tree Show) won second place with 27% of the votes and Christmas Shows won third place with 17% of the votes. Polar Point with the cool looking blue lights was again overwhelmingly chosen as Best Holiday in the Park Section with 65% of the votes. Merry Market Place with the festive food offerings and decorative lights finished second with 10% of the votes and Deck The Halls with the giant ornaments and presents finished in third place 7%. Best of the West won Best Restaurant Food (with indoor seating) again with 48% of the votes. Panda Express took second with 15% and Yum Yum Cafe took third with 9%. For the third awards in a row Macho Nacho (near El Diablo) got the most votes for Best Food/Snack Stand with 35% of the votes. Metro Grill got second place 29% of the votes G.A. Café moved second place last awards to third place this year with 13% of the votes. Johnny Rockets (41%) remained in first place in Best Name Brand Food. Rita's Ice Custard (26%) and Panda Express (26%) tied for second place. Best of the West also remained in first place in Best Season Pass Dining Plan Facility getting 32% of the votes. Macho Nacho took second with 21% of the votes. There was a 3 way time for third place with Yum Yum Cafe, Johnny Rockets and Boardwalk Steak & Fries each with 11% of the votes. Best Games Facility had the same winners as the previous awards. First place was won by the Boardwalk Games area with 37%. Studio 28 Arcade won second with 33% and the Dream Street Arcade came in third with 29%. Three Point Challenge finished first Best Game of Skill again by with 39%, followed by Soccer Darts with 33% and Ladder Climb with 28% The results for Best Shop were interesting this year. Main Street Market won (34%), the Looney Tunes Shoppe took second (27%) and there was a 4 way time for third with Coasters & Candy, Kingdom Traders, Attitudes and Gotham City Gift Shop (8% each). After tying for first place with Tornado during the last awards, The Falls took sole possession of first place in the Best Hurricane Harbor Attraction category getting 38% of the votes. Taak It Eez Ee Creek took second with 29% of the votes. Tornado dropped from first place to tying for third place along with Big Wave Racer each getting 14% of the votes. Wild Plains won the Best Safari Off Road Adventure Attraction award with 22%. Tigris Asiana won second place with 19% and Black Bear Ridge won third place with 15%. Voters enjoyed being able to save time when walking around the park with the Best New Feature or Improvement for 2018 award going to Opened Pathways (Old Country/Golden Kingdom) with 50% of the votes. Cyborg Cyber Spin and Saw Mill Log Flume Rehab both tied for second place with 15% of the votes. The previous awards had Flat Rides - Thrill Type as the most popular choice for a park addition. With Cyborg Cyber Spin added for 2018 and Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth opening this upcoming season, Most Like to See in 2020 had a new winner. Coaster - Wooden (Thrill/RMC) Style won with 26% of the votes. In second place was a Coaster – Single Rail RMC 17% of the votes. In third place was Park-wide maintenance and upgrades with 14% of the votes. That takes care of the results for our 2018 Warner Awards for the best of Great Adventure's 2018 season as voted by our members at GreatAdventureHistory.com. Congratulations to all the winners!
  13. Yoshi

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I would go with whatever park you visit the most as your home park. I used to live 30 minutes from Sesame Place, 45 minutes from Dorney and 55 minutes from Great Adventure but never considered Sesame Place my home park because I haven't visited the park since 2000.
  14. Yoshi

    Best Dark Rides You Have Experienced

    I agree. I also don't the screens in the ride vehicles. I try to ignore them and focus on the ride but it's difficult when my first instinct is to look at the screen.
  15. Yoshi

    Six Flags Additions for 2019

    I didn't realize it either, I was expecting a ride time more like Full Throttle. Only around 20 seconds from the launch to the brakes. It's good to see more Six Flags coasters having single rider lines.
  16. Yoshi

    Woody Woodpecker's Kidzone Replacement Ideas

    I agree, I would hate to see ET removed. It's one of few tame rides left that almost anyone can ride at the resort and it's a rare indoor ride at Universal without screens.
  17. I wasn't expecting a major coaster like that to be added. Looks like a great addition, especially with the other dive machine coasters on the other side of the country.
  18. Yoshi


    Thank you I would like to see Skull Mountain red up the entire season.
  19. Yoshi


    I wasn't expecting to get back to the park this season but being an hour away on Tuesday, I decided to go for a few hours to finally be able to say I was at Great Adventure on a day in January. I was expecting it to be extremely crowded with the temperature almost 60 degrees during the day, bring a friend free and fireworks. It was crowded when I first got to the park around 3 but not as bad as I was expecting and people started to leave around 6. Justice League was first since the line wasn't too bad yet. The projections before the barrels that fall weren't working but if you shot the area where the projections were supposed to be, they still registered. Otherwise, the ride was excellent like usual. Nitro was about 15 minutes. There isn't anything much better than to ride a B&M Hypercoaster (or any major coaster) in January without having to travel. After Batman and The Dark Knight I went to SkyScreamer with only a 2 cycle wait. It was kind of cold at the top, although still tolerable. Skull Mountain had some added theming for 2019. There was a bat flying around the station and flying in and out of the ride area right before the station. I wanted to get a picture but the bat was moving so fast and since I was going to board the next train, my phone was secured in a zippered pocket with not enough time to get to the phone before it went back into the ride area. I got dinner early thinking lines might be bad for food later with some of the places closed. After dinner I went back to Nitro, then again to SkyScreamer with no wait. The rest of the time, I basically kept going to Nitro, SkyScreamer and Skull Mountain including a re-ride at both Nitro and Skull Mountain also stopping at Harley Quinn Crazy Train since there was no wait. The Joker was closed the entire time I was at the park. As much as I would have liked to have stayed for the fireworks, I knew I wouldn't get home until 12:15 or 12:30 am at the earliest and left just after 8. It was a nice way to end the season. With the offseason just over 3 months, it doesn't seem so bad anymore when a few years ago it would have been over 2 months with no coasters and the offseason around half over at this point. Ride Count: Nitro, 4 Skull Mountain, 5 SkyScreamer, 3 Batman, 1 The Dark Knight, 1 Justice League, 1 Harley Quinn Crazy Train, 1
  20. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    I hope it changes but am expecting it might stay that way. A few years ago they used to be open the week before Easter and after Easter. Jackson schools and NYC schools are open on the the 15th to 18th.
  21. Yoshi

    Holiday in the Park 2018 - New Info & Guide Map

    I forgot about the scents. I don't remember a peppermint scent when walking near Houdini this year.
  22. Yoshi

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Maybe hours aren't decided for those days yet? I don't think the park will be closed on either day. It also looks like some July weekdays have a 9:30 closing instead of 10:00.
  23. It will be interesting to see if some of the exhibits or attractions will change. I have never been there but from seeing trip reports, some of the more extreme things like the human skate park may not look so great to Premier.
  24. Yoshi

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    I wonder if reporting it would get the listing removed. Hopefully they would handle this kind of issue better than eBay. I used to report counterfeit video game listings and they never got removed.