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  1. Coasterghost

    Day 7 - Improve the Entertainment Lineup

    As much as I liked DMP this year, there are things that they need to work on with the show, particularly the timing in general,. I saw the copy they released on to youtube and all I can say that if I was involved with the lighting, I would not be thrilled with it at all especially with the timing.
  2. Coasterghost

    Day 7 - Improve the Entertainment Lineup

    I was going though video from the entertainment offerings this year, and they could host a show in the batman area.. By placing Dead Mans Party there this year was an brilliant idea. The venue isn't suitable for a show that's "quiet"such as Batman vs Catwoman cat fight, it needs a show that they can use background music to drown out what's going on, and that would require Dead Man's Party caliber of sound system. For those wonder not counting stage monitors for the cast, they had 18 subs, 18 speakers, and thats not including if they tapped into the speakers that were pre-existing. So they could have a show in there but it will need a lot of speakers to down out the coasters. They could do more entertainment offerings but the Joker took out two stadiums, which only leaves 2 now. So if they add more stuff, it will most likely be on pop-up stages, but aside from the Movie Town Arena, I would not expect anything that is considered a big production. They could have the pop-up shows like we do in orlando, but those only ever last what it seems to be now 5 minutes.
  3. Coasterghost

    A brief late musing on Fright Fest

    Its in regards to the Movie Stunt Arena and how the fountain in the arena is still there and that they just built over it. Which if they did remove the top of the fountain, then there is a chance that they could be working on it to fix it. I apologize from the lack of information, as the conversation was a brief one about particularity the Movie Town Stunt Arena. If you have questions I can try my best to explain them.
  4. Coasterghost

    A brief late musing on Fright Fest

    Sorry that this is about Freight Fest (as I thought I posted this) I was able to get back to Freight Fest the last weekend of it's Ops, and I can say that it was truly enjoyable sans the $30 up charge but that is besides the point. I was able to talk to an employee of the park who happened to be in the entertainment division and we we're discussing about how GADV runs vs where I worked in Orlando (Not Disney or Sea World but the other major). The fun musing fact he told me was that apparently they used all rental gear for the production which was why he wasn't running the show and that they most likely built the stage over the fountain but either of us were not sure. Sorry for this very late musing, but maybe I'll catch some of you at Holiday in the park if I go.
  5. Coasterghost

    Universal Installs Metal Detectors at Coasters

    Sorry to bump an old thread but the two reasons the metal detectors went up at all out door roller coasters at universal was A. Due to selfie sticks and the final nail in the coffin was that a knife flew off the ride (a guest had it) and nearly injured an employee.
  6. This is from Screamscape; 2015 - New Coaster - Rumor - (8/19/13) If the rumors are true SFGAdv’s next coaster may be in the works for 2015, and will be located on the former spot of The Chiller. The rumors suggest it may be a B&M coaster project… and if not a Wing coaster, possibly B&M’s first 4th Dimension style ride if they are ready to go ahead with the concept. The theme isn’t known, the area around the ride could become home to a new flat ride or two as well to try and build up this closed off area of the park once again. This is a very long term rumor and a lot can change between now and 2015, so this may only be a placeholder.
  7. Coasterghost

    Dead Man's Party

    Hey, I am Looking for the Music they use in the 2003 and the current Dead Man's Party and I would like to know if anyone has video of or if they can record Dead Man's Party. It will be Greatly Appreciated. I Love That show especially the 03' one! Thanks! Coasterghost