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  1. Did a quick search and didn't come up with anything on this. Does anyone have any idea what corner of the internet this video crawled into? I have been scouring the googles for quite a bit as I would like to show my girlfriend and cannot seem to find it anywhere. Was hoping if all else fails someone (not I) had the foresight to rip it off the net when it was still up and maybe might still have it in their PC.
  2. Oh god do I love these threads. Trump the other day Yep.
  3. California. Adventure. Walked in expecting a Disney park, walked (ran) out as if it were a Six Flags park on a bad day. Horrendous crowds, terrible layout, bad employees. For a long time I was under the impression that Disney knew not what the word failure meant, unfortunately I learned a lesson that day. However I will forgive the almighty Dis, as everyone is allowed one huge mistake.
  4. I just watched this for the first time and AMAZING SONG CHOICE. Iz was the man.
  5. It's all good. I don't remember much from the past two days anyway.
  6. I pass by it every time I go to the park. Nice little place to sit. Been thinking about getting a conoe and getting some nice close shots. P.S. I LOVE the fact that no matter how ridiculous or out of left field a post is on here, we have the smiley(s) to back it up.
  7. Yeah, you can choose to hide them from the online list I believe. Sometimes you can get hit from like 500 online users just from search engine crawls.
  8. Dark Knight will take about 5 minutes to build. It is the building that will take a while really, and that shouldn't take too long either. This ride should be done far before typical massive coasters.
  9. I am a bit late, but yes Dainan, WebmasterPete, the owner of Disboards/WDWInfo is my uncle. Hence my shared obsession with theme park websites.
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