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  1. Well that is good. I have not been on it this season yet. Every time I go the lines are insane. But yea, I miss working for the park but I have moved on to bigger and better things in life.
  2. The unloader is suppose to make sure all the lapbars are able to go down as they are making their way to the front of the train. As in move them to make sure they aren't locked. Obviously that don't happen quite as much anymore...
  3. So I'm Adam, you may know me from Online, but I'll follow Dainan's post here and give you a brief background on myself. I was a former lead in ride operations during the 04' and 05' season. I was in charge of Rolling Thunder and Houdinis, but on some days also was in charge of both 220 and 230. Here are the rides I was trained on. If anybody wants to know any information on a few, shoot me a PM, I'll be glad to answer some questions. The information is still fresh in my head. Call it Six Flags "brain wash" . -Rolling Thunder -Rodeo Stampede -Tazz Twister -Kiddie Carousel -Tea Cups -Carousel -Houdinis Great Escape -Big Wheel -Fantasy Fling -Buccaneer -Log Flume -Mine Train -Medusa -Kingda Ka
  4. Absolutely amazing photos. Big Wheel looks fabulous. I may now actually have to head to the park one night just to see the light show.
  5. In other news... Do you guys have any information about those trains? Do you know if they are new or just heavily modified? I really don't think they are the same trains. I mean, I worked Medusa when I was with the park and those trains look really really REALLY different!
  6. I love how you crack on us over there. It's quite funny to be honest with you. Not all of us are crazy. Come on now. Plus, these trains are actually exciting to look at. It's not the whole fact that the ride tested, but it's all about the trains and the extensive modification they did to them.
  7. Adam from Online here. First post! Round of applause. Yea, that is what happens when you have a camera that don't have good zoom and such. Guess the sun was playing a trick on me. Oh well, it was fun adding to the speculation. Parent's? Last time I checked my drivers license, I'm 22 and I don't have no parent picking me up or dropping me off. So in reality, I would watch what you say, because you don't know everybody and their age. We are not all youngn's like you may think and I don't like being referenced to as a kid. Thanks.
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