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  1. darkridedan

    NO LONGER NEEDED: GA Keyhole Photo Viewer

    This is a pink viewer from 1995. It's in very good condition.
  2. darkridedan

    GM's last lap on Epcot's Test Track?

    Horizons went on for a few years without sponsorship. It did mean the end of full year operations and then it closed due to a "sink hole." A new sponsor could mean improvements (Spaceship Earth) or the same old sponsor could mean disaster (Journey Into YOUR Imagination.) The ride seems popular enough to last quite a few years without "plussing."
  3. darkridedan

    Rodeo Stampede!

    Now with one last post?!
  4. darkridedan

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I guess I'm not going
  5. darkridedan

    The 2008 Second Annual Warner Awards Results

    Yea! Frontier Adventures wins 2nd place in the themed section category, pretty sweet. Nathans, really? ;-) Look at GASM and RT taking 4TH place! ;-)
  6. darkridedan

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    See more about it on FYIPhilly ON 6abc now! ;-)
  7. darkridedan

    The Carousel is Being Restored

    I've never ridden the carousel and I'm happy another generation of kids will enjoy it!
  8. That's good. I couldn't see anybody buying houses when 1/3 of houses in Florida alone are under forclosure. There's always hope for another gate!! Big announcement could mean flat ride, dark ride or water ride or something that would round out the park experience; Hopefully it's not another coaster.
  9. darkridedan

    Six Flags Stock

    El Toro is being renamed T Mobile Express!!!! Sorry guys, I couldn't hold it in anymore.
  10. That's great that they won't be selling any parks! SFA and SFKK are nice little parks, despite what RCDB.com reveals. I worry about unused land in NJ though. GA being the worst park in 2006 wasn't a stretch. It reaffirms my faith in word of mouth. People who lived an hour away were telling me that 8 roller coasters were closed on their visits. Word traveled fast. I wish I worked with the public this past yea to hear what they were saying about the 2008 season.
  11. darkridedan

    2008 Warners Memoriam

    Very cool! Great rides, all....
  12. darkridedan

    GM's last lap on Epcot's Test Track?

    Wow Harry. I missed my last ride on WoM by a month. Thanks for the pics!
  13. darkridedan


    I'll behave.
  14. darkridedan

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    ^^ Very cool Splashwater Falls?
  15. darkridedan

    Rodeo Stampede!

    Great Ride. Rodeo > Tango