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  1. no....sorry, had a wedding to go to in NY on Halloween so I missed out, sorry to say it but we will all have to suffer till next year....
  2. I will just have to get a pic when we go then, that'd make this so much easier. But thanks for expanding my knowledge of park structures
  3. LOL....we all have quite the sense of humor here don't we.... . Just you wait, I will get a picture and then....then you all will see.....muahahaha
  4. ^no...and no....i don't think it was even made out of wood, but it would be about half as high, and about a quarter of the length of the second pic you posted.
  5. LOL!I wish it were, then at least I'd be certain I wasn't making it up
  6. But thank you all for trying to figure out what the hell I am talking about!!!
  7. all i can say for certain is that i remember it being BETWEEN the tents and Yum Yum, yes. And it was not any structure that people would go in, just looked Hansel and Gretel-ish but always out of place. And small, like the size of a doghouse. That's all i've got till I get back up there.
  8. ok, yeah, that looks familiar but that's definately not the "house" i am thinking of. This thing is small, but COULD be just big enough for someone to hide out in...but I really do think it is near what you posted.....
  9. it's definately NOT a maintenance shed but i think it was NEAR something like that now that you mention it.....see, the issue is that I can find my way around this place blindfolded so I really have stopped paying attention to details of any sort
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