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  1. You guys are lucky,I would love to be you guys watching us try to figure it out.Maybe I'll see something during Discovery March 14th
  2. I think that about the press release thing but the second part when he said "Another one we didn't get any info on (yet) but we know where it's happening, but not exactly what yet! " I'm not sure what's gonna happen in that.my guess is something is being added somewhere or rethemed?Maybe,guess we'll have to wait and see =/
  3. ^^Lol yeah that is a good way to put it,I know how it feels to not be able to tell anyone things.And I agree with ^ lol that's another good way to put it.Can't wait for an announcement about other things to come for the park.
  4. Oh man,I want to know really bad now lol,is it worth the wait and almost literaly dying to know.
  5. Lol I knnow they were announced,sorry I made it look like I didn't I didnt make that clear at all,sorry =(.Hopefully there amazingly gnar announcements,I'm looking forward to them
  6. The best thing a school website can possibly say "IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to inclement weather moving through our region, FRHSD schools will be closed on Monday, March 2. We are planning to commence HSPA testing as scheduled on Tuesday, March 3."=).Schools beat tomorow lol!I just want spring though,it's baseball season,and try-outs (Well for me practices)start on Friday only practice cause I'm on the team since I was on the team last year as a pitcher.(not to sound cocky or anything,I'm not like that at all)I don't want to run 1 1/2 miles on the snowy track Friday which would suck =/
  7. I don't know what is gonna happen,but are there going to be announcements for these things too like the fireworks and rehab of the Big Wheel?
  8. Hopefully I'll find that out during discovery,if not I hate waiting =( lol
  9. Mike13


    Why did they remove this?I thought I saw that it runs fine at Great America.Was it because of capacity or down time or what lol?
  10. Mike13


    Great job! That looks like so much fun. I want the park to get one of those like MaxAir. They look like fun and something that would draw alot of crowds even if it's a slow day. I also would want a Screamin Swing but that's for discussing in another topic, sorry lol
  11. Great job guys .I wish I would have been into the park back then,but again I was only 9 and never heard of the park back then hah.I wish I could of gotten to ride some of those flats they look pretty good,like Pendelum,Jumpin Jack Flash,and so on.I rode Chaos and loved it cause I wasn't into heights and rides back then,which I think think the park needs now and reliable ones,everyone says this I know lol.And look at Medusa it looks so nice and new .Maybe we'll get some flats sooner than later hopefully.
  12. I'll make sure I do,thanks for the help.And thanks everybody,hopefully I'll have a really good time and go back next year,well I have to pass the Discovery test first lol
  13. Thanks for the help,your the best Tom!I have to go there by myself. Edit:I just got a job in rides =)
  14. Hey guys,I read that after I finished applying online I have to go to the employment center for an interview?or do I wait for a call from them cause I applied Saturday night.
  15. Thanks guys,I'm hoping for a chance since it seems fun to be at the park and getting paid for it.
  16. I just applied online for Rides and it was actually was kind of tricky,made me think,hopefully me and my friend get an interview but if not it's alright,the jobs probably going to someone who needs the job more than I do.
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