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  1. He's the same guy from the park's facebook page I'm assuming.He has it in his head that the park is adding nothing but "water park rides" even though the last water ride added was Movie Town Water Effect,in 1987...
  2. That's what we thought to,we were going into the parking lot seeing empty rows on Lightning Racer,only to go later to see the rows closed off.I don't get what they are thinking.Wildcat didn't have rows closed off but still the ride was awful,it was so rough and not even the really comfortable seats make up for it . I didn't even bother going to roller soaker,but I heard about the consistently long line all the time.How people always go to the park I don't know,Six Flags is way more organized and Operations is way better in Ride Ops..
  3. I went on a day when it wasn't even crowded,most rides were walk-ons to 15 minute waits except Fahrenheit which was about 40 and including a breakdown but still it's such low capacity and the Operators were so slow,they were unbuckling seat belts on the restraints when the train was still moving back into the station.... Stormrunner's attendants had their feet up on railings and the stools.The Claw was closed and had two people sitting in the entrance one was leaning back on a chair just chilling.Lightning Racer had one attendant checking the train,but I'm sure it's okay because they have almost HALF the rows closed off.Sooperdooperlooper's operator sat in the Operator panel texting the whole time,later we were told the most that can happen to them when caught is a 2 day suspension but most supervisors don't care they do it. The swings had 3 attendants working it when it only needs one at most like Flying Wave did..They waste so much money on staffing it's unbelievable.
  4. Hershey park is probably the worst park I have ever been too.Wow.It was just bad Except for Lightning Racer,I thought the rides were all bleh.Don't even get me started of Ride operations
  5. Golden Kingdom and Plaza De Carnivale wouldn't need much that is true.They would just need to remove all the Papa Johns and Johnny Rockets that do not fit at all in those sections to something more fitting.To have something unique to the park like Mytho's at Islands Of Adventure in our park would be great,it would probably do quite well with the families like Best of the West.For theme park food,Mytho's is VERY high quality at a reasonable price.I had it when I was there last tear and it was really good,for two big spicy chicken wraps,side of fries and a soda it was like $20. Oh how I wish they actually bought the complex,we would actually be used to our potential.No more advertising in everyone's face all over the park.Rides and Sections that are themed towards each other and not a Frontier section with Bizarro coaster....We would have a Halloween event that wouldn't be embarrassing about hosting,the list goes on and on.I much prefer any Blackstone owned park to Great Adventure hands down.The differences of how the companies are ran is amazing.I prefer the way Six Flags does it with the Ride Operations though,but Universal is NEVER understaffed even on slow days that I have been there. Hulk was a walk on,and they still had all trains running,4 attendants,a grouper,an operator,a greeter at entrance and even one to hold the exit gate for guests when leaving.The way they do things in attractions there are much much different than the way we are trained at Six Flags.I do think it's a waste of money to always staff like that though. A Spiderman,Men In Black or even Transformers ride that is coming to Hollywood and Singapore in 2011 would be great family additions to the park.This talk makes me really want Universal to re-consider buying the property.As long as we are a Six Flags owned park I do not think the park has a chance to be anything more than it is now and it is sad.
  6. Agreed.I don't see them wanting to even touch the park though.The money they would have to spend to upgrade the park in every aspect so it's at Sea Worlds and Universals theming standards would be a pretty substantial amount.They have the money for it but who knows how long it would take them to turn the park(s) around and to break even on the investment..I could see it costing them a quarter of a billion or more on re-theming just Great Adventure alone...
  7. Like Halloween Horror Nights,they started re-union auditions for re-hires a week and a half ago.I HOPE we get a Fright Fest that eventually turns into at least Cedar Fail quality stuff,HHN quaility would be nice,BUT no one will ever be able to touch what Universal does with HHN year after year (the reason I go every year) with the back story to the theme and icons they create a year or two in advance and have their own Art ad Design department for holiday events (Mardi Gras,Grinchmas,HHN) Hopefully Al Weber see's the potential for making even more money when running a GOOD Halloween event,you have to spend money to make money...Oh and stop upcharging the trails since they are the worst excuses for mazes in the business... Well that's my rant If you couldn't tell,I take Halloween events seriously,I LOVE them
  8. EXACTLY,that's what I've been saying,I've been reading stuff every day about how much of a "bad decision" it is for the park,and some are going as far as not coming to the park again (which we all know they will be back) but people are just ridiculous these days.
  9. QUOTE(GAcoaster @ May 2 2010, 09:07 PM) Even the Skyride was running both sides! thanks for acknowledging us, no one ever mentions Sky Ride in there trip report except when complaining it's closed lol
  10. I really wish Angel or someone would ban him...
  11. True,but I still see a very small chance that this happens.I do not think CF shareholders will approve the original buyout in the first place.
  12. Combining both companies would be the stupidest thing any company in history could ever possibly do.Wouldn't help that wouldn't be easy to pass as not being borderline Monopolistic.Having that wouldn't be good for anything because then it causes virtually no competition in many areas and hey you got yourself parks closing down left and right.Yes Competition is good and Apollo obviously doesn't get it.
  13. WOW is that thing a capacity monster! I have never rode a Scrambler before but something like Super Sidewinder in the park today would be great for those crowded Summer or Fright Fest days!
  14. I honestly have no questions except for the ones everyone else will ask. But I hope to god,that the crazy Claws guy doesn't call in.Mr.Shapiro may have a hard time not laughing at the kid.
  15. I could care less if Houdini opens again,having rides SBNO isn't my favorite thing,but I work at the park so it's not a big deal since I rarely get a chance or feel like actually being in the park as a guest.
  16. Congrats,you now spam every website more than Claws guy now.
  17. I'm going into lurker mode full time now,no more posting.It's been fun guys.See you around the park this season I'll always be around,shoot me a PM if you'd like
  18. My power never went out But there calling for ANOTHER winter storm early next week.If there is another storm I am moving to the Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando so I can live by Universal and IOA all year long I wish though
  19. Don't worry,they won't run out of Ride jobs yet!But I was there twice last week.
  20. Yup,and I wouldn't think it would have any factor in the park closing.It's just Six Flags not being able to get the right price for a lease agreement.
  21. Not suprised at all,that park just seemed so out of place in the current Six Flags park line-up.If we do get flat's,I'm not to familiar of what they have or not there,but if they do have one,I just ask for there Swings ride!
  22. I'm suprised it happened so soon,but not so suprised about Kentucky Kingdom closing for good,(last season was it's last one as a Six Flags park).Good for the chain though!
  23. It wouldn't be that bad being a Lead there,but it's just the thought of being there two years in a row.If I get put there as a Lead I'm not going to complain because I just don't do that,but it's just not my favorite ride to work lol
  24. QUOTE(gafreak @ Feb 2 2010, 08:14 PM) ya, maybe ill have to go over there this year! but my first choice will be GASM. No doubt,I made it known GASM was my first choice and really wanted to be there.I have a bad feeling I will be at Cables again though
  25. It won't be a problem,may get annoying and hot up there,but my back should be fine.It's also a pretty easy ride to work I hear so it just sounded a pealing to me since everyone complains about slow loading time,I would try and do everything I can do to improve it
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