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  1. They didn't ask about it in the re-hire "interview" All they did was have a Ride Supervisor take my papers talk to you about what there doing this year and such (there is a Cable Crew shoutout in there by the way,I was proud to say I was apart of that ) But in the Lead interview they asked me,I said I wanted either Scream Machine or Rolling Thunder.
  2. I got re-hired today,after waiting 3 hours in the realllllllyy crowded employment center..
  3. According to the SFMM site,it's heigh restriction is 42'.I just can't see that being right since it had a 36 or 38' I forget which restriction at SFNO. This wouldn't exactly be to family and Children friendly if it is 42 inches! Hopefully it's just a typo.
  4. ^Not sure probably one day after school when it won't be so crowded,probably not the 6th though it will be to crowded.I have a Lead interview Wednesday,I wish the employment center would be open
  5. Not wanting to spend to keep it open which means staffing it,maintaining it and stuff of that nature.We could have easily staffed it this year I would think.
  6. First thing when I come back in I will be learning how to work the ride or rides I'm at. But as a guest,it will probably be ride Toro or any rides as much as I can,I won't be going into the park as a guest many times this year.
  7. It makes me want it just to be Spring already though.I'm just dying to start working again and these temperatures are making it worse.
  8. If you really wanted to work there,you could apply for the on-site dorms and stay there so you don't have to commute so far.But that's if you REALLY wanted to work there.
  9. wow 4 times?That is a great workout,I'm guessing once for startup and then it broke down 3 times?I don't mind that walk at the end of the night,I like seeing the park at night it's cool seeing everything closing and not so hecktic like it is during the day.If you go some back ways it's not that far of a walk,although after a hot long crowded summer shift,the walk may feel like miles.
  10. Amen!I hope to be at GASM this year as well!Is it fun to work that ride,I really want to be there but I have never worked it.I assume it's nothing like Batman or TDK though...
  11. It's still early,depending on what they do this year for it they can start early next month and have it ready for opening day.
  12. ^It was on it,it's 6 rides down under the 230 area.
  13. Why would you want it removed when we barely have any flats?Just because you don't like it doesn't mean other people don't.I don't like Twister really,but I sure as hell don't want it removed!
  14. What Tom said.It usually takes us 2 or 3 shifts to start getting a good feel for the job and be much more efficient with moving the lines and such,not there would be big lines on March 30th anyway.Honestly the Flash Pass isn't really needed untill end of May for Memorial Day and that's when it get's progressively more crowded.
  15. Ahh,free stuff is always good!But there's no way I could get up at 9 on a Saturday to go there.I will just wait for after school one day or something.
  16. Got mine as well.I just hateeeeee filling out this stuff so much.I also need to find a day to go when it won't be beyond insane there.I will be there on the 27th I think it is for an interview,then I have to then do another interview for the rehire process and get my training dates.
  17. Six Flags as a company for all the parks.So with $110 million they are using that for a new "attraction" in every park. I wish Great Adventure alone had that budget lol,hello Spiderman or Mummy rides!
  18. 2011 has a budget of $110 Million for new stuff.A very small portion of that loan will go towards additions.
  19. The season isn't really that much longer.The 6th and 7th are the first Saturdays and Sundays in the month.Last season November 1st was on a Sunday and worked out well,not this year.But I'm guessing were not getting a Holiday In The Park event.
  20. Don't worry about it,it will come eventually.I have never found relationships to be anything special.But that's just me,and I'm scarred after this one girl I was "with" in 6-8th grade.We got into a fight because of my friend asking her something dumb with my phone and she thought it was me... oh well.But that's how I was,I guess the girl I was talking about was tired of me not asking her out lol.Nothing I can do now about it.
  21. I actually find Six Flags to be faster than Universal and IOA when it comes to entering.IOA and Universal use use those finger scanner things,and when the tickets don't match a finger print or an error happens or something it takes awhile and is annoying.So I give Six Flags the upperhand on that one,but that's pretty much the only thing at Six Flags I prefer over Universal.
  22. My bad Robbie I don't pay attention to peoples feet lol And I wasn't going to say anything about Dark Knight why it was boring,but that's the reason I hated that thing.It was the most boring thing ever,I am the same as Robbie,I like getting working fast and getting good throughput not watching the ride Operate itself.Pretty much the person doing the pre-show is the one who is in charge of getting good numbers..Only good thing about TDK was it had AC in the summer. I loved Kingda Ka when I was there that one shift,it wasn't crowded that day though since it rained so I couldn't work to fast lol.The only thing about Ka is that the restraints are soo heavy,but nothing to horrible.
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