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  1. I know it's a little late since everyone stopped there introductions but my name is Mike and I worked at the park this past season.I'll definatly be back for the 2010 season and hopefully many more. But here are the rides I was trained for -Cables (My home ride) -Batman:The Ride (Attendant & Op) -Dark Knight -Kingda Ka I was supposed to get trained for more rides like Houdini and in September but it didn't happen,I do have the SOP though
  2. Sometimes I slid too with my Nike Shox on but they had pretty good traction.But when it rained over night or all day and got onto the cement at Western I remember sliding and almost falling from catching cars. pretty often.It was fun,untill I almost fell right on my butt right in front of guests
  3. Yeah it does take a lot to stop them,I remember sometimes being really sore the next day after working it a whole shift lol.I was 16 last season and weighed 130 and it was still hard I also didn't like Dark Knight up in the station,but I did love doing the pre-show.
  4. I wouldn't say that any ride I worked was really that bad,but if I had to say myself the worst was Catcher/ Unloader at Western Cables during the summer where it was 90 degrees and we had a long line at Dream Street and catching car after car after car was really tiring and just so repetative
  5. 1.Opening day lines at Pass Processing can get pretty long,longest I have seen would be out going towards Twister.Make sure to get there pretty early,like before 12 or so.So if you get to the park at opening you can do boardwalk area first then processing or processing then that side so it's easier and get those rides out of the way. 2.Opening day last year was bad due to the wind,it got up to 45 MPH in some gusts,so really unless it's raining or very windy again,closed rides shouldn't be a problem.Only thing is employees are still new and getting used to having guests in the park opening weekend so lines might move a little slower then they will in May.But we try our best opening day to handle everything well,like last year in April I know I wasn't anywhere near good as I was later on. But crowd wise April and in this case March are the best times to go because of it not being to crowded.
  6. Still as an employee wanting to return they could make rehire conditional,they really don't like it employees posting stuff anymore.But touche guys,touche.I found out already during the season.
  7. Just be careful with the pictures you post,Management reads these boards too as you probably know,and they really don't like employees posting this stuff even if were not employed right now by Six Flags.
  8. I guess crowds have been pretty good there,Christmastown is back for 2010 and they are opening the Italy section of the park for it. Pictures from Behindthethrills,not my photo. I kind of want to make a trip up there for this next year,but I might go earlier in the year so Christmastown trip is doubtful
  9. ^And to add to that,make sure you upsell,upsell,upsell! Oh and I miss those rides so much,especially Flying Wave I know that management knows we are seriously lacking Flat rides for the families and in betweeners with rides such as Flying Wave to a ride like MaxAir.I have hope in due time we will start to see more being added.
  10. I know it's good economically with the competition,but at this point I feel like Six Flags image of a company is so bad that it would really have to take alot to improve it.I think that the locker policy is a good thing,and now alot more and more parks are adding lockers like Universal has.But yes they should be free,when I do entrance at rides that is probably the biggest complaint I have is that "Oh my god I have to pay 1 dollar at every ride now?" they blame it on me,but that's not the point lol,free would be better but I don't know if it's going to change after the bankruptcy.Shows will start to increase as we get money back,and more budget. That was awhile ago with that rumor,was it really true or not does anyone know?I don't see it being true,but it would be cool if it were to be true!
  11. Or maybe Six Flags can just die all together and individual parks bought.I would love for Great Adventure to be bought by Merlin or Blackstone.Blackstone being HIGHLY unlikely though.
  12. I do,I don't think it turned out the way they wanted it to..
  13. I got that too!I also got an email about the first job fair
  14. I have heard nothing about a possible new water ride
  15. From the Sandusky Register: I've never heard of Apollo Management before but maybe now there parks will get some much needed theming with their rides, but I don't know... Apollo is going to take on a very large amount of debt, not sure if they can handle it unless there a big company like Blackstone. edit: Thank you to whoever fixed this topic,I suck at making topics =/
  16. I have seen pretty much EVERYWHERE in that Fort,and I will tell you that it would cost ALOT of money to add an observation kind of place into/onto it.Plus there wouldn't really be a way for people to get up there since Cables uses it very much,I don't know about the Mine Train one though. But I agree on lighting,the fort could use some on the front where the water is.
  17. I wouldn't mind a new launched coaster,but it being in Batman's place isn't going to happen.Why remove a ride that works perfectly fine and still draws a line?
  18. Sorrrrrry.I'm done talking about this I swear,no more off-topicness lol I'll just text you Robbert But anyways what is Superman supposed to get hourly,PPH wise.
  19. I don't know lol,now that I think of it,the answers I put were dumb and most likely not what they were looking for.....
  20. I'm not hard on myself....I just messed up really badly on the Lead application
  21. Yeah I know,it sucks more people don't care.Even though I try,I still get those rediculous guests who blame me for everything,I have a hard time not laughing at them lol.I would make my crews care if I was a Manager or Lead,even though I won't be one for awhile probably.But hey as a team member I can still try my best.
  22. lol okay Robbie,I will call you every hour wherever you are and tell you that my crew is getting good numbers!I don't know where I will be but hopefully it will be possible to get good numbers! But hey maybe in 2011 when I turn 18 I can be Superman manager and then no more complaining about slow loading!
  23. ^I love to get good numbers.I don't know anyone who has worked Superman so I wouldn't know if there good or not.I only know who the manager was since she started in Lakefront I think.I also wouldn't know about the start-up either lol,but I used to know how to do the start up for TDK,Batman and Cables but I forget now,our supervisors knew how to do all this stuff though and were great.I won't mention names but I I'm suprised they didn't know how to do start up. I would love to work Superman for one shift this upcoming season though,I hope I get to be in 240 this year.To me even if the Supervisors don't care if numbers aren't a big deal to a ride,I would still want to go fast and attempt to make the line move so people aren't standing in line for 2 years.
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