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  1. Nope,on slower days we still have to have guests watch the pre-show before riding.Well that's how it has been when I've worked there this season,I never was allowed to let anyone skip the pre-show.
  2. I did it most of the time as well.During the summer it's hard because it's rediculously hot up there in the Batman station.Well for me and Tim or Glen we would almost never stack,only time we did is when we had to tell some idiot that they can't leave there stuff to the side,then we would have to argue with them that it has to go with someone not riding or back in a locker then proceed to get yelled at,or when we had a larger guest.But other than that we sent the train by the time it was going into safety,and sometimes service as well.But I was really never at Batman with you Robbert But yeah Superman can definatly be dispatched faster and so can Bizarro.I guerentee if you took our Batman crew and put us at Superman or Bizarro we would easily get target throughput.
  3. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=apjSQLRtZvbM It sounds like there getting desperate to get out of Chapter 11. I don't really know alot about financial stuff like this situation,but from reading that,it doesn't sound good to me right now.I would hope it wouldn't take untill May,but with the way this is going it may end up like that and bye bye Six Flags.
  4. No need to spend the money on that,that's the team member at the entrance of the rides job,all the people need to do is ask us. Guests don't read signs anyway,and I know from experiance,they are either completely oblivious to the signs,or they don't think the sign applies to them or don't believe the sign,then they ask us in the end anyway.
  5. ^Not if your a re-hire Robbie I don't think.But during training you can walk around the park for like Daycation training or whatever,or take a detour to clock out.
  6. Got my wisdom teeth out this morning and now I feel absolutly horrible!
  7. Those look like Demon Drop parts and they are at Dorney so it looks like Dorney might be getting them.. Pictures are from Newsplusnotes.
  8. I just saw a Wizarding World of Harry Potter commercial while watching House.There doing some heavy advertising for it!Hopefully there 100 Million dollar investment will pay off in the long run.But I've been following the construction pretty closely and it looks like some of the best theming you will see at any theme park in the world.
  9. If your just going to be a Team Member they wouldn't ask for any of that stuff anyways.
  10. March 27th - April 4th I think.Which is a Saturday - Sunday.
  11. Think Spiderman,but way cheaper.That's what it kind of is.
  12. Trust me,Chiller will never ever ever ever ever be back at any Six Flags park,expecially our park.Right now it would be dumb for Six Flags to take it out,attempt to fix it which doesn't guarentee it running reliably,then putting it back in at a park where it will run horrible again. There was just too many flaws with the ride and computer to even want to fix.The amount of money it would take to fix the bugs in it,then maintain the ride itself would be HUGE and not smart spending,especially when you are in bankruptcy.I know that Shapiro and Mark Kane wouldn't want another maintenance nightmare ontop of Kingda Ka. Chiller is gone forever and the park will never bring it back,even if it were the last roller coaster in the world.
  13. Good job man,just the one thing I didn't like was the POV clips,I am real against filming on rides,except if you get permission like TPR does,but other than that nice job!
  14. Ka doesn't have nearly as many problems as Chiller did.
  15. I really can't wait for this year and hope I get to work with all the friends I made last year wherever I am.But I have a feeling this year is going to be alot differant.
  16. lol that's Premier Rides fault for making a lemon
  17. Hmm,I looked too,I know he had an update with some pictures of it in a field.But I guess he took them down.
  18. ^Chiller will never see the inside of a park again.But Flying Phill has pictures of it on his site.
  19. They can add Flats now,we have plenty of staff for it,and I would hope they would choose reliable as well.
  20. He is!He is also one of my favorite actors.But I think in the new episodes expecially the new one on Monday,it's to much stuff involved with House and Cuddy's relationship.But I did really like the new one Monday,the girl's illness was interesting with the lying and all.
  21. I'm done and have been since the first time I posted about Burke being back.I didn't plan on this going past my first post,sorry.
  22. Don't choose either,it's dumb,same thing happened on GADVonline with this rediculous argument.It's really a old SF management Fan boy who added coasters Vs me who likes Shapiro and thinks Burke wasn't too smart buisness wise.
  23. Maybe he ran the company better and made money for alittle,but he ran the parks like complete ass.(Burke I'm talking about)
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