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  1. lightnin78nic

    GA trips 94-08

    My trips to Great Adventure 94-08(just don't have pics from very first trip in 89.
  2. My favorite coaster,very,very good pic!
  3. Looks like Poison Ivy over took Batman and Mr.Freeze.Couldn't help myself(tee).
  4. Kingda KA is a one trick pony compared to Chiller and all of Great adventure's other coasters.No disrespect but I don't like to see any coaster go and don't want to.I don't know if Chiller broke records or not but I always thought of it as the replacement for Lightnin Loops (upgraded newer better verson).Now we have no shuttle loop coaster or coasters at Great Adventure. I love to go backwards through loops inversions ever since I started riding and I think that going backwards and getting blasted were the highlights of the ride.
  5. But if it couldn't be fixed which I doubt because of the other two coasters, its where it belongs.
  6. I think Great Adventure should have refurbished and did better maintence on Chiller instead of purchasing Kingda KA and the Golden Kingdom,thats when we started loosing all our older rides and now Scream Machine.Theres two coasters like Chiller called Mr.Freeze that operate at two other Six Flags parks still,they might have some down time but not like Chiller or KA does or did.Ultra Twister was sent down south because their maintence department was better than GA's so maybe that was Chiller's problem,who knows.
  7. Nice video! The ride looks well maintained also,the trains are sweet with painted up like a snake.
  8. Depends which coaster,but switch Dark Knight for an Enterprise would be great.Even one of the bigger ones.Enterprise is one of the all time best flatrides gotta love it,smoothe and fast.
  9. Arrow loopers are my favorite type of coaster,GASM was and is my favorite coaster.I was on alot rougher,Drachen Fire,Batman and Robin the Chiller with harness beat the crap out of ya but thats what I used tyleonl for;) Steel Phantom before it became Phantoms Revenge had loops and it was wicked and Anaconda at Kings Dominion was rougher than GASM. For a Arrow looper I thought it was pretty smoothe.I get banged up more on my home town parks wooden coasters then I ever did Gasm(Phoenix and Twister).The reason I don't plan on returning atleast for along time is with Gasm and all the flatrides gone most of the rides are gone that grew up with and whats there is just not Great Adventure anymore.I call it six flags NJ.
  10. Lightnin Loops was the first move I thought was bad but got over it with Chiller(like a newer replacement).Plus we had Scream Machine and all them flats.It was also just moved to Maryland as Python but dismantled a few years later.I really think they should have get one side,I never knew how popular and loved this coaster really was.When Hershey got Sidewinder I thought it was gonna be one loop like Lightnin Loops.When I saw the monster Sidewinder was in 91 I had to wait another day to prepare myself for 3 inversions backwards instead of the one and getting pulled up the lift straight down backwards.lol But Scream Machine my big licorice red roller coaster,I thought it would out last me,I miss GASM so much more than any ride thats gone from GA.It is and was my favorite coaster.
  11. In reply to the one that thinks I wasnt on many coasters just because GASM is my favorite coaster.I've been to Cedar Point,Kennywood,Hershey,Dorney,Knoebels,Kings Dominon,Busch Gardens,just to name some.I've been on legendary coasters like Drachen Fire,and the origanal Steel Phantom,and both sides of the Chiller.I'm content with my track record and I love The Great Amerian Scream Machine.Atleast it ran and Drachen Fire was a lot rougher to,that would have gave the whiny anti-gasm babies something to cry about.Oh or nasty old Viper where El Toro is now.Now those were mean coasters.These B&Ms and Intamins are all the same(a dime a dozen)except a few.
  12. The Great American Scream Machine is my first and Free Fall is my second. GASM was and is my favorite coaster and Viper at magic Mountain or Vortex is the only two that will ever come close.As for Free Fall Cedar Fair patched that hole so thats cool(Demon Drop Dorney Park).Then the Enterprise,Space Shuttle.I loved Chiller but agree with its time being up,it had way to many problems and who wants to get stranded anyhow in the middle of the ride.No ride is worth that.
  13. Another thing I remember,was how loud the roar from this coaster was. It was worse than your everyday B&M. When both sides were going it was even worse.Coming out the exit was the worst part because you wanted to beat the train before launch to save your ears(If I didn't suceed I just covered my ears).You could hear it from the entance gate,just the slight rumble.My cousin never rode it but walked by it one of its last years and one of his remarks was how noisy it was.lol I loved the sound it made charging to launch,so futureistic.
  14. I got to ride the coaster (both sides) 5-10 altoghter.I think they may have countered down,it was awhile ago.Last time I rode it,it had harnesses and both sides were functional.96 or 98 I think.I always rode in the front,loved it the trains nose came to my knee so I felt exposed compared to Scream Machines boxed cars and the old wooden cars.I would actualy watch the brake pads(I think thats what they were)they would open one by one like a Zipper opening towards you.After the last one opened in a second or two the train lauched.If I wasnt in the the front wich was seldom,I just held on and kept my head back.It would also have a hum as they were charging it for launch.My best amusement park memories are from this park,Chiller was a great coaster,but was taken out for a very good reason.
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