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  1. They did...doesn't mean we can't see updated versions like.... S&S Drop Tower!!! Zamperla Hawk!!! Intamin Spinning Star!!!
  2. Batman:Chiller, Chaos, Time Warp, Evolution, Shockwave, Rodeo Stampede, Taz Twister, Sky Pilot, and Condor. I've ridden a Conor, Chance Chaos, Chance Inverter, and Huss Break Dance before but the atmosfear at Gadv would have been way better.
  3. THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN NUMBER 1! If the park needs anything its flats! I can not stress this enough. For 2011, I hope we see a mega-flat package of 5 to 10 rides all around the park. I wouldn't mind defying gravity on Enterprise or Flying the skies on a Swing Ride maybe even twirling around on a break dance. Please let this wish come true!
  4. All Old Country needs is some good old fashion flats...like an Enterprise and Scrambler. There is a lot of room behind Autobahn and lots of room riding along the entrace. I would like to see a Huss Giant Frisbee back there too.
  5. I remember seeing this since I rode Nitro 60+ times this year. It would look good as theming somewhere. I think Gadv has forgotten about it though...
  6. They should re-theme RT to be more of a Race coaster. Name it something like Rolling: Lighting vs Thunder. I just always liked a storm theme on a coaster...hence why I love AtmosFEAR!
  7. I think we should keep the animals in the safari. It sounds like a good idea for a park without a safari but with the Tigers and Dolphins already IDT we need anymore animals.
  8. With the exclusion of me...I guess it went to my old address. DarkKnight, I had an audition last week at the crown plaza but I didn't go...tell me how yours went..I may have passed up FAME. (So Glad that advertising will be away from Bizarro in 2010)
  9. RT would look better with the lights...I just hope it doesn't ruin my crazy night rides on Toro.
  10. LakeFront could use some lighting as well. Someone made a great point on why this wouldn't be a good idea over at GadvOnline. Since Gadv is located right inbetween New York and Philly, the crowd that comes into the park isn't the best. A secreative spot where these people can smoke, drink, drop things on guest/water just would not be great. However, if security was increased up here I think it could work. Got that Dustin? Lol. Time will tell though. That picture with the lights is amazing. It makes our classic structures stick out. This is a great wish.
  11. A big box at the front of the park? That's a skyline killer. How about we put it back towards Bizarro.
  12. No parking garage but maybe they could clear some land behind 537 and make a parking lot back there. That way there is two parking lots.
  13. This would be great. What is the point of a water ride you don't get wet on. I think that a interactive water structure should be added on the island. Something like Skull Island at Great America and then put cannons on the outskirts so people can spray the riders. Also turn the waterfalls back on.
  14. He's right. The area near the NJ Transit buses is the worst though. Everytime it rains Lake Jackson seems to form in the parking lot. It could use repaving.
  15. I want a train ride back in the park bad. It's a classic.
  16. I tihnk a Shoot the Rapids type ride would be cool in MovieTown somewhere. Theme it to Aquaman. We really do need another water ride in our park.
  17. Hurricane Harbor is one of the best themed water parks I've been to. Way beyond Soak City, SplashWorld, Ocean Oasis, and Raging Waters. It is almost as good as Busch's Water Country USA. I had so much fun there and with the addition of Tornado my day can be extended. That being said, the theme elements are fine to me and I'm a very picky person. Everything seems so clean and neatly placed. A few more props here and there wouldn't hurt though but to the average guest Hurricane Harbor is amazing.
  18. Ha. SOrry about that. I looks like Table Service from the outside. Character, Grannys, or BOTW should be table service. We need at least one in our park.
  19. LOl. You have a picture for everything.
  20. Well the only table service resturant I know of is Best of the West. This could benefit and hinder the park in both ways. The LED idea is close to happening. The Boardwalk may have LED come 2010 season because I remember seeing test bulbs in near DDD. Let's all hope so.
  21. So what is in the boneyard? and why are there so many old boats of our past water rides near Nitro?
  22. Robbie, you used to be one of the best attendants in the entire park until you moved up in the world. Superman can be dispatched faster it's just the lazy team members up there.
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