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  1. When asked if it would come back, Mark Kane said he wasn't sure but I pray this thing comes back. This slowly transforms our park into a day-long resort. I managed to catch mostly all the firework shows but never got to sit in the Grand Stand even from the sides it was such a beautiful show. Please let this come back, Gadv has one uped Disney at something!
  2. Our parks main street is beautiful the way it is but Dream Street re-opened would be a nice view. The carousel looks oddly placed without Dream Street.
  3. This ride steals more cell phones than any other ride in the park! I miss my g1. Love this emoticon.
  4. Color is needed all around the park and starting with Conestoga Wagon is fine by me.
  5. I would agree!! With that up guest are really going to be attracted to that! It looks amazing and the theme would just skyrocket. I really hope Gadv considers this one because it would make a world of difference for TDK. -Have you noticed the park actually listens to the ADVENT calendar?
  6. I worked at Yum Yum before. There is a bad Groundhog infestation out back. It would be really cool to see that place lit up at night especially with the carousel so close by but I don't think I saw it open past 8.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the waterfall erode the roof which causes SF to spend more money to fix it?
  8. That is all Skully needs. Strobes throughout the entire ride and low lying fog would turn that ride into a seizure in a box!
  9. Agreed. I used to love being in the employment center with the cold winter wind outside. I have some really good memories of pre-season 2009.
  10. Nice little family ride. With a little colorful paint, it'll be just like Scooby Doo Ghoster Coaster or Fairly Odd Coaster. Perfect family addition for Great America.
  11. Walk-Ons. Simple. I had so much fun riding everything in the park last year Pre-Season.
  12. Ghee, why would someone restart the Winter Lights thread...It's coming back!!! Lol. I wish.
  13. By 2024, there better be immensly themed areas beyond the lake with Dive Machine and Mack Launcher.
  14. A Nitro spotlight would be amazing! What is Superman Ultimate Escape. Lol. I know what you mean.
  15. She was trained at every ride but Batman and Cables...but she was mainly Buccaneer and Blackbeards. Taylor? used to hang out with Justin and Heather. I guess were going to have to fight for Gasm lead cause I really want that position
  16. I really want to be Gasm lead or Skully Lead. I'm not sure why these two rides but they are calling me.
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