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  1. Zomfg. I want that Entrance back! It looks beautiful with the lush green trees surrounding it. They should add tress around Superman's layout too.
  2. Please request me!! I want to be at Gasm so bad..and I will do anything to stay out of 250.
  3. Wow. Nothing anywhere near tall as Big Wheel back then...
  4. I'm coming to Rides Dept. next year! A whole season in Foods was brutal but I'm finally turning 16and I hope to be in 240 or 230.
  5. I hope to see a Zamperla Hawk 28 or greater occupy this spot. Perfect spot and would be a sight to see.
  6. Nitro being painted Dark Green....Surrender.
  7. This is actually really good news. It shows that NJ is doing good...amusement wise. Gadv hasn't had an accident in forever. (KOW) and I pray it stays that way.
  8. That would be a big step towards Disney for GA. It sounds amazing and I'm sure people would buy hand-made items.
  9. So new chutes next year? I'm glad it's open. This weekend I'll try to ride.
  10. Then don't ride the ride. I don't understand how people bash things yet somehow they go back to it and praise it when it re-opens. Seriously, be glad they got the ride open. The GP doesn't even look that close to detail.
  11. Hopefully, Gadv will become like CP and have hotels up and down 537 so people can stay and play. Like in the 2007 Advent Calender, the Great Wolf Lodge across the lake would be amazing too. I also want a drop tower....really badly.
  12. I just need one last ride on Fearsome Four this season and I'll be satisfied.
  13. Wow. The most important update to me has to be Blackbeard's Queue. Really puts a new look on that area. Nov. 1 will be the saddest day of my life....
  14. The question is gafreak...what kind of coaster?
  15. Are all those umbrella's needed 3 pics above...
  16. To tell people the entrance was around the corner? The flags should come back to Fling.
  17. RT barely makes its course when it's warm. Open Ka for Holiday in the Park.
  18. I really like Great Escape's sign. However Gadv has second best because it actually has flags! I like Cedar Point's too.
  19. Musik Express and/or Autobahn being relocated would be amazing for the theme park in 2010. 2 *new* flats would be great. Hopefully this does happen because many wouldn't mind riding Musik Express. Autobahn with a nice cycle would be fun too. I can see Musik Express in Evolution's old spot. It would be a hit with the lights near Grannys and all. Autobahn should be moved to the back of MovieTown and themed to Fender Bender...again.
  20. ...because you did. Houdini is a really fun ride. It always leaves people wondering what just happened.
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