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  1. Amazing. Really adds color and Six Flags-e ness to our park. I can't wait to ride them again.
  2. GAfreak you got that information from the papers at gate 6? It said 16 as a base price then it adds on expenses like usuage and stuff. I didn't understand it at first either but take another look.
  3. The Creepy Critters show is actually really funny. I had a few good laughs. I love Fright Fest because we have SOOO Many shows around the park. It's hard to catch them all in one night.
  4. It is a extremely fun time. When the death music starts playing at 6:00 and the parade starts I get so excited. You can run and scream and no one will look at you like your crazy.
  5. I wanted to know that too. It's a dream to work on coasters for me.
  6. ^Life has so much meaning right now. Our park is simply beautiful and Fright Fest only makes it better!
  7. I heard Asylum was just sick this year but Demented Forset was good too. If your going to do one make it Asylum.
  8. El Toro test seat and First car of Gasm. Maybe I can save to get Monkey Swings in my yard or Big Red Planes. Glow in the Park trashcan!
  9. Heck Yeah. It's such a good ride. Almost better than Rolling Thunder.
  10. Gee, I don't remember saying Bizarro fit into Frontier Adventures. I said nothing like that. I am with you on that one, it does not fit in at all but had Bizarro been in a new Superman themed area, I'm sure the current owners would of had made it look just as good as a theme park with no themed trashcans. Anyway, nice paint job on the Chutes. Really stands out.
  11. Blackbeard's is a fun ride at night. I don't want to give it up. Give them GrAm Space Rocket ride.
  12. Robert I didn't say Bizarro was a themed are. It's an example of what themeing can and will be in years to come. Look at all of our other coasters. Is Nitro as themed as Bizarro or TDK? I think your defenition of THEMED is a lot different then most other human beings. I don't need Western Wheel Benches or Rootin' Tootin' Trashcans for me to feel like I'm in the wildwest. Nor' do most visitors that come to the park and Gadv IS a theme park because it does have different themed areas and not just crap everywhere like Dorney. Not saying Doreny has crap but there is no theme there.
  13. It was in the FF parade. The ghouls would hang off of it. I think it used to be in the daytime parade too.
  14. The pic makes the flood look bad but it barely touches the bottom of GASM drops. Btw, I want Deja Vu in 2011!!!
  15. Uhm. I like the Houdini theme...a lot. It really had a good scare factor. I could see how Scooby would fit into that theme though. I want to see a nice dark ride somewhere featuring Scooby Doo. Heck, I just want a dark ride period.
  16. They should have put it next to The Family Rafts. It would have looked better at the entrance but it should be a nice ride and I'm glad it has a viewing platform!
  17. I agree. It was a magical parade and I am going to be upset if we don't have it come 2010.
  18. It really is our most UNIQUE ride. I mean it basically sucks their people out of the cars and into the station. It really isn't a good ride besides the drop, pretzel, and inline twist but at least we have a flyer.
  19. I love the paint job mainly because we had 4 blank white towers sticking out of the sky. Now there are only 3. It gives the park color like most Cedar Fair parks. It brightens the skyline I just wish we would stop using red and yellow. Robert, Boardwalk DOES have boards....At the main entrance near DDD down the straight path there are replica boards. With Bizarro and TDK I think any new area we get will give us theme. Amazing theme. Shapiro said it his self with the Chang talk. He said it will have new story, theme, and color. (Bizarro)
  20. I like the 2000 one. The 1970 is a little odd. Is the Tiger trying to attack the children. I don't understand.
  21. Is that a yes or no? Is the dry park getting something next year besides White Castle because it doesn't take a genius to know that.
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