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  1. Here's a thought...how about Superman for Superman? What if they swapped our Super Ultimate Flight for SFOT's Superman Tower of Power? I think that would be a fair trade. They could use a decent B&M for their collection and one of the few things our park lacks is a drop tower:

    That's a great idea. The dumb GP wouldn't even know the difference lol. I do want a drop tower of that caliber and I would not mind seeing Superman go. It's too far into the parking lot. For the 2009 Advent Calendar request trees be put around it's layout. The grass is so boring.

  2. Zomfg. Orange is the main color I've been wanting at Six Flags. There's a reason Cedar Fair parks feel so "comfortable" because they have a lot of colors. Now Gadv is going to be just like that. Thank you Mark Kane for listening to my suggestion.

  3. Obvidently Houdini is coming back. They don't put up warning signs for no reason. Or do they....Lol. I glad to hear it's coming back. I'm can finally ride it. How longs one cycle?


    Let's talk more important stuff....Marker in Harbor. Anyone care what that is for...I do!

  4. ^You seriously think that ride can fit in Chiller's old spot?....No!


    Gasm is slated to be removed soon...very soon...and as much as i hate to see it go Riddlers Revenge is basically a perfect fit in that spot. I just hope they change the theme.


    Actually, instead of having to see a coaster go how about we get some of our flats back from these parks. I'm looking at you SfGAmand SfOT.

  5. Dude, I am so sorry for doubting you! This is epic. Chang at Great America is crazy and leaves me to believe KK will just be turned into a waterpark. Now, Gadv in 2011....Riddler's Revenge would be just sick and I can't even think about having that here. (In a good way) Since Gadv is Flagship...we could be getting anything.

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