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  1. Gasm. We can always get a bigger and better Invert and I love Gasm. El Toro front. El Toro back.
  2. Rhino vs Hippo. New at Six Flags Great Adventures.
  3. I know! What's going on with the photo. Is he stuck on Royal Elephants.
  4. I just vomited in my mouth. We really need some more colorful things. Orange, Teal, Yellow, Purple, and Light Green. Cedar Fair parks feel so homey with such a beautiful setting of colors. I want to see a Orange coaster soon. Not BBLTT orange...Neon Orange. The skyride cars can stay the same though. I love the classics.
  5. Gasm in the front row is amazing. I was wondering where the 68 mph thing was going to come in to play! The front is smooth too and the wind is just amazing but nothing compares to the drop in the back row. I have a lot of love for Gasm. Next year when I go into Rides Dept. I pray I go to Gasm because I will have that station pumped! I remember riding one time and I heard faint techno yet american war fighter music. It was amazing and something happened where the volume turned up and the music was blaring through the speakers. I've seen what Gasm can be and my goal in life is to make it that. -In 2010, Gasm Seeks Revenge.
  6. I don't think they would remove Ka. Even if it doesn't work people still see it and tell other people about it which then brings in more people. I can't see Gadv removing any of our coasters except for RT. If they take Gasm out that is a big spot to fill. I don't want to see it go because a few million dollars on Carolina Cobra trains isn't much of an investment. Imagine Gasm....smooth. It's a monster now but as a smooth enjoyable 173 ft. beast...words going to spread. A Maverick clone would be sweet in that spot though.
  7. Maybe they'll move Tango over there. Six Flags isn't great with theme so it really wouldnt matter where it's at. Plus, it's a Kid Ride and it is Rectangle.
  8. Literally hit with fireworks debree in my face. I was so amazed at the fact that the fireworks were actually shooting over top of you. The show is simply amazing and I have yet to actually sit in the Grandstand to watch them but soon I will.
  9. I'm so pumped for Xploratorium.
  10. I really want to ride The Blitz @ SFNE. It looks Xtremely fun and at $6 too. The one at Morey's is $25. I also want to ride Sasquatch @ TGE. I've been on S&S Towers but this one is actually themed.
  11. I hate to be "That Guy" but Gadv's coasters aren't going anywhere. I doubt SFI would even think about rotating rides again esp. coasters! If anything give all the parks some Huss Flats and S&S Flats. Gadv still needs a drop tower, Huss Frisbee, and S&S Screamin Swing. I REALLY want to see Gadv expand beyond the lake. That would make our park worthy of a hotel. Great Wolf Lodge anyone.
  12. If Ka goes I go lol. Your talking getting rid of the BEST PAPA JOHN'S CASHIER RIGHT HERE! Seriously if anything was to get rotated I'd like to see Revolution @ SfGam come back to us and Xcalibur @ Sfstl while were at it Rodeo @ Sfot, Infact how about all the rides that SfGadv gave away....bring them back to us.
  13. So there going to be bears inside? LOL.
  14. CoasterPrince goes to Hurricane Harbor! The day started out with me going to the Theme Park to catch the shuttle over to HH. I knew the Dry Park was going to be crowded because it was 9:30 and people were lined up at the ticket booths. After a quick ride through Gadv Massive parking lot that offered great views of the coasters up close we pulled into HH parking lot. It offered greeat views of Ka. The pictures will explain the rest! What's better than the smell of B&M in the morning... The shuttle was taking forever, so I walked around the parking lot to get some great views. The crowds were going to be HEAVY today...I could feel it! I am one of the ONLY erUPtion Lovers out there....It's a great ride IMO. So the shuttle finally came and I got to take a Raw Pov! Here's a unique look at Gasm. That's a lot of stairs. Nitro has 500...I wonder how many Gasm has? Kingda Ka was down this weekend but it still looked beautiful! If only there were a train launching! This is what makes Kingda Ka.....Kingda Ka. [Launch Drum Building] Riding by the Wild Safari... What a skyline! One of these things is not like the other.... On to what the Ptr is about....Hurricane Harbor! I feel like I entered a new world... ...because I did. Take-It-Ezee looks peaceful...for now! This my friend, is a Shark-Butt...and the Kingda Ka of HH. One of the reasons these are some of the wettest slides in NJ. Bada Bing, Bada Boom, Bada Bang? I think that's it! Discovery Bay for the tikes. Though the slides look pretty intense. Ride Purple. The first drop is amazing! They call this Funstruction yet I have to walk all the way to Aquatopia Cafe' to eat. That is soo fun! Some nice umbrellas for you Umbrella Enthusiast. Blue Lagoon was fun. Not better than CP but still fun. I end this TR with the best slides here. I call em' Kingda Ka. In Conclusion, Hurricane Harbor isn't the best water park, infact I had more fun at SplashWorld in Clementon....It is however a beautiful place to visit once or twice a year. The atmosphere is what really made me want to check this place out. It feels like your on a beach that happened to have waterslides and concrete. Lol. I too hope they add something new next year like a Tornado or Mat Slide. There is just too much space in between each slide tower. Overall, I actually would get a Season Pass here...Too Bad I work at Gadv and can get in free! :jumping0001: CoasterPrince Out
  15. I secreatly love TDK for all it's surprises. I can't wait to take my nephue on it.
  16. I wish they kept Rodeo Stampede and put it somewhere else. That and Tango would make the perfect pair teaming up with Toro. I miss Tango!
  17. The Royal Elephants were fun. I kept bouncing up and down to make it a thrill.
  18. My first actual visit to Gadv was in June of 2005. I was fascinated with coasters before Gadv and when Clementon Park got their new coaster Tsunami in 04' I rode it. 06' is when I hit 54 inches and my cousin started bringing me to Gadv. I used to study roller coasters since 3rd grade. The first evr coaster I read about was Pepsi Max Big One. (Isn't that funny.) All I can remember from my 06' trip was standing in line to get tickets and seeing Spin Meister peek out above the trees. I was shaking. I went to Old Country first and rode it. I was scared that I was going to fall out! Then I went to Chiller. It was a long wait and I Rode Front. I'm proud to say that Robin: Chiller was my first EVER coaster at Gadv. I now work there and have to pass that site everyday. Chiller was the only ride I got on because Chaos was closed and I couldn't find Nitro's entrance lol. I miss when I used to go to the park not knowing where anything was. It was like a scavenger hunt with rides around every corner.
  19. I never rode this Chaos but I always managed to get on the Clementon One. Man! I love Chaos. lt always had a different ride everytime.
  20. Medusa Update?!? One or Two Days before Park Opening!!!! It may be just the flame Thrower announcement.
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