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  1. Are these predictions because I havent heard anything about most of these. Especially a new slide at Harbor.
  2. I sure hope so. Slingshot is going to be in the perfect location for spectators. A cool launch platform would probably be asking for too much but I would love something like this. I also hope the actual towers are painted to add some more colors to the park. Our version is rumored to have an open air capsule like above. Even better!
  3. Nitro is my favorite. I love everything about this coaster!
  4. I think Green Lantern is better than everything but Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Nitro. Fear the Five?
  5. So the parts not getting gravel will be grass?
  6. I love the llamas. I can watch them all day! Safari Discoveries makes Gadv different from all other parks and that's what we need. Uniqueness!
  7. What's going on under the lift? Sod??
  8. It has been a long off season but FINALLY Great Adventure has opened it's gates once again. Yesterday was a beautiful day to be at the park with temperatures similar to summer time and crowds moderate at peak. I could not wait to see all of the improvements after reading and seeing them online. Green Lantern looks amazing in person as well as Safari Kids, Aldabra Island, Safari Discoveries and more! These photos were taken on my iPod 4g. A more detailed Trip Report will be posted later by the people at GadvTv! Green Lantern has really enhanced the skyline. Much more intimidating. First ride of the day, Nitro. 10 years old and still running just like we left her. However only one train was running but a second was put on while in the station. One of the new for 2011 things that really interests me were the Llamas. They are an excellent addition to the Golden Kingdom. Green Lantern looks really good from Golden Kingdom. Not better than Gasm's loop however. Kingda Ka's new station adjustment seems to be working. Trains were dispatching more frequently for sure. Another 2011 addition that I was excited to finally see, Safari Discoveries. The sea lions were playful and amazing to see up close! Not sure what these are but they used the location well. Black Swans?! The architecture inside was amazing! Animals around every corner! All together Safari Discoveries was kinda small but for what it is worth it's an amazing attraction. Not many theme parks offer something like it. Coasters&Candy signage. My new favorite shop! Honestly, it wasn't that bad of a walk around the Golden Kingdom. Can't complain. She's open once again and had somewhat of a line towards the middle of the day! Only running one train, and the Fiesta Train at that. 45 min wait all day. ZOMFG. I'm not sure what they did in the offseaon but Bizarro was running AMAZINGLY. It was fast, intense, and offered more airtime than usual. I loved it so much it's now #3 in my rankings. The audio was a little off and no auger of doom but the amazing ride made up for it! It's not a Gadv Trip Report if you don't have this photo! Ended the day with one of my favorite eateries at the park. All in all, Gadv has an exciting 38th season to look forward too. A lot of changes in the park but majority of them are good. I soon see Gadv slowly climbing to the top under this new management with flats and other exciting things in the future. I'll be back at the park next weekend so until then Happy Riding. Remember to follow GadvTV on Twitter for in park updates, every weekend! Also two Gadv Opening Day Videos coming soon.
  9. Amazing idea! I love the direction the park is going in. Bringing back nostalgia is a great idea. As well as flats coming back.
  10. I love the idea of bringing BACK new versions of old rides. While new flats would be great, nothing beats the classics such as Tilt-a-Whirl, Wave Swinger, Bumper Cars, Scramber...etc. I also have my fingers crossed for an Antique Cars ride!
  11. Welcome to the team! I'm Jonathan. I work in 250 and if you want Buccaneer then you'll be in 250 too!
  12. I'm hoping for green LED lights in that queue house and station.
  13. Just realized Carnegie wasn't coming back this year. I'm going to miss the pickels. It's a nice place to get away from the noise of the park and watch Six Flags TV on the high chairs. One of my favorite eateries.
  14. I'd really like to see something added to Wild Safari. A new animal exhibit, more animals, or maybe something interactive for cars like a waterfall that you can drive under.
  15. It would be nice if the safari added some more animals. Hippos, Cheetahs, or Hyena.
  16. Wow. Did the monkeys really escape into the park? First time hearing About that one.
  17. Thats what I was thinking. Certainly not out of the question with this management. New additions seem more likely and the old Balin's Jungleland area is big enough for a great flat in Golden Kingdom.
  18. I agree. This isn't too smart of a move. That path gets a lot of heavy traffic with El Toro and Kingda Ka being on both sides of it. I understand the tigers aren't there for viewing and the rides aren't there either but that path saved a lot of confusion. It's like taking away the El Toro bridge! Another dead end in the park.
  19. If I'm not mistaken, GL is one of the longest coasters in the park.
  20. Thanks for the update! The park is really starting to amaze me in every way. Key Notes/Questions Safari Kids -Wild Things selling Safari merch. is a great idea. Bringing some of the amazing animal park to the dry park is even better. -Birds of Prey sounds like a great show that most adults would want to watch Skyway Cars -The sponsor by M&M should really add some color to the ride. Maybe they will look more like Cedar Point's skycars which is never a bad thing. Tornado -Although Harbor just got Tornado last year, that is a GREAT name for the ride. With the red paint job, I'm sure it will get a lot of attention. SlingShot -Probably my second favorite addition of 2011. A more extreme ride in Boardwalk is a good idea. It will draw a crowd as well since it launches a lot faster than erUPtion. -Will this ride be ready by Opening Day? -Also will it be a FunTime model? Green Lantern -The queue area looks to be one of the best in Gadv. Judging by the queue house. -I know it's never good to go by Park Maps but Green Lantern looks to be a lot better than what I was expecting. -Why are the top half of the supports White in the park map. -The station on the map looks well themed to say the least. -This is one big A$$ COASTER! Safari Discoveries -This basically proves that Gadv is one of the BEST animal parks out there. The entire Temple of the Tiger exhibit will get a lot of attention from guest. -The new path area also offers great views of El Toro -LLAMAS! Conclusion Great Adventure is celebrating the 50th Anniversary for sure! There are going to be a lot of new experiences in the park next year. Several on the west AND the east side of the park. Which hasn't happened in a couple of years. New rides, shows, upcharges, and animals. Even the park map looks amazing! There will be a lot to do. New Management is doing a GREAT job at running the park and we are looking at a great future!
  21. This news is bittersweet to me because I was a fan of erUPtion. I rode it almost everyday after work when I had the cash for it. It wasn't that great of a ride but it was something different from the everyday coaster. However I'm excited to see what is going in it's place. The SlingShot at Morey's Piers was a lot of fun and I always wanted to ride the one at Gadv. If SFI really wanted a thrill ride they shouldve gone with SkyScraper. They are AMAZING. Is this new upcharge going to be ready by opening day? Similar to this?
  22. I agree. Standing under a B&M is going to be extremely loud but it will offer great views of the ride, something that is rare to the coasters of Great Adventure.
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