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  1. Your looking at the new location of Gadv's S&S Screamin Swing Seagull!
  2. Maybe even a unicoaster. A new thrilling flat would be great there.
  3. If Superman wasn't a clone it would be a much better ride. Just the fact that no other park in the world has the same layout would make me ride it. We need more unique rides.
  4. Chaos had a GREAT location. Right on the main midway. It's color scheme was cool with all the different colors and it was all together a great flat. Offered a different ride everytime.
  5. ^Try working the ride and having to deal with guest constantly blame it's suckiness on you.
  6. It was Jersey Devil. I would love that theme on Chang.
  7. Whoa. Christian your the guy who created Illum Hills?! I used to read every update. Great park!
  8. ^If that's the case, let's re-name all of our coaster CaCaPooPooPeePeeShire and see how that works for us. Names and themes play a big role in rides.
  9. I hope they keep the Boardwalk theme. It's a better fit for a theme park then an Airforce base. Besides what would we do with all the games? Neon Green would clash with Superman...badly...and we already have a green coaster dominating the skyline. I really hope it isn't superhero themed and something creative like an ocean theme. I'd even settle for Aftershock.
  10. Why another Superhero coaster?! (Rhetorical Question) I just wish SFI would be more creative with this instead of sticking "the ride" at the end of a movie title. Railer why would the track be dark teal? Isn't Green Lantern green? I actually wouldn't mind that color on a coaster. At least it would look like it fits the Boardwalk theme. I say go with a Led Zepplin color scheme and name it Hammerhead. (Thanks Finbow)
  11. ...but Forumula Rossa is already built.
  12. If I had to choose between Green Lantern and Jersey Devil as ride names...I'd go with Jersey Devil. It would be unique and the red track would look nice on a Beemer.
  13. I have pieces of Chiller. Infact there still are some pieces behind TDK.
  14. Look up Intamin Spinning Star. I would love one of those.
  15. Chnag is most likely going in Gasm spot. As for the rest of the park...maybe we are getting flats, maybe not. I have no idea seeing as though the world has turned upside down since Weber's been in charge. (Take that as a compliment or a diss) Can I be the head of Ops? A park with 2 coasters over 150ft. opening year is bound for success.
  16. Sign of Quality? Gadv: The Loudest Park in the world.
  17. Well we don't need anymore proof that Chang is coming. Let's just hope it isn't yellow and blue and still called Chang.
  18. You seriously want to fill Evoultion's huge footprint with a dinky Zamperla Kite Flyer. I'm not bashing you but I think a Huss Giant Frisbee would be a better fit or S&S Screamin Swing.
  19. Paddle Boats or Swan Boats would bring a little traffic near the bridge. I think that area needs work too. No area in an amusement park should be dead. I walk back there at night and get chills because it's so dark and no one is there. There is a little bit of space to the right of Toro's lift that they could squeeze something. I like that flat that GAcoaster posted. Looks like it would get a line.
  20. Oddly enough, you STAND on the 5D over in Australia. The rumored one for Gadv was FlyBoard technology which isn't all that creative seeing as though it's similar to most flats with the moving floors. (see MaelStorm at Morey's for Example) It don't think it would suffer from extensive downtime however. If we did get Chang, I hope they would paint it so, like someone said, it doesn't blend with Nitro. We have enough yellow Beemers. A Raptor color scheme would be nice at the front of the park if we had to go with green. I think we should take a tip from Cedar Fair and use the McDonald color scheme with yellow supports and red track. That would actually pretty stunning on a B&M.
  21. That looks like a really good placement for Chang. It will offer AMAZING views of the ride from Boardwalk. The entrance would be LOUD because the dive loop is right there...and I like how the queue is under the ride. That means great views and getting riders in the queue pumped to ride.
  22. Here it is. I managed to video tape the last few seconds of it but at least it's something.
  23. ^^That's a really good idea. They could also have speakers along the lift hill playing thunderstorm noises like heavy rain and thunder clashes. It would be a very intimidating coaster for sure. As for names: Tsunami Riptide Maelstorm Anything else?
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