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  1. I'm going to miss the breakrun sounds. Those were the sounds like got me amp'd to ride when I pulled into the parking lot. I hate how some people are all sad now that it's going but back a year ago they were complaining about how rough it was. I have always been a Gasm supporter. Check my gallery for proof. There's only a few people that actually supported Gasm like GaFreak and JetsDevs4Lyf. (There's more of you guys on here as well) Gasm def. deserves the respect it doesn't get. It will be missed more than Chiller or Viper.
  2. CoasterPrince

    CoasterPrince's Best

    These are some of my best pictures taken at the best park in the world!
  3. Twister is going to look so weird without a white steel backdrop. Chang should go in Boardwalk with a cool stormy theme like Riptide. The rest of the Gasm area can be used for 2 flats as part of a Golden Kingdom expansion....KMG Spin-Out (Hara's Claw) and Huss King Kong (KingKong). A Screaming Swing named Seagull could go where Gasm's batwing inversion was.
  4. I just saw the commercial AGAIN. Wow I'm lucky. Anyway Chang was in the commercial as well as X2 and Georgia Scorcher. I DO NOT think Chang was put in there on accident. It looks to be intentional. Chang looks good on TV lol. Face it, Gadv is getting Chang.
  5. I sure am going to miss this Arrow Beauty. Gasm is the reason for Gadv today. I'll start making my memorial video since I have so many shots of the coaster.
  6. I just watched the best Gadv commercial that has ever been. It focused on the thrills of our park saying "Come conquer El Toro and Nitro and if you can try Kingda Ka" it was a really intense commercial that had great shots of OUR coasters! That's right there where beautiful shots of Ka Bizarro Nitro and most importantly El Toro. A coaster that isn't on tv too much!!! I'm loving the new approach Six flags.
  7. That's really sad. He was a very nice park owner that used to ACTUALLY interact with the guest in the park.
  8. 150 is pushing it...faces are getting ripped off. LOL. Ka is still better and we had the record for 5 years!
  9. I love "Great Adventure" more then "Six Flags Great Adventure". It makes us unique and different and with one of only two strata coasters in the US and the ONLY Plug N Play in the states.....I believe we should be unique.
  10. This is very good news. I'm sure that caught most people's attention and the Safari which is an amazing destination all it's own will see increased attendance. I am happy to see that with the new Gadv Commercials in this area I see they are promoting our ACTUAL rides and not Goliath at SFOG or Tatsu. I saw Ka, Nitro, and Batman in the recent commerical and I can only hope we will see more commericals focused on our actual park.
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