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  1. Twister is going to look so weird without a white steel backdrop. Chang should go in Boardwalk with a cool stormy theme like Riptide. The rest of the Gasm area can be used for 2 flats as part of a Golden Kingdom expansion....KMG Spin-Out (Hara's Claw) and Huss King Kong (KingKong). A Screaming Swing named Seagull could go where Gasm's batwing inversion was.

  2. I just watched the best Gadv commercial that has ever been. It focused on the thrills of our park saying "Come conquer El Toro and Nitro and if you can try Kingda Ka" it was a really intense commercial that had great shots of OUR coasters! That's right there where beautiful shots of Ka Bizarro Nitro and most importantly El Toro. A coaster that isn't on tv too much!!! I'm loving the new approach Six flags.

  3. This is very good news. I'm sure that caught most people's attention and the Safari which is an amazing destination all it's own will see increased attendance.


    I am happy to see that with the new Gadv Commercials in this area I see they are promoting our ACTUAL rides and not Goliath at SFOG or Tatsu. I saw Ka, Nitro, and Batman in the recent commerical and I can only hope we will see more commericals focused on our actual park.

  4. I'm a little upset with the placement of Tornado. I figured the open funnel side would face the road and the splashdown would face the waterpark, either way it still is going to look impressive. I also noticed that by the placement of the "station" and extended waterslide piece on the right of the slide, we are going to get the simple "turn and drop" maneuver. It looks like they will build the viewing platform however which is a good sign.


    Turn and Drop


    As oppose to something like this...




    It's cool though. Happy to be getting such a massive ride and can't wait to ride!

  5. I hope one day soon a Great Wolf Lodge is built on the right side (side owned by Gadv) of 537 with an indoor waterpark and the works like Castaway Bay at Cedar Point. Most people don't see Gadv as a 2+ day at all of the parks here. We should name our entire complex "World of Adventures" because honestly there are 3 different amazing things to do that all can't be done in one day. And with the indoor waterpark, there is another day right there!

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