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  1. Industrial Movement looks like a very good show. Get that back and a stunt show on the lake and our entertainment line-up would be AMAZING.
  2. ZOMFG. Gadv really is a beastly complex. I hope that Weber BRINGS those flats in next year and DOESN'T take anything out like he did with Stealth. I'm want to be excited but I just can't....not yet.
  3. The Proslide Tantrum that was being built on top of Ka.
  4. We should recycle the "World of Adventures" name for our complex because their are 3 different adventures.
  5. I'm a little upset with the placement of Tornado. I figured the open funnel side would face the road and the splashdown would face the waterpark, either way it still is going to look impressive. I also noticed that by the placement of the "station" and extended waterslide piece on the right of the slide, we are going to get the simple "turn and drop" maneuver. It looks like they will build the viewing platform however which is a good sign. Turn and Drop As oppose to something like this... It's cool though. Happy to be getting such a massive ride and can't wait to ride!
  6. I want to keep the MovieTown theme too because we are the only park that has it. It's good to be different.
  7. GACoaster that is exactly where I wanted it to be! That would be the perfect location to attract vistors all season....and with waterslides sticking out it is sure to grab guests! One can only wish!
  8. I hope one day soon a Great Wolf Lodge is built on the right side (side owned by Gadv) of 537 with an indoor waterpark and the works like Castaway Bay at Cedar Point. Most people don't see Gadv as a 2+ day at all of the parks here. We should name our entire complex "World of Adventures" because honestly there are 3 different amazing things to do that all can't be done in one day. And with the indoor waterpark, there is another day right there!
  9. Once again Great Adventure proves we are flagship! Hurricane Harbor did good too. We are getting closer and closer to beating Cedar Point!
  10. Keep Ka. It's beastly! Maliboomer at Gadv or Maliboomer at Magic Mountain?
  11. Scrambler, Ballon Race, and Tilt-A-Whirl would all be great additions to Gadv. Then in 2011 a modern day flat package with 3+ rides would round out our park. Add Maliboomer to the mix and we would have an amazing 50th Birthday! Now if only all this came true!
  12. One of Gadv best commercials...EVER!!
  13. I'm happy to mention Toro and Superman both now have modern day music playing in the station. Really amps up both rides!
  14. I remeber seeing a helicopter fly over Gadv opening day. The launch pad would have to be a good number of feet away from guest because of the wind and force helicopters create...therefore I doubt it will be inside the park anywhere. The Koala Canyon old spot sounds like a good spot.
  15. This will be an amazing up-charge at Gadv. I think I'm going to try it one day!
  16. You forgot to mention this.. Flats for Gadv seems like a possiblity. Let's all hope. We will then be one of the best parks ever.
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