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  1. Coasters

    Batman:The Chiller-Inverted TopHat!

    Viper-I'll be the judge of how painful it was.

    Ultra Twister-Vertical Lift!

    Shockwave-Fun stand-up coaster.



    Calypso-Crazy spinning.

    Chaos-All around fun ride.

    Condor-Rode the one at Morey's...offers a great view.

    Evolution-Looks so fun and fast.

    Great Train Ride-Classic views of the park.

    Joust-A-Bout- Massive and drop looks thrilling.

    Jumpin Jack Flash-Huss nothing more to say.

    Pendulum-Fast and disorienting.

    Rodeo Stampede-Love Breakdances.

    Time Warp-It would be fun to ride while both sides were going!

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