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  1. Coasters Batman:The Chiller-Inverted TopHat! Viper-I'll be the judge of how painful it was. Ultra Twister-Vertical Lift! Shockwave-Fun stand-up coaster. Flats Calypso-Crazy spinning. Chaos-All around fun ride. Condor-Rode the one at Morey's...offers a great view. Evolution-Looks so fun and fast. Great Train Ride-Classic views of the park. Joust-A-Bout- Massive and drop looks thrilling. Jumpin Jack Flash-Huss nothing more to say. Pendulum-Fast and disorienting. Rodeo Stampede-Love Breakdances. Time Warp-It would be fun to ride while both sides were going!
  2. Cedar Point and Gadv would be the headliners. Can you imagine how many years we would wait for a new addition. All together Cedar Flags would own about 30-35 properties. If we were east coaster flagship I'm sure we would be treated like Cedar Point though.
  3. Wow. That would hurt...bad. 30 rides removed in one year.
  4. That sounds possible but I doubt it. Though it's a great spot at the front of the park.
  5. This is great news. It's fortunate that Gadv has such a massive, beautiful structure such as The Fort.
  6. It would be really nice to see a side on Rolling Thunder turned backwards again. That would be an exciting "new" ride.
  7. Will there ever be a Huss Giant Frisbee or S&S Screamin Swing installed at ANY SF Property? The 2 leading flats in the industry.
  8. Wow that is a really ugly fountain color. I like our Fountain, perfect size just the right amount of Jets. I like Great America's better though,
  9. VS There is a difference. We are not the GP.
  10. The fountain area in LakeFront/Fantasy Forest. Next to the restrooms.
  11. Gasm is really good in the front. The speed throughout the ride is just amazing. I never want to see Gasm go because it is such a great coaster with a little wait. If they were to take it out, I hope they would replace it with a Shoot The Rapids type ride.
  12. I did a front flip into the snow. Anyone else hear the rumor SFNE Huss FlyAway is being sent to another park in 2011. If this is true lets hope we get such an amazing flat!
  13. Nitro looks so cool with all the snow on it.
  14. If we would have gotten XLR8 I think we would have gotten a bigger better B&M invert in the future. Too bad.
  15. I wonder if Opening Day there will be snow laying around somewhere.
  16. They do have an enterprise and I want it. People over at Gadv want to see Roller Skater in Balin's Jungleland. Too much in my opinion. Let another park get that one. Though it does look fun.
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