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  1. Never got to ride FreeFall but my ride on Demon Drop was fun. I was so nervous going up to the top because all I could think about was The Edge accident...but the drop was powerful and gave me the "Stomach in your throat" feeling not too many rides do these days. Happy to see it moving closer.

  2. I'm happy to hear that Nitro Grille is being re-themed. It gets virtually no customers (I would know, I worked at the dipping dots across from it) so now it should be a nice place to eat after Nitro. I know I'll grab a bite opening day and judge it accordingly.


    The bathroom near Jolly Roger didn't really need paint but if the park has it why not use it.

  3. There is a LOT more painting going to happen...I think it will all work well together when it's done

    Building wise or ride wise?


    Yeah, what happened to the Colonial theme? It's not like we need any more areas of the park to feel like an outdoor mall.


    Also, just wondering, are those blue accents on the boardwalk games new?

    I'm a little upset to because I liked the Colonial Theme but the park does need color. The aqua-marine color on the games look nice. Boardwalk is going to be full of color.

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