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  1. LakeFront could use some lighting as well.


    It would also be incredible if they were able to open the upper walkways for guests to use as obsevation decks as originally planned.

    Someone made a great point on why this wouldn't be a good idea over at GadvOnline. Since Gadv is located right inbetween New York and Philly, the crowd that comes into the park isn't the best. A secreative spot where these people can smoke, drink, drop things on guest/water just would not be great. However, if security was increased up here I think it could work. Got that Dustin? Lol. Time will tell though.


    That picture with the lights is amazing. It makes our classic structures stick out. This is a great wish.

  2. Hurricane Harbor is one of the best themed water parks I've been to. Way beyond Soak City, SplashWorld, Ocean Oasis, and Raging Waters. It is almost as good as Busch's Water Country USA. I had so much fun there and with the addition of Tornado my day can be extended.


    That being said, the theme elements are fine to me and I'm a very picky person. Everything seems so clean and neatly placed. A few more props here and there wouldn't hurt though but to the average guest Hurricane Harbor is amazing.

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