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I worked for World of Animals in Mesquite, Tx back in 1971 until we moved the animals to NJ and Canada for Great Adventure to open. We did sell the elephants I took care of there to Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus. I went to Florida to work at a park called Circus World that was being built the same time as GA. I preferred Fl over NJ because of the weather and women! Anyway the Director of the animals at GA, Butch Dring called me and reoffered me a job at GA and said he would send me to Africa to bring back 25 baby elephants. I couldn't turn that opportunite down so up to NJ I moved. I brought along with me my friend, Donald Bale and he worked with me there. I loved being involved with the opening of GA and enjoyed the first two years of operation, BUT I felt if I didn't make a career move I would never leave GA and the elephants. I did what I felt I needed to do and have lived with that decision and had many other great things happen in my career. I do look forward to visiting and regret that I didn't stay in touch with people from the park during that era.

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