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  1. Patience is a virtue, you know. Surely there must be SOMETHING else with which you can occupy your time. May I suggest a timeless ball and cup game?
  2. That's what I was thinking at first, too, but when you see the new vs. old side-by-side, it became pretty clear it needed it again. Still, happy to see the touch-ups throughout the park, very curious to know if there are other ones out there that I missed last weekend!
  3. The Batman logo isn't the only thing with some fresh paint on it. The bathroom next to Studio 28 Arcade has been painted (now blue & grey), and Nitro's exit ramps are about 50% of the way repainted.
  4. Harry & Co, any official word on why the park chose to remove this so soon after installing it (aside from just giving La Ronde something new)?
  5. What pictures are you guys referring to? I don't ever recall this being advertised as anything more than what's pictured above in those photos.
  6. It should go without saying, too, but on the off chance the news DOES leak early, no one should post anything about it here until Harry & Co. do so. Right, Harry?
  7. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. And as bitter of a pill it may be to swallow, I think tomorrow needs to be known as "Six Flags FUN!" Day. Congratulations, you were right, and we were wrong. I'm just going to be glad that all of these posts about when we will be receiving a custom RMC will cease.
  8. But why would they advertise it as a scramble, then? Seems like we're all kind of flummoxed with the scramble letters, let's see what we get on Wednesday to help out with it.
  9. All it looks like is they just took a couple quick examples from the speculation on social media and stuck whatever worked best into a quick rhyme. I'd REALLY not read too much into it. All they confirmed is that it's only going to be one, not "seeing double", so I guess throw out any theories about dueling.
  10. Or they just read the Twitter comments. Ok, so maybe it ISN'T dueling. Still curious. Just going to wait patiently until Thursday!
  11. The rest of us appreciate your integrity, good sir.
  12. What good is that going to do? The announcement is less than a week away, let's just collectively be patient and wait for the actual announcement.
  13. So apparently a flying snake is called Chrysopelea. So there's that, I guess... But then that'd be 11 letters. As well as a pretty dumb name lol.
  14. I think it just means that "slither" and "soar" aren't in the name. The "C" is what's throwing me off. Everything else would've fit into "Jersey" well. At this point I've no clue, other than it's something involving dueling loosely themed to a devil / evil creature of some sort. I'm sure that Harry is watching all of us scratch our heads and laughing with glee.
  15. I already did earlier in this thread. Six clues. One letter each. 6 letters. Perhaps its YOU who must not be following along with the thread!
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