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  1. Hey Harry, do you happen to know why the skyline panels were never installed? Do you know if they still exist, and if so, any idea if current management may ever get around to installing them?
  2. Great pictures as always! Very curious about your "Hmmm" comment on the old t-shirt stand!
  3. Man, we are really lucky that the timeline fell the way that it did. Can you imagine a world without El Toro?
  4. ^ I'd agree, I think I'd pick the old Freefall spot as well. I've always been curious about what led to the delayed name change. Any word on a confirmed reason behind the re-theme?
  5. Press releases directly from the park are going to be more accurate than anything from an external source. I wouldn't rely on NJ.com in this case. EDIT: Looks like they fixed the article:
  6. Painting rides, especially roller coasters, costs a lot more than you think it does. We may see Kingda Ka and Nitro painted in the near future, but I highly doubt any other coasters will get painted this year.
  7. Dude, relax. Weather reports are outrageously unreliable until about three days out. Don't bother checking until Thursday.
  8. Screamscape is reporting that King Cobra is starting to get removed. Can anyone visiting the park this weekend try and look at Hurricane Harbor on their way in to confirm if that's what it looks like?
  9. ^ Guys... it was a joke. Pulled the info from the TPR forums, right?
  10. lynn41103


    On 4/10 I had lunch at Nathan's and dinner at Johnny Rockets. Each time I waited barely any time at all. In fact, my meal was assembled at Nathan's before they even finished processing the dining plan. Granted the crowd was a little light that day, but I'd say it's a good sign.
  11. Actually, these are my photos that I had posted elsewhere. I took them today and posted them on Facebook and an account on another forum. Don't mind them being used at all, just making sure appropriate credit is given.
  12. Awesome, glad to have helped! I'm not sure when the first store opened, but I know that they opened the current building in 1997. The first McDonald's and Wawa used to be in the buildings currently occupied by Burger King and Seasonal World. They both moved into their new locations during the late 90s in order to better accommodate the high volume. Burger King moved in during the summer of 2000.
  13. I’d like to dispute some of the dates given concerning how long the store operated under the McDonald’s brand. As a former employee of that McDonald’s and the franchiser who operated it, I know that it operated through the 2003 season, at which point our contract with Six Flags was up and not renewed. I was employed by D’Ambrosio’s & Associates, the franchise owner and operator of the McDonald’s inside the park as well as the one immediately outside, from 2000 to 2010. From 2001 through 2003, I was one of the employees selected to operate the Six Flags McDonald’s store during the summer months (May through August). When the store was closed, we worked at the rest of the stores that the owner operated, primarily at the store outside the park. When the store first opened in the mid-90s, it was very, very profitable, but as the years went on, the owner was losing money by operating the store. Additionally, the relationship we had with Six Flags management was never that strong and grew weaker over time, leading both parties to willingly not renew the contract with the park. Therefore, I can attest that the location remained under McDonald’s operation through the 2003 season, at which point, we removed all operating material relating to the chain from the store to the one outside the park.
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