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  1. I would hope that the budgets wouldn't be the same for each park, I was just trying to see for myself the approx. budget since everyone on the forums is expecting huge plans for 2011. And what do you mean Mike13? Six Flags Corp has that budget or Great Adventure alone? If that's for all of Six Flags, that significantly lowers the budget...(5,238,095.24)<h2 class="r" style="font-size: 138%;"> </h2>
  2. well looks like they have big plans for the future, possibly 2011. Wiki says Six Flags Corp. owns 21 properties, and so long as the money goes directly to the parks (which I know probably won't happen) that gives each park $39,523,809.50. That would be nice.
  3. me either, I guess I'm just too excited to get into the park so I don't bother looking up. But after that picture it's obvious it needs some TLC
  4. How about, for the rotation, we give up Superman and put Joker's Jink in it's place. Maybe a whole new themed ride: Area 51 Experiment Have a themed line and pre-shown about you going to witness an experimental military opening of a new dimension of space, something goes terribly wrong, where it creates a portal allowing in an alien race. The only way out is through the emergency evacuation cars which take you throughout the building trying to find a way out. Just a quick thought I made, it wouldn't be too far off the Air Force themeing throughout that area already there.
  5. Yeah I agree, when I went there that was the only ride I thought would fit nicely to GAdv. But those fails wouldn't be noticeable if it was brought indoors, with darkness, music, and sweet lighting. It's be cheap and fun.
  6. That's true about Batman. In that case, leave Batman and put Joker's Jinx (my bad on the previous spellings) into another part of the park. I really can't think off the top of my head a good place to put it now, but I'm sure there's SOMEWHERE in the park that could use a "new" ride. And, with the money saved (which I know isn't much), perform some much needed repairs/updating around the park.
  7. I think that we should steal the Disney idea (which we started with TDK), take Joker's Jink from SFA and put it inside with some light themeing. Obviously it'll work since its almost the exact coaster as Rock n' Rollercoaster. Also, I love Batman but it'd be nice to see a new coaster (Batman themed) in its place. Maybe Joker's Jink. Just my thoughts
  8. Thanks GAcoaster I know that they have surveys near the entrance, but most people play them off becuase they are next to other employees trying to sell items like pictures etc. and because people don't like giving out their information. The mobile kiosks would let people vote virtually anonymously and would make it in a more entertaining way much like an attraction. With the information gained by the already present surveys they could narrow down a few suggestions that Six Flags would actually want to go forth with and let the people vote on one of those few selections. The voting wouldn't have to be just attractions either but voting for any addition to the park at all (cleanliness, employee attitude etc.). Also, if they do this then we are practically guaranteed a new addition to the park each time voting comes up.
  9. Here's my two ideas that management should think of using that I made up this morning in the shower . 1) Bring the top 1%-2% of visitors to a large meeting at the park to have discussions on what should be brought in. 2) (My favorite)- FUNOCRACY-- Bring voting kiosks to the park (like 3-4) and a mobile queue. At the kiosks, all guests (or just season pass holders) will be able to vote one of five new attractions that may be coming to the park. In the queue will be outdoor televisions that will show each of the five attractions in action. When not in use at Great Adventure, these kiosks and their queue can be moved to other Six Flags parks to do the same thing. Just wanted to see what you guys thought of them, especially FUNOCRACY because I think tha'd be really cool and really make the guests feel like they're important.
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