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  1. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions

    I've never been myself, but I get the impression that this expansion is desperately needed. I'm actually most interested in the Frozen themed area. Since Disneyland Paris only has two gates, there's still the right amount to work with where they can integrate these IPs in a way that won't upset the existing themes of the parks as a whole.
  2. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions

    Well said haha I highly doubt the existing bus and boat transportation would be anywhere near sufficient for the kind of attention that area will get. I just saw some potential designs on WDW News Today for a new 350 room hotel being constructed next to Swan and Dolphin, same owners.
  3. ThemeParkRider

    WDW history

    To my fellow Disney history buffs, here's a little video I made from my family's vacation videos. Twenty years later, it's surprising what's entirely different and what's exactly the same. This one just covers what I had of Magic Kingdom, but I plan to make another one of Epcot and Animal Kingdom (which had just opened at the time) when I go back in June.
  4. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions

    At the same time I'm surprised to see the Gondola system speculated to open by 2019, which is relatively quick given they just announced it last year. I feel like that may have been a case where they waited to announce it to play it safe. In fact I didn't hear any rumors of it floating around until right before the announcement.
  5. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions

    I think I'd heard that the monorails are almost entirely automated now, and I may have seen them running some tests with the new system about a year back, if my memory serves me right?
  6. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Studios Park 2 Billion Euro expansion

    Many of the attractions close for rehab in what we would consider their off-season. At this moment there's at least 6 major rides that I can count closed between the two parks.
  7. ThemeParkRider

    Enchanted Forest Recreation – RCT2

    Awesome, I'll check it out!
  8. ThemeParkRider

    Enchanted Forest Recreation – RCT2

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm glad to have people read this who play the game and understand the process. You have some good advice. It was definitely a learning experience too. Custom scenery would be very helpful. In the past I've been too lazy to really look into it, however in the future I would like to if I ever get the time to do this again. I've never really done much custom scenery except a little bit in RCT3, and I used to use a website called modstothemax on games like Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster many years ago. Planet Coaster seems like a great game, years ago I pre-ordered a game I was very excited for at the time... Roller Coaster Tycoon World. I haven't played it much. So you've built GA on RCT2 before, I can see! And it sounds like you've done the whole park?
  9. ThemeParkRider

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Moving the park entrance to its new location in 1976?
  10. ThemeParkRider

    Dorney Park 5/7/17

    I know that heavy rain warrants closing for Batman, I think it has something to do with track lubricant? But I could be totally wrong. Maybe its for the same reasons. I thought so too. Many years ago I bought a pack of four magnets: Hydra, Steel Force, Talon, and Voodoo. They still sell them along with a Tshirt!
  11. ThemeParkRider

    Dorney Park 5/7/17

    Made a quick trip to Dorney on Sunday, 5/7. It was supposed to be fairly cool with a small chance of rain, so knowing Dorney I didn't think we would have any problems getting on anything. My girlfriend and I arrived at the gates for opening at 10. At the metal detectors, they do have you raise your phone above your head. However the security guard noticed that my phones and cameras didn't even set it off. Our first ride was Possessed. This was my first time on this ride since I could never get anyone to on on with me in the past. They were finishing up the test ride as we walked up. We sat in the middle. It was a nice ride but nothing worth re-riding that day. Stinger was closed for technical difficulties so we walked down to Steel Force. They were only running the black train today. Got on the front row, literally no wait. Steel Force is great, probably one of my favorites. Next we did both Dominators and Demon Drop. Demon Drop was.... rough, but not necessarily as bad as I remember it. But its a great ride, I really do enjoy the experience. All walk-ons. After we rode Hydra in the back row. No wait for this either, except they were only cycling one train. I love how quiet Hydra is, you can barely hear the train go past if you're standing in line. We walked up to try and ride the train by the White Water Landing, but that was closed today. Checked out some of the merchandise in the shops. Its been almost 10 years since Possessed opened and they STILL sell items that say Voodoo. That's crazy! The Kaleidoscope was closed, and there were cherry pickers and construction equipment in the ride area. At around 11:45, we ate lunch at the Coasters Drive-in along the midway. My girlfriend and I shared a double bacon cheeseburger with fries. They clipped us at $15, but I must say it was delicious. Wasn't dry at all and way superior to anything they sell at Six Flags. By this point it started to rain some more. We checked out the overhead ride called Snoopy's Rocket Express. Cute and relaxing, I actually would enjoy this a lot if it was a little longer. I practically had to pry my girlfriend on ThunderHawk. Also a walk on, and also only 1 train. Sat on a non-wheel seat in the last car. Definitely much smoother than sitting in the front. Earlier I had seen Stinger running in the distance. By the time we got to the entrance, the ride was down again. Not surprised. Rode Steel Force once more in the back row, then we walked over to the Snoopy Gift shop and grabbed an ice cream cone. They sell these fudge push-pops which looked very interesting. Has anybody tried them before? We rode the Dodgems next, which was a very interesting experience. It seemed like they had way too many cars in such a small area. They were having problems with people driving in the wrong direction, which would frequently cause block-ups and traffic jams. At one point it was so bad that they had to stop the ride and spend 5 or 10 minutes moving all the cars around. They called it their first major traffic jam of the year. It was raining pretty hard and was getting quite cold. It was 2:45 by this point. Talon was closed so we walked over to the carousel. The girl running the ride was allowing re-rides, probably because there was nobody there to know otherwise The rain wasn't letting up and we had done everything we had wanted to, so we decided to call it quits. It was a very successful day, and the park was empty. I just don't do too well in the cold, it makes me tired. I took some video but not a lot of photos, it was very grey and not photogenic. I would love to finally make a trip back in the Fall to do the Haunt. I've never been and I hear that its pretty good. Ride Count: Possessed Steel Force x2 Dominator (both towers) Demon Drop Hydra the Revenge Snoopy's Rocket Express ThunderHawk Dodgems Antique Carousel
  12. ThemeParkRider

    Enchanted Forest Recreation – RCT2

    That's awesome, can't wait to see it!
  13. ThemeParkRider

    Walt Disney World to Build new Gondola System

    They still haven't confirmed it publicly, but they have commented saying that they have "exciting announcements" in store regarding future transportation. There's a few different sites with various self-made diagrams on where people theorize the stations will be exactly. We know that there will likely be 3 separate lines with 6 stations.
  14. ThemeParkRider

    Weird house just south of the park.

    I was wondering about this house too. I drive past it very frequently.
  15. ThemeParkRider

    24 Riders Stuck on The Joker's Jinx

    This coaster is also a clone of Flight of Fear at Kings Dominion, right? Has that one had any issues?