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  1. I wish I'd found this earlier, I could have helped out. Most of the songs are from an album called Episode II, by the Safri Duo. It's almost just the entire album from start to finish. The one song "Adagio" is actually not played as part of the Ka loop but is included in the Splashwater area music instead. It still plays there now even though its closed. A security guard mentioned the album to me when I worked at Ka years ago, its one of my favorite albums now.
  2. I'd seen this a few years ago. I love how he mentions it's a one-way ride, a problem that still persists 55 years later.
  3. @The Master Was the ginger ice cream from Disneyland? They seem to be a little more experimental with their foods on the other coast.
  4. The park's pretty quiet, you shouldn't have any issue knocking it all off in one day.
  5. I can't speak for the roughness of the ride but they layouts of all the Batman rides are the same. I think I told this story a long time ago but i'll tell it again. The closest I got sick was riding the Enchanted Tea Cups at SFGA. We had just finished our milkshakes from Johnny Rocket's and hopped on. The first time we were spinning pretty hard. After riding once, the operator asked us if we wanted to ride again. I didn't really want to, but everyone else seemed to so I went with it. But by the third time, he said "Alright, who wants to ride again?!" And all of us were screaming "No! Let us off!" at the top of our lungs. Somehow, he didn't quite get the message. "Alright, here we go!!" I think he cut that cycle short, but I was feeling very nauseated for the next hour. That's the closest I've ever been to getting sick.
  6. It seems like Laff Trakk consistently has waits over 45 minutes whenever I'm visiting.
  7. Skyway generally doesn't load multiple groups - the gondolas don't have to be balanced either. You could do 3 on one side and one on the other, as long as it's less than 4. I've seen some times when single riders have hopped in with other groups on their own... that's super awkward to watch.
  8. If it's more than 4 days in advance, the forecast is no more accurate than the past statistical average - so I'd wait until it gets closer before getting worried.
  9. How about the lights on the Big Wheel! Log Flume used to have the dip - removed quickly afterword. Same thing with Hydro Flume after the drop.
  10. It seems like the underlying theme in all of this is Disney isn't what it used to be - for many reasons. I still love WDW and it's fantastic, but in comparison with even just 20 years ago there's noticeable differences in not only the quality of service with cast members but the overall programs and services offered by the company. To me, they're so sure that they have people hooked with all of the past and upcoming additions like Galaxy's Edge that they know they don't have to bother going the extra mile to deliver excellence.
  11. I know, one of the many things I like better about Disneyland. I went a couple years ago and was reminded about how much easier/more fair/more effective it is.
  12. I really miss the old ticketed system, it was way more fair for everyone. I'm sure this could help control the crowds a little bit more, but it wouldn't be as effective as the original way.
  13. Toy Story Land and especially Pandora should have had more flats too. I don't know what they were thinking other than that Pandora went over-budget. I love Pandora, but when it opened it felt like something was missing. I'm hoping Galaxy's Edge is not the same way.
  14. The sampling frame might be a little biased since we're all people that generally advocate for it to begin with, but that certainly doesn't change the fact that it is free.
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