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  1. ThemeParkRider

    Dorney Park, 9/22/18

    I was there that night. I was a little confused by the mixed signals about when the haunted stuff was supposed to begin. I think the website said 6 but it really didn't start until 7. Same with re-entry.
  2. ThemeParkRider

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    My palms are getting sweaty just thinking about the height of this ride, but I'm very excited. I noticed the skyline is present on the Dark Knight in the animation. Anyone think there's any significance to that? Or maybe the animator is just being wise.
  3. ThemeParkRider


    Yeah good points. It definitely seems like many aspects of the Fort were changing right up to and after opening day. In that photo above the bottom half of the fort to the left of the sign seems like it may have been intended to be used for something as well. Obviously that's closed up now. Anyway, I just found it all very interesting.
  4. ThemeParkRider


    FlumeOp1974, I agree that it's simple, and that's how we do it now. But the original queue would have had some issues. Harry describes that the original exit could have been the now unused stairs in-between the two launchers, and I agree that this is likely. But this layout would have had many issues. For one, any guests unloading would have to cross through the loading zone, which means they'd have to squeeze past the queue bars and the gondolas sitting in the station, and past the launching cars down the stairs to the front of the fort. Not the most practical for sure! The other option is that all of the gondolas were pushed around by the catcher, and they were unloaded and loaded in the same location by the launcher, but it would still be a tight fit for the guests in line to walk between the gondolas and those stairs. And I'm fairly certain those stairs were always there, given they're in the photo Harry just posted above. I made a diagram below of the current layout and our guess to the previous layout. And in the other photos, take a look at how close the cars get to the wall, keeping in mind the older cars were even larger. I'm not saying it's not possible, but it would not have been the most practical setup.
  5. ThemeParkRider


    That’s interesting. It definitely would have been an awkward setup since the unload/exit would be after the load area, not to mention they’d be walking in the same area the gondolas are launched from. Maybe that’s one of the reasons they ended up changing it.
  6. ThemeParkRider


    Hey Harry, back on the first page of this forum (10 years ago!) you posted about how the queue at Western was multi-level, and you can see the marks on the ground where the queue bars used to be. I've clocked in a lot of time working at this ride, and I must say (very respectfully) that I'm convinced there's 100% no way that there could have been room to make the turn from the loading stairs to where that empty area is now, especially since the old cars were slightly larger. We also talked about this when I met you guys at your last book signing, and at the time we agreed that queues are just made larger now, but in hindsight it just doesn't seem physically possible. But those marks on the ground are still an enigma. I almost wonder if they were installed but never used by the time the park opened, or if the entrances and exits of the ride were re-configured early on. For instance, the photo a few posts above could have something to do with it - maybe that walkway was used as an exit? The only way I could see that being a possibility is if the current exits were used for the queue, and the stairs were used as the exit. Still, this would be a little awkward because the guests would have to be unloaded in approximately the same spot as the guests loading, and there'd still be little room for them to squeeze by... I'm perplexed. My only other thought is maybe this was a queue intended for re-rides. But either way it does seem like the walls dividing the current unload walkway from the rest of the area could have been added in later (you can see how they're mounted in the photos above, and have a different pattern than the rest of the walls). Maybe next time I'm there I can snap some more photos to help my case! Does anybody have an ideas?
  7. ThemeParkRider

    Koala Canyon Spotlight

    Does anything on the footprint of Koala Canyon actually remain to this day? (i.e. water pumps, concrete, etc.) Or is there no trace of it?
  8. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    I've never been myself, but I get the impression that this expansion is desperately needed. I'm actually most interested in the Frozen themed area. Since Disneyland Paris only has two gates, there's still the right amount to work with where they can integrate these IPs in a way that won't upset the existing themes of the parks as a whole.
  9. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    Well said haha I highly doubt the existing bus and boat transportation would be anywhere near sufficient for the kind of attention that area will get. I just saw some potential designs on WDW News Today for a new 350 room hotel being constructed next to Swan and Dolphin, same owners.
  10. ThemeParkRider

    WDW history

    To my fellow Disney history buffs, here's a little video I made from my family's vacation videos. Twenty years later, it's surprising what's entirely different and what's exactly the same. This one just covers what I had of Magic Kingdom, but I plan to make another one of Epcot and Animal Kingdom (which had just opened at the time) when I go back in June.
  11. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    At the same time I'm surprised to see the Gondola system speculated to open by 2019, which is relatively quick given they just announced it last year. I feel like that may have been a case where they waited to announce it to play it safe. In fact I didn't hear any rumors of it floating around until right before the announcement.
  12. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    I think I'd heard that the monorails are almost entirely automated now, and I may have seen them running some tests with the new system about a year back, if my memory serves me right?
  13. ThemeParkRider

    Disney Studios Park 2 Billion Euro expansion

    Many of the attractions close for rehab in what we would consider their off-season. At this moment there's at least 6 major rides that I can count closed between the two parks.
  14. ThemeParkRider

    Enchanted Forest Recreation – RCT2

    Awesome, I'll check it out!
  15. ThemeParkRider

    Enchanted Forest Recreation – RCT2

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! I'm glad to have people read this who play the game and understand the process. You have some good advice. It was definitely a learning experience too. Custom scenery would be very helpful. In the past I've been too lazy to really look into it, however in the future I would like to if I ever get the time to do this again. I've never really done much custom scenery except a little bit in RCT3, and I used to use a website called modstothemax on games like Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster many years ago. Planet Coaster seems like a great game, years ago I pre-ordered a game I was very excited for at the time... Roller Coaster Tycoon World. I haven't played it much. So you've built GA on RCT2 before, I can see! And it sounds like you've done the whole park?