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  1. Any idea why #5 & #6 are repeated in Movietown?
  2. mikematar

    Bandstand on the Lake

    Friend found some great old footage of the yellow and white canvas that used to be on the Bandstand...
  3. Totally random question…why is the Swashbuckler listed as part of Fantasy Forest? Shouldn’t it be part of Adventure Alley?
  4. I saw Bugs Bunny and friends head behind the fence and into the trailer today, it may just be their dressing room.
  5. That's a great postcard! What is the structure to the right of the fountain?
  6. I'm going to totally be annoying...they're able to load the "bring a friend for free" option directly onto your season pass but I had to wait in line for almost two hours to get free parking added?? Rant over.
  7. That pic by the tent - is that part of the old monster spin ride??
  8. I know it's going to get better but....Holy long lines! We ended up going yesterday for the first time this season and it was a relatively quiet day in the park as far as crowds go. It took over a half hour to get into the park because of all the season pass redemptions and most of the gates were open. The average wait time at the season pass redemption tent was 2+ hours for most of the day, I was going to add dining to my pass but didn't think it was worth the wait. I also found out today (thanks to a friend) that I needed to wait in that line after all to add parking
  9. I didn't see any "bring a friend" for free or at a discount available? Are they coming later or are they not being offered this season??
  10. I know that there is more to it but I still don't understand why RT had to be removed, there seems to be more than enough room for foot traffic to get to the back of Kingda Ka.
  11. Besides Zumanjaro, what other changes are in store for the park this year? What rumors are out there? What’s confirmed?
  12. On the SF home page press release, it mentions the ride is a stand-up coaster. "Coming in 2011 DC Comics' Super Hero GREEN LATERN will focus the might of his Power Ring at Six Flags Great Adventure with the launch of an exciting new thrill ride. Towering 15 stories high with over three quarters of a mile of twisting green steel, this new stand-up coaster will take riders on a journey of epic proportions."
  13. Thanks for such a quick update. Love this site and this is the first time I’ve actually posted something. I must be getting old, because I distinctly remember a scrambler ride right over by Rolling Thunder to the point where I even remember the color of it (yellow). It’s funny, because looking at the map it would have been in same area as the Super Sidewinder – but that’s not the ride I remember, these were true Scrambler like carts not the round disc-like seats in the photos. Oh well, keep up the great work. I in the meantime I owe my neighbor twenty bucks no
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