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  1. I know that you haven't been here in over a year, but seeing it's both of our 20th birthdays today I figured I'd just stop by to say Happy Birthday and to wish you well. Your fellow New Englander, Patrick

  2. redsoxfan0810

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

  3. redsoxfan0810

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    OH SNAP it's Dan
  4. redsoxfan0810

    GAH Members' Birthday Thread

    Thank you!
  5. redsoxfan0810

    Where can you ride them now?

    I wonder if it was scrapped, it had been sitting outside for maybe 7 years. But I hope it does show up again, it's a fun ride.
  6. redsoxfan0810

    Where can you ride them now?

    Yeah just down route 537 a mile or two.
  7. redsoxfan0810

    Where can you ride them now?

    Jumpin Jack Flash was in the boneyard, but I think one of Phils updates showed that it was no longer there.
  8. redsoxfan0810

    Quick Coaster Count Question

    Painting your car doesn't make it new. Painting your house doesn't make it new. etc.
  9. redsoxfan0810

    GA Mystery Photos & Trivia

    Viper seems right. I'm guessing from the extra added track rings that were only necessary on the roll.
  10. redsoxfan0810

    Big Wheel Rehab Underway

    I don't see why this is an issue. The Big Wheel has no mechanical problems like Chiller did, there's no reason to relate the two stories.
  11. redsoxfan0810

    Name that Picture.

    You got it!
  12. redsoxfan0810

    Name that Picture.

    It is certainly looking out of something... But what?
  13. redsoxfan0810

    Name that Picture.

    Well I might have to revise my statement, when I initially put it up it was way too easy, so I made it a bit more challenging! Keep guessing!
  14. redsoxfan0810

    Name that Picture.

    Here's a new one, not too hard.
  15. redsoxfan0810


    Can't beat those rides freefall. They're so intense, Cedar Point better not sell/scrap theirs!