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  1. My very first memorie of Great Adventure was in 2006, when my mom and dad rode Freefall for the last time, (we've been to the park lots of other times), becaue '06 was the last year for it to operate. I also remember riding Hodini's Great Escape before it closed, seeing Spin Meister, and of course Freefall. I miss it some much! You don't see 1st genaration freefall's around anymore, but at least part of my family got to ride it one last time before it closed. Finally, my mom visited Great Adventure either in 1974, or in '75 with her best friend when she was a teenager too.
  2. My best memories of Great Adventure were in 2006, when Freefall was in it's last days and I rode it before they tore it down. I miss it so much! I remember waiting in the queue line and seeing the cars fly down the 90 degree angle drop. When I was at Great A. in 2006 with my mom and dad, we rode Freefall for the last time, and I was scared, but loved it. My last great memorie of Great Adve

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