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  1. I've been reading this site for a while but just decided to start posting here. I've been going to SFGA since since I was born in 94. Granted, that seems like nothing compared to you all. I have been a season pass holder my whole life though! Here's my list of most missed rides; 1. Great American Scream Machine (Green Lantern has so much to live up to!) 2. Freefall (drop the penny as you go down!) 3. Chaos (apparently the design had mechanical problems throughout the world so it was scrapped... i loved the ride... so much fun!) 4. Spin Meister (stupid to have taken it away!) 5. Scrambler (a classic that should have been moved) 6. Taz Twister (really tied with the Scrambler but if I had to choose this is how it would be) 7. Movietown Water Effect (hardly rode it because it got me soaked but it was great to watch and when I did ride it I loved it) 8. Autobahn (Bumper Cars, I believe they were called Autobahn) 9. Musik Express
  2. anyone know what the construction for the ride is? Or is it just getting taken down now? A sign outside the ride just say "Under Construction" but inside it looks like it is being used for storage.
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