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  1. d a n n y

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I got back from Detroit Monday night. I'l probably have a TR up tomrrow
  2. d a n n y

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    My flight for Detroit tomorrow is at 8:00, I posted it now becuase I might not have time to get on tomrrow.
  3. d a n n y

    "At Risk" rides

    I don't think SM or Houdini would be leaving any time in the next 4 or 5 years. When I went in August, SM had a longer wait than Nitro. Houdini draws crowds for what it's worth, and it has good theming which is what seperates any Six Flags from Disney, Universal, BGE, etc.
  4. d a n n y

    Looping Starship **UPDATED!**

    Is this the one near Superman? I hate this ride, it hurts me so much.
  5. d a n n y

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    My team just possibly suffered the worst loss of the year. 5-1 with 5 minutes left, the other team scores 4 goals, so we go to Overtime, and with 0:04 left, they scored. If we went to a shootout we probably would've won, our goalie was much better, our D broke down towards the end.
  6. d a n n y

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Well, I'm off to my hockey game.
  7. d a n n y

    Least Favorite Ride

    I also don't like the powersurge, I really felt like I was definitely gonna fall out, and I normally like that but not on this one. I rode the one at Rye Playland. But my least favorite ride is probably Twister at USF, Stitch at MK, or Mind Eraser at SFNE.
  8. d a n n y

    Closure/Retheme of Old Country?

    I just like the atmosphere of this section of the park. I like Autobahn, a little more than your average bumper cars.
  9. d a n n y

    Glow In The Park Nighttime Parade

    I'm looking forward to this parade. Would actually give me a good reason to stay at night, becuase my dad gets tired early and we have a 2hour ride home so whenever we finish ALL the coasters we normally head home.
  10. d a n n y

    This or that?

    Brooklyn Cyclones Heroes or Sarah Connor Chronicles?
  11. d a n n y

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I have an 11pm hockey practice tonight.
  12. d a n n y

    Which GA ride are you?

    I have sort of a wise-ass attitude so I don't really no how that would incorporate into a ride. I do crazy stuff sometimes like you see on Jackass so that would probably be......... I'll go with Medusa.
  13. d a n n y

    SFGA's Coaster Celebration '08

    If I don't get a SP I'll probably go to this.