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  1. I got back from Detroit Monday night. I'l probably have a TR up tomrrow
  2. My flight for Detroit tomorrow is at 8:00, I posted it now becuase I might not have time to get on tomrrow.
  3. I don't think SM or Houdini would be leaving any time in the next 4 or 5 years. When I went in August, SM had a longer wait than Nitro. Houdini draws crowds for what it's worth, and it has good theming which is what seperates any Six Flags from Disney, Universal, BGE, etc.
  4. Is this the one near Superman? I hate this ride, it hurts me so much.
  5. My team just possibly suffered the worst loss of the year. 5-1 with 5 minutes left, the other team scores 4 goals, so we go to Overtime, and with 0:04 left, they scored. If we went to a shootout we probably would've won, our goalie was much better, our D broke down towards the end.
  6. I also don't like the powersurge, I really felt like I was definitely gonna fall out, and I normally like that but not on this one. I rode the one at Rye Playland. But my least favorite ride is probably Twister at USF, Stitch at MK, or Mind Eraser at SFNE.
  7. I just like the atmosphere of this section of the park. I like Autobahn, a little more than your average bumper cars.
  8. I'm looking forward to this parade. Would actually give me a good reason to stay at night, becuase my dad gets tired early and we have a 2hour ride home so whenever we finish ALL the coasters we normally head home.
  9. Brooklyn Cyclones Heroes or Sarah Connor Chronicles?
  10. I have an 11pm hockey practice tonight.
  11. I have sort of a wise-ass attitude so I don't really no how that would incorporate into a ride. I do crazy stuff sometimes like you see on Jackass so that would probably be......... I'll go with Medusa.
  12. If I don't get a SP I'll probably go to this.
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