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  1. Hey everyone (or anyone reading this) I'm mostly a lurker in here but I was wondering if someone in here would be willing to help me out, I impulsively bought a Season Pass (first time in probably 6 or so years, not sure if that makes a difference) during the Flash Sale in September thinking that I'd be able to get to the park before the 31st deadline to get the Gold Upgrade, as it turns out, I will more than likely not going to make it to process my pass. I tried reaching out to six flags support to see if there's some kind of online process to process season passes (its 2017, I figured there
  2. Planning on going either Monday 6/25 or Tuesday 6/26...not sure what to expect in terms of crowds considering its the first/second week (not too sure what it is for NJ)...I'll probably go prepared to get a Flash Pass if absolutely necessary (I hate long lines) and it could be one of very few trips this year (it'll be my first of the year) Which of the new rides are now open? I know SkyScreamer is but I haven't followed closely enough for the others. What should I expect as far as crowds go?
  3. It seems that the park's facebook page has been hit with Timeline and well...I can't seem to figure out how to see people's posts...How do I do that with this timeline crap?
  4. Does anyone know where the amusement park scene(s) were filmed for the movie Zombieland???
  5. Six Flags Great Adventure Batman The Ride Bizarro Blackbeard's Dark Knight El Toro Great American Scream Machine Green Lantern Kingda Ka Nitro Rolling Thunder Runaway Mine Train Skull Mountain Superman Dorney Park Hydra The Revenge Laser Steel Force Talon Thunderhawk Wild Mouse Woodstock's Express Hershey Park Great Bear Lightning Racer Stormrunner Trailblazer Wild Mouse Wildcat Sea World Orlando Journey to Atlantis Disney Magic Kingdom Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Space Mountain Sea World San Diego Journey to Atlantis Total: 30
  6. May 2008 I was at Great Adventure for Physics Day...my first ever roller coaster (I had been scared of them until then) was the Great American Scream Machine...been hooked ever since then
  7. I think its a safe bet to say that's primer like what was on the top of the corkscrew before they painted it yellow
  8. They obviously want to change the name of the coaster from Green Lantern to Super Bowl XLV coaster (Packers and Steelers Colors, get it )
  9. I got an email yesterday and the expected delivery is actually tomorrow so I don't have anything to worry about
  10. regular= wait as long as everyone else gold= reduced wait time (not sure what the percentage is) platinum= minimal wait time and you get to ride twice
  11. Regular 1person $45 2person $74 3person $103 4person $132 5person $161 6person $190 Gold 1person $80 2person $124 3person $168 4person $212 5person $256 6person $300 Platinum 1person $115 2person $194 3person $273 4person $352 5person $431 6person $510
  12. Hello all, I renewed my season pass tonight, talk about absolute last minute on sixflags.com/renewnow and got the expedited shipping option (If I knew my pass had to be shipped to my house I would've done it last week). I am kind of worried that my pass (and extra bring a friend ticket) won't get here in time. I was on the UPS website and it said 2 business days for expedited shipping but I'm not sure how processing time or whatever they do before its shipped will take. I'm hoping it should be here Wednesday or Thursday (best case scenario) In the worst case scenario, if my pass do
  13. Is the webcam not loading for anyone else or are my computers being lame?
  14. 2 things really grind my gears : 1: When people ask the SAME QUESTION OVER AND OVER again. I go on the Six Flags Great Adventure Facebook Page quite often, and every time I see at least 2 or 3 people asking either A: When is it opening or B: When is Green Lantern going to be open. Then I scroll down a little bit to find BOTH questions ANSWERED many times. 2: When people put the word "the" in front of coaster names like "the Nitro" or "the Kingda Ka" or "the El Toro". It annoys the crap out of me.
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