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  1. The drops and launches will be going continuously, similar to how they do it with Superman and Lex Luthor @ SFMM EDIT: looks like I got beat
  2. This is one of the biggest problems with the park today. The lack of food options is one of the biggest reason why eating at the multitude of restaurants just outside the gates makes sense over in-park options. One of the things I think the park really needs is a signature food. Kennywood has the Potato Patch, Dollywood has their skillets and SFOT has Pink Things. Wouldn't it be great if the park had something that guests make a tradition to eat? Imagine world-class BBQ at BOTW or homemade ice cream at Yum Yum Palace. I think adding something like these would add a whole new dynamic to th
  3. They tried that. Ka's queue of today is not te same queue it opened with. The state condemned it after a 2005 accident. They'd need to expand the current closed tunnel(used for some of the park's maintenance now a days) BIG time in order for the state to approve. Ka isn't the same as other coasters when it comes to that.
  4. No, I can't. And once again, you're missing the point of the post. And you seem to be feeling just fine.
  5. RT leaving doesn't make the park better. I know why they did it(but can't share unfortunately), but while the park may get something there in a few years, the park has taken a hit for the present. You're young(as am I), you don't have the experience that most of the members here have with it. You can't truly know what they're feeling unless you've had the experiences with this ride that they have.
  6. The Golden Kingdom was "revamped" in 2011 to a more general Safari theme with the addition of Safari Discoveries, thus making an African-themed ride fit in the section. While I'm not a fan of it, the facts are the facts.
  7. He's not saying it has to stay that way. He wants them to up their theming and provide a more well-rounded experience. What he's saying is that he understands their decisions from a business philosophy standpoint(SF's philosophy of running regional parks with a set budget they have to follow, and a set demographic)
  8. Most of those rides had major maintenance issues outside of the park's control, and removing them was the right move. With the exception of GASM and Viper, none of those rides were removed for for the next big thing.
  9. The park also gets monstrous tax breaks for those animals. Not only that, but the coaster wraps and advertisements on the parks top coasters actually bring in a large amount as well. The costs are not even close to being as bad as you think.
  10. Does the park really need another headliner? I mean look at this: -Tallest coaster in the world -Best wooden coaster in the world -Top Hyper Coaster -Tallest Drop Tower in the world -B&M Floorless -B&M Stand-Up Those right there are the park's top 6 attractions. One is being added next year. The only park that is in the same echelon is CP. The GP will understand if they take a year off from thrills. What we truly need are thematic updates, shows, a good dark ride, a good water ride, an intermediate coaster(like a GCI) and a few more good flats. That being said, 2015 is pro
  11. I reiterate from the Zumanjaro thread, we are actually LUCKY to have until the 8th and this is something they didnt want to do.
  12. They began to slowly(but surely) change GK into more of a general safari themed area starting in 2011 when they added Safari Discoveries, along with rethemed shops(such as the renamed Safari Outpost. That's why an African themed ride, as well as Anubis Baboons can fit into the section that used to be more jungle themed.
  13. Probably not, most likely some music, and maybe a voice trying to scare you.
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