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  1. Did you take the SCI-FI pic? I seem to remember the head of retail, or food service hanging around and taking photos that day. I like the picture with Eric - I seem to remember a similar phot from another year with Robbie Zumsteg and a girl in almost the same pose. Anyway, I'm glad I found your site. I don't do Facebook or any of that other suff, so I am pretty out of the loop. But if you type "greg gillette" in google, I am the very first link! pretty cool if you want to catch up on what I'm up to.
  2. With Salty Dog there was a story to follow - so you didn't have to do 15 minutes of Don Rickles. But with Perthy, that was just an insult show. My friend Erik Neilsen was doing it around 80, 81, 82, 83 - Paul Broderick was a sub during those years, as was my other pal, John Smales. I came in to perform the "right wing" many times. That was fun. The insults were amazing - these guys went all out. I remember the door being pounded on after the show on more than one occasion. I also remember being asked to lock one of these puppeteers in the booth from the outside (it was a padlock) when h
  3. Answer: Perthy Pelican. There are a LOT of good stories associated with Perthy Pelican. None G-rated enough for your second book, I imagine.
  4. good memory! Do you remember that I WAS Salty Dog for a good portion of 1988? I almost forgot about that myself? Do you remember what character preceded Salty Dog?
  5. Did you find a set of slides taken in the early 70s of all the classic rides and shops, etc. I think there were about 30 in the set. They are a standard slide holder, but the slide itself is a square format. I had a set of these in my desk on Dec. 18, 1999, but I didn't take them with me, because they belonged to the park! What a dope I was! They were probably tossed.
  6. Now I'm wondering who my OTHER favorite was? I checked out the photo gallery from 79 and 80. I started in 82 - but the big changeover in on grounds employees started in 1981 - by 1982, no one from 1980 was still there - except for Lynn Hirsch - she's the first headless (!) girl in the photo that starts this thread. I'm glad you found a spot for Sc-Fi in the book. I gave 11 years of my life to that character before I quit on Dec. 18. 1999. For years, I missed writing and performing those shows - especially the hundreds of educational shows that I put on in the schools. I'm over i
  7. oops, typing too fast! Maurice carried a PALETTE and brush, not an easel.
  8. Hi Guys - I saw a picture of a parrot-like character on your site, but that isn't Pedro Parrot. These characters arrived around 1978, I would think. We continued to use them through 1983, overlapping with the Shirt Tales characters. I believe the costumes were sold off - without employees knowledge! - around 1986 or 1987. I think Matt Brand (is that his name?) bought the costumes, but he had no idea how the pieces went together - what heads went with what costumes and feet. Don't forget PacMan and Ms. PacMan - arrived in 1982 and used through at least 1984, for sure, maybe 1
  9. This happens to be my area of expertise, as I played every one of those characters in the early 80s. Starting from the left Officer O'Malley CatFish Prince Ruppert HockenSwipette Flapperz Sir Wilden Woolley other charcaters included Fritz (the German character shown elsewhere in this thread) Pedro Parrot Pierre Le Pup Maurice Le Rat Casey Baseball Wheeler Buddy Bear and - in the same vein as Cap'n Crunch The Drake's Duck The Armour Hot Dog Icee Bear The interesting thing about these characters is they were all SPEAKING characters. You
  10. Hey Tom - Betcha don't know the character names of all those "headless characters". And - no robot? what's up with that?
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