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  1. Disney Parks additions

    Out in DCA, they have closed off Paradise Pier to convert it to Pixar Pier.
  2. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    No idea if she was a supervisor, but she sat in the control booth and used the loudspeaker. I didn't see her this season. But when she ran Nitro, she would not allow rerides.
  3. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    I remember several times at Nitro they didn't allow rerides, even with an empty station. The op would annnounce over the speaker every time a train pulled in that its SF policy for no rerides, no rerides, no rerides. It was often a short hair woman and every time she was the op on Nitro, no rerides. Dark Knight is pretty good about rerides if there is no line.
  4. Disney Parks additions

    That would not be surprising if Disney did float some rumors out. Hopefully they got enough of a reaction to rethink about fixing the monorails.
  5. Spotlight Requests

    This is probably what it used to look like.
  6. Safari trucks

    People who buy these trucks often convert them to run on old cooking oil, especially as these things get poor MPGs. In stock form and unloaded the 5 tons only get 7 MPG and can only reach 55 mph. With upgraded tires they can reach 65 mph.
  7. Disney Parks additions

    The fact WDW no longer allows guests to ride in the noses while DL does isn't a good sign. Also I noticed the WDW monorail track is sadly more worn and eroded looking than DL's track. The ads are part of the problem for the EPCOT loop. Due to the Marvel agreement with Universal, Disney can't run any Marvel ads on the EPCOT loop as it goes through the park, a big no no with Universal. This complicates operations for the WDW Monorails as they can't assign any Marvel wrapped trains onto the EPCOT loop even if a EPCOT train breaks down. This is another factor that hurts the EPCOT loop. Wrapping rides is fairly cheap as even GADV does it. So its a low cost investment for Disney. Originally Disney was not going to have the Monorail run through the Contemporary as it was added late in the design work. The architect fought very hard with Disney to keep the design. I would not be surprised if Disney has not already drew up designs on how to delete the Contemporary's openings years ago and has the plans stored somewhere. Disney is infamous for creating and storing plans that either get rejected or recycled at a later time. It would not be that hard to glass in the openings or just fill them with a solid wall. Sadly the Monorail is a very expensive system which is one reason it was never expanded to MGM when it opened. Even in the 70s it cost a $1M a mile not adjusting for inflation. It is rumored that with these plans, if they do come to pass will be unfolded over many years. That the MK resort loop will be ran for as long as possible by sacrificing the two other lines to keep it running longer. I think the problem is Disney doesn't want to shut them down either but they also can't justify the expenditures for the major refurbishments the system really needs.
  8. Disney Parks additions

    I stay offsite at Disney too, their buses are a nightmare.
  9. Safari trucks

    Surprised there isn't a topic about these trucks. Anyway, the off-road tour trucks are surplus M393 military 5 on cargo trucks with six wheel drive. Most used 8.3L turbocharged Cummins diesel engines that produce 240 horsepower. They use 5 speed Allison automatic transmissions and 2 speed transfer cases. These were purchased from and upfitted by Eastern Surplus in Philadelphia. https://www.easternsurplus.net/ They used to have a page about them supplying GADV with the trucks but it seems to be hosted on a paysite now. https://www.easternsurplus.net/news/GreatAdventure
  10. Disney Parks additions

    Back when I had to analyze a company for my financial management course, I choose Disney. One thing I quickly discovered is that Disney operates on a very slim margin between short term (liquid) assets and short term dept with a very low current ratio of only 1% and a quick ratio of under 1%. Under such a structure, they have to be very picky of what they invest which must have high returns. Overhauling the entire WDW monorail system would be a massive undertaking with low returns. The DL monorail is a single loop that is much smaller than any of the loops at WDW, so it is more easily managed to maintain. The WDW monorail is more like a public transit system utility that would probably have been better suited being ran by a multiplicity than by private enterprise. Basically a public utility is a high cost investment with low returns which is why governments often have to handle them as there is not enough profit margins for private companies to want to undertake them, like city water and sewers. The WDW monorail system is so huge its basically a low profit utility as Disney doesn't charge riders, which explains why Disney has been reluctant to allocate money into maintaining it correctly. Money that could be better spent on high profit investments. I would not be surprised if WDW eventually require some sort of pay pass for their transportation entirely.
  11. Disney Parks additions

    It would sadly be permanent as the whole system has basically been ran into the ground and requires too much and money to restore it at this point. Even the track needs overhauling. The EPCOT loop is the longest and why it may be the first to close down to consolidate resources to keep the aging MK loop running longer. Its just not looking good for the iconic WDW monorail.
  12. Disney Parks additions

    A while ago, Screamscape reported rumors that WDW many slowly close down its aging Monorail system. According to this rumor, they would shut down the EPCOT loop first, then the express MK loop, with the hotel loop being the last to shut down.
  13. Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Hershey usually allows re-rides, but sometimes they don't. Once last year they did not allow re-rides on Fahrenheit near closing. Sometimes even at GADV they don't allow re-rides. Its rare but I seen it happen on Nitro and KK. Besides employee discretion, I believe other factors include conflicting orders from supervisors and different employees being taught different rules.
  14. Spotlight Requests

    Thank you. Tractors tended to be simpler than cars, yet use better grade parts and materials. Most tractor manufactures went to OHV engines in the 20s while it took most car companies until the 50s to go OHV. The airport tug I see around GADV, I think was originally a prop for The Right Stuff but is now used for service work. I don't know much about airport tugs.
  15. Spotlight Requests

    Steel wheels probably means it was built no later than WW2. In the 30s rubber tires were becoming popular for tractors, but rubber shortages caused by the war extended production of steel wheels for awhile. There is so much missing from the tractor I can't ID it real well. Looks like it was used as a parts donor as the engine head, radiator, steering wheel, stearing gearbox, seat, and sheetmetal are gone. Probably an Oliver going by the color. Until the 50s most tractors had manual transmissions and would not have torque converters. The high ground clearance and narrow front indicates it was a rowcrop model used for tall crops like corn.