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  1. That would make the most sense as well as a wise hedge against any possible early park closure.
  2. I would not delay going to HITP this year. With the increasing spikes in COVID cases and resulting increases in restrictions, I will be surprised if HITP makes it to New Year's. Philly has rebanned indoor dining and closed down museums, its just not looking good.
  3. Who ever thought a virus would bring the drive thru Safari back.
  4. All the Philly museums have shut down and will remain closed for the next 6 weeks.
  5. Philly and NJ are starting to increase restrictions again due to rising infection rates. Its possible GADV may close down early again if there is a second lockdown.
  6. Be glad it warmed up for a spell one more more. Wish Halloween day had been this warm.
  7. At GADV a couple of weeks ago at the station steps for El Toro, the station attendant stopped the man in front of me because he had a smart phone. Rather than walk back, the man simply threw his phone over the fence onto the dirt in the employee area, everyone in line could not believe it.
  8. Partly because the dispatches are so slow for El Toro.
  9. It depends where you sit. I find the rear of the cars on El Toro to be teeth rattling rough, while the front of the cars to be fairly smooth. Also ET is a major PITA to ride with the ultra strict no articles policy and ultra slow dispatches. However, I doubt it will be removed anytime soon unless the park lets it decay badly like with RT.
  10. Looks like they decorate better for Halloween than GADV does. Also wished GADV had a train ride like that.
  11. I wish they would postpone Halloween to next weekend as this weekend's weather is so crappy. 49 degrees this Sat vs the forecasted 68 degrees for the the next Sat. Dumb northeast climate. There is a early freeze warning for tonight.
  12. Screamscspe reports thst Disney World has pretty much gutted their entertainment department. Laying off most of their performers.
  13. I see they posted on their website that the park is booked full on Halloween, wonder if that many reservations maxed out their system and froze? Probably a lot of reservations this Friday and Sunday too despite the well below normal temps.
  14. The reservation system still won't load for me.
  15. The reservation page isn't loading at all for me, it just freezes, can't even see the time slots. All I get are those 3 loading dots blinking away forever. What can a person do if SF's reservation page refuses to open? My browser is up to date. The reservation pages freezes on my desktop, laptop, and tablet. I just tried again and it still freezing on me. I am pretty mad about this system failure, but not surprised it has happened.
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