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  1. Fright Fest 2017

    I do one each year with the free pass. Bloodshed is better than Voodoo Island was last year, but both are subpar compared to Dorney's mazes. But with Dorney's big decline in quality in their operations this year, especially in their water park, who knows how Haunt will be this year since I have not been to it yet. Have you ever been to Dorney's Haunt mazes? As of last year, they are excellent.
  2. Fright Fest 2017

    Its more than just opening weekend bugs. The mazes at GADV are built sparse on props and sets. Cornstalkers at Dorney is a similar theme, but it does not have any empty or bare spots like Bloodshed. Last year I did Voodoo Island and it was laughable, mostly just wooden fence sections you can buy at Home Depot, very little in sets or props. It was intentional that the standby line moved slowly, it is a similar setup to HH lines with Flashpass slowing down standby lines. Also, in the former pathway they use for Bloodshed's queue, there are two more Needle Palm trees that are still alive. Both look better than the ones on the still open pathways in GK. I think its because those two are in south facing locations and are protected by the Bamboo.
  3. El Toro/KK loose article policy

    The problem with this it that it makes the rides that are supposed to be included with your admission, defacto pay as you go rides. It goes against the system SF made popular.
  4. El Toro wins Best Wooden Coaster Golden Ticket 2017

    Shame the operations for ET are not better. Rode it on Sunday night and they are so darn slow at dispatching. Probably the slowest dispatching ride at the park.
  5. Fright Fest 2017

    I just got back from Sunday night trip to FF and used the free maze ticket they were giving out at the gate. So this year I tried Bloodshed. The line was long, and moved very slowly as they barely let stand by people go, but let fast pass holders go in near constantly. After waiting over an hour, the Bloodshed maze was just ok, but a poorman's version of Dorney's Cornstalkers. You pay upcharge admission to GADV's houses, and either wait in a long and slow moving line or pay an additional upcharge to skip it, and the mazes are still only mediocre at best despite all the cash inflows.
  6. PTR- Kings Dominion/SFA 8/23/17-8/25/17

    Nice reports, last time I was at KD, it was still a Paramount park. Back then, I thought it was not a very well ran park, guess that has not changed.
  7. Pretty surprising move, not sure how long it will last. Valencia is not as warm as Anaheim, and it has snowed in MM a few times, just a light coating.
  8. Gr.Adv.Debate #44: Hurricane Harbor Question

    HH is open on the weekend a week before Memorial Day like it was this year. It also used to be open on weekends though most of Sept. But like Dorney, they cut their water park season shorter to focus on extending their Halloween season by starting it super early. So some of it is Halloween creep.
  9. Attending a Ride Closing

    Forgot about driving the drive through safari near its closing.
  10. My unexpected two day trip to Hershey. 8/12-13

    I remember years ago overhearing people saying they are not walking back to Midway America. Some people are too lazy to walk a whole park.
  11. My unexpected two day trip to Hershey. 8/12-13

    I sure hope they help with the lines too. I kind of think the news may have made the Boardwalk more crowded. It probably will be crowded on a Friday. Make sure to get in line for the park gate early as it can get long fast. If you have a SP or staying at one of the park's hotels, you get early morning access which is a good time to hit the Hollow roller coasters. When the rest of the park opens, make a beeline to Lafftrax.
  12. Dorney Park, 8/11/17

    This year, WWK's dispatch speed has really slowed down. Lightning Falls is probably the slowest moving slide line, there were up to 8 minute intervals between the line moving one person. WWK used to be good at keeping the lines moving but not anymore, except for fast lane I assume. Even on the dry side they are dispatching some of the coasters a lot slower than they used too. By Dorney's old standards, 25 min would be long even for Aqua Blast in the middle of the afternoon. Dorney's modern standards are much longer wait times with 25 min for the little Cascade slide near closing time. Contrast to Moreys, even if the slide lines are down to the ground you are though it in 5 to 10 min, not 25 min, they keep the lines moving which Dorney also used to. Guess I am a geezer now, remembering the good ole days.
  13. Arrived at Hershey early on Wednesday for sweet start and rode Comet 3 times and the skyride. When the rest of the park opened I head over to Lafftrax and rode it once with no line, when I got off the line was already long. Next was the Boardwalk which crowded up fast and the park was pretty busy the rest of the day. The river had an awful line until dinner time. One good thing about the Boardwalk is that it is the latest closing waterpark which allows lines to thin out. So at 11 pm, I went back to my car and no start. Park security quickly came over when I popped the hood. The starter motor just died due to a flawed engine design by having the oil filter above the starter. The security guard recommended a repair shop, a auto parts store, and a hotel that were next to each other down the street. So I called AAA for a tow to the auto parts store and planned to stay at the hotel. The tow truck was hours late and I was not dropped off until 4:30 am. At that point it was too late to rent a room, so I slept in the car until the store opened at 7:30. Man was I pissed. $100 for a new starter, and $160 for buying tools I already have but are 100 miles away. But I replaced the starter in the parking lot in a half hour and was on my way again. Thankfully starters are easy to replace. Endded up being a expensive trip to Hershey. Since I was already out there, I did sweet start again and a half day trip to Hersheypark before heading home.
  14. Dorney Park, 8/11/17

    Sounds like one needs a fast lane plus to have a decent at WWK anymore. I just really hate what has happened to WWK in recent years.
  15. Attending a Ride Closing

    I rode Rolling Thunder on its final day near closing. Made a special trip to Hershey to ride Roller Soaker a couple weeks before it closed. Swam Shark Reef at Typhoon Lagoon a week before it closed.