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  1. The cold snap over this weekend is pretty bad, glad it should warm back up to normal soon.
  2. Wonder how that will work this year with the indoor facilities and attractions being restricted which at that time of the year with the chilly weather you really need them. Lots of people gathering indoors is still a big no no. However, in cold weather people need indoor heated places to warm up for a spell, especially after harsh windchills on the outdoor coasters. Maybe they will set up heated tents?
  3. Even before COVID, the park could not enforce the rules on crowded days.
  4. One of the few advantages brick and mortar stores have over online is store atmosphere, and they are wasting it.
  5. The new trains are smoother. However, it does get long slow lines due to running at half capacity and cleaning after every cycle.
  6. They need to add a new ride in there like Tea Cups. Also the new park entrace is broiling in the hot sun, it really really needs shade structures like the entrance to IOA. The old entrance used to have nice shade trees.
  7. Perhaps Govt regulations require thrm to keep the water clean? Intex is a cheaper brand of above ground pools and likely is not a OEM part for that ride. Its very unlikely a B2B product like an amusement ride would use a low tier B2C product as a factory part.
  8. Personally, I would not even count on HITP happening if 2020 has taught me anything.
  9. Looks like the rumors Screamscape reported are partly right. Worlds of Fun will also close Labor Day, several other CF parks won't open this year, and Knotts has cancelled their Halloween event. Really not surprised as Dorney is treated as the black sheep of the chain. I would not be surprised if CF sells Dorney off soon really. Trip reports say that Dorney's COVID operations are terrible, I probably will not go there this year, especially with no WWK.
  10. Screamscape reports that there are rumors that CF may close all of its parks for the season after Labor Day. Would not be surprised if that happens to Dorney.
  11. It may not even be up to the parks if the government mandates another lockdown by then. They are warning that COVID19 spreads faster in cold weather than in warm weather, which may lead to a second wave this fall.
  12. Maybe just go back to early 90's old school FF and just mainly have decorated midways? The biggest concern is the warning of the second wave for Covid19, which is why many businesses are cancelling fall and Halloween events as premptive measures. I would not be surprised if Christmas and other winter holiday events are cancelled too this year.
  13. Surprised that they are bothering to open HH so late in the summer season.
  14. If the park isn't carefull, Murphy could shut them down again.
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