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  1. Reminds me of the space frame arch that used to be over the fountain in GADV in the mid 2000's. Seems like Disney is hellbent to remove beauty from their parks.
  2. I live about 25 miles south west of the park and I had consistent 7 inches of snow until recently. Any time it began to melt it was replenished by weekly 3 inch snow falls. Most of it is finally gone now but I still have some 6 inch piles lingering in the shady spots. The meltwater from them has flooded my backyard leaving it and my gravel driveway a deep muddy mess. My 4x4 pickup can barely get through.
  3. One thing to mention is that most of the debate took place a month ago during a mild Jan as 29 pointed out back then. However, in the meantime Feb was the opposite with consistent below normal temps and frequent heavy snowfalls. The month had a steady 7 inch snowpack on the ground. This past month was a harsh one and be difficult for a outdoor park to remain open through.
  4. Perhaps the land's value is in being an carbon offset?
  5. That is pretty early for a NJ waterpark to open. Temps are generally mid 60s to low 70s, a bit on the cool side, better heat that water.
  6. I have only been there a few times, the last time being in the late 90's. Still its sad to see a old park close down even if it has many problems.
  7. Seems like they are still interested in selling the park whole to someone who might reopen it. Through it is doubtful they will find any buyers who will want to reopen the park, most likey the equipment and rides will be sold off and the land redeveloped.
  8. This topic probably better belongs in other park history rather than in news. I was lucky enough to have ridden Volcano a few times. Parts of the queue were pretty crappy, especially the one section inside the volcano that was just a narrow chicken wire cage tunnel that was always heavily littered.
  9. Two snowstorms already, and they are predicting 4 more this week and several days in the 20's. We may have had a mild January, but February is going to be extra harsh to make up for it.
  10. There was a time Dorney dispatched coasters quicker and more efficiently than GADV at the time and kept order in their lazy rivers. Last ten years their dispatches have become ultra slow and highly inefficient. Moreover, it seems everyone's operations are declining and have been for years before COVID19, just Dorney's decline has been more substantial than others.
  11. As well as letting park conditions and operations rapidly deteriorate.
  12. The bad weather and deep snow are going to cause some construction delays now.
  13. Looks like winter is making up for lost time. The heaviest snowfall in 5 years that will last 3 days and at least a foot for most of the Delaware Valley. Won't even start melting until Thursday.
  14. So Disney is going to change Jungle Cruise to be more woke and add a weird storyline. https://d23.com/enhancements-coming-to-the-jungle-cruise/
  15. Wonder if they will redesign the station for COVID operations?
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