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  1. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Sounds like it was a hell of a storm.
  2. The Master

    Dorney Park, 6/12/18

    Sounds like a good trip. I just had my first trip there on 6/13. WWK was pretty empty, rode Aquablast 12 times. Sadly WWK still does not allow aquasocks to be worn on their again this year. Saw they refurblished the front change houses, installed additional change booths and updated their showers. I stayed in WWK until closing which only left me enough time to ride Talon and Hydra once each. Walked by one of Dorney's security cars on the way out. It was a black Crown Vic and was surprised it had a full prisoner cage in the backseat. Their security does not kid around!
  3. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    HH used to be open every day in June until one unusually cool June. After that year they reduced to weekend only for much of June. Would not be surprised if they reduce times even more next year as a response to the string of bad weekends this year. As for Dorney, their operations have been declining for a few years now with all the cutbacks they are doing. Even then, they still manage to be open most weekdays in June, as well as Hershey. The Boardwak at Hershey was full of school trip kids last week, as well as many familes including both parents. You be surprised how often people take off and pull their kids from school. Even Raging Waters in Wildwood is open weekdays in June. HH is sadly a poorly operated park, especially with their poorly retrofitted flash pass system. There is a risk only being two days a week, it is effectively putting all your eggs in one basket. Get a two day storm spell and you have a completely lost week.
  4. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    That is part of the problem when you open a waterpark only on weekends in June.
  5. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Watched The Phantom Menance last week on TNT and I enjoyed it. It is easily my second favorite SW film.
  6. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    Local news said it has rained for six weekends in a row.
  7. The Master

    Hersheypark, 5/29/18

    Sunglasses seemed to keep most of the mist out of my eyes. Saw some other riders were wearing goggles. The misters run most of the length of the slide. I think the older water jet style watercoasters like Crush n Gusher are better. Still it is nice to have a replacement for Roller Soaker. The Boardwalk really needed this third expansion.
  8. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    As of last fall, Universal still had free lockers for a time period that is adjusted to current wait times.
  9. The Master

    Hersheypark, 5/29/18

    I rode Breaker's Edge in the morning and they put a single rider into my raft. The combined rider payload for the rafts can't be more than 700Lb, and they can hold up to four riders. It was pretty good except they have these misters along the whole track that spray right into your eyes. There are also new pipe bridges going over the lazy river with new waterfalls to avoid. Trailblazer was open at 1 and was a walk on. The new mat racers are much smoother than the ones at HH and feature a big digital scoreboard to show rider's time scores. There is also a new BBQ food truck in the Boardwalk that was good.
  10. The Master

    Dorney Park 5-20-18

    The no ride policy at Dorney is asinine. GADV is not always consistent with allowing rerides.
  11. The Master

    Hershey Park 2018 new rides

    Maybe safety concerns or PA mandate? They had to stop single riders on the Ferris Wheel due to changes in PA law. Society tends to not to be friendly to single people. Either way it stinks.
  12. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor OPENING DAY 5/20

    Sounds like a good trip, pretty rare for HH not to be crowded anymore.
  13. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    Most likely.
  14. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Was at the park on Sunday and they did a couple of strange things. First they did not have any of the no bag express lanes open at security. Everyone had to wait in a big airport style queue for the bag lanes, even if they did not have bags which sucked. Second thing is they started a no eye glasses policy on El Toro, but at least they have a free bin for glasses up in the station.
  15. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor Operating Calendar

    I pulled up there just as they closed at 3. What was weird was at 3, the weather had returned to clear and was sunny and warm again. Guess if it rains just for a short time, they cancel the rest of the day.