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  1. I think it will be a slow rise in stock prices in the theme park industry. People are likely going to be afraid and not wanting to visit parks real quickly.
  2. It was a pleasant spot to sit down. You could even go there when Roaring Rapids was closed and drained and you could see the logs that created the rapids.
  3. The airlines have been disgusting for decades, they don't even keep any cleaning supplies onboard for mid flight spills. In a post COVID19 world, they are going to have to clean up their act which means the airlines will also increase fares. As for the Disney parks, they have been cutting back cleaning for years, and now its going to bite them. Raising prices will further help to keep people away along with virus scares. Anyone remember the fake walk through sanitation booths in the queue of the old Body Wars ride? Now the parks will need real ones at the gate.
  4. GAdv, HH, Moreys Piers, Castaway Cove, Gillians, Casino Pier, Funplex, Sahara Sams, Diggerland, Storybook Land, etc. I should have said local NJ parks. Its hard to say if either NJ or PA parks may reopen first. Depends when Wolf or Murphy lift their closure orders, both will drag their heels.
  5. It was on 6ABC that gov Murphy has announced that the various closures for the virus are likely to last deep into May in his words. At this point, it will be surprising if any local parks will be open by Memorial weekend.
  6. Its amazing they have not haulted construction for the virus, so far.
  7. Its the beginning of SHTF, better get ready for living a real life Mad Max / The Walking Dead.
  8. That would slow down operations. Another issue is that because of lingering fears, the parks may have a harder time than normal hiring staff. We may see more ride closures due to understaffing. Also with many water parks using forign lifeguards in recent years, they may have trouble bringing them in this year because of fears and travel restrictions. Likely the park will not have characters out for meet and greets.
  9. If the dry parks open really late into the year, I could see some of them not opening up their waterparks for the year. Lets say GAdv does not open until mid or late June, would they even bother opening HH at that point?
  10. Yesterday I drove out to Taco Bell to get a free taco. Pulled over in a nearby parking plaza to eat it and then do some errands. I take one bite when a man walks up to my car. He starts yelling at me, accusing me of following him, and threatens to press charges. Then he procceds to pull out a smart phone and walks around my car taking pictures or filming me. I pull out my old flip phone and start taking pictures of him. When the guy saw I was filming him, he stopped and walked off without a word. He walked down the sidewalk past my sight, so I assume he didn't have a car. I called the cops, and told the responding officer what had happened and what the guy looked liked. The cop acted like he knew the guy and said he would give him a talking to. It was pretty scary ordeal. With the virus scare going on, a secondary problem are the creeps and lowlifes coming out of the woodwork. NJ has 700 cops who ard sick and off duty, and sadly this is a dinner bell to some,. So be careful out there, the virus isn't the only threat.
  11. ^ Also what they may do about the bottle racks in the ride stations. Perhaps they may increase the distance between the bottle holes? The tea cups may not operate due to guests grabbing the center wheel to spin the cup. I haven't touch tea cup wheels in years over hygine concerns. Besides handling guns on JL, I forgot about the 3D glasses, so that ride will likely be delayed. Both Superman and GL may have delayed opening due to their higher contact restraint systems. Guests may be asked not to touch or fasten ride restraints and instead allow ride ops to do so to limit contamination. I can see them removing turnstyles to reduce contact surfaces.
  12. ^ The concerns are NYers spreading the virus or taking hospital space from the locals. Up in RI, the police are pulling over all NY plated cars. The Philly region is pretty upset being next door to the epicenter of the outbreak. https://6abc.com/travel/new-york-travel-quarantine-has-locals-on-alert/6063546/
  13. PA governor Wolf just extended stay at home orders to April 30, and announced that schools and some businesses in PA are closed indefinitely. He has aleo banned non-essential bus travel from NY into PA. The Delaware Valley region is concerned about NYers fleeing into our region which poses a hazarrd.
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