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  1. Or leave it locked up in the car where it belongs. With Bamboo, new chutes generally are very soft and will bend. However, it could have been a poorly cut stump which would be rigid.
  2. Got some yardwork done today while the weather is nice.
  3. They would still need to heat the hell out of the water.
  4. Impressive, most impressive, as Darth Vader would say. I got a couple little SW sets, the Clone Scout Walker and the Death Star Cannon besides a Lego boat.
  5. Jeez, Hershey's operations are really declining. Hopefully it is just a temporary consequence from all the construction.
  6. Seems like they always end up stacking pretty badly on JL anymorr. It really messes up the ride ending.
  7. Dorney has a Jackolantern pattern on their wheel for Halloween, and bunting for the 4th of July too.
  8. Today was a bad day. A hawk killed my pet rooster this afternoon. RIP Reny.
  9. He holds storm cabinent meetings and personally manidated for highly aggresive snow treating of roadways. Murphy himself stated he wecomes NJ "being the brining state of America," to his critics and sees nothing wrong with being overprepared and has promised to them that he will continue to have the state overprepare as that is how he will have things from now on. Phil spent 38 milion on snow removal last winter, despite only having a 10 million budget and last winter being fairly mild with few snow events. So yeah, he has pushed NJDOT to go insanely overboard in an attempt to make himself look good. Excess road salt has many long term consequences, all of them really bad which is why it must be used sparingly. Not dump a million tons for a fes furries that melted on the warm ground anyway. Last year, after being caught off guard by an unusually early snowstorm up in North NJ in Nov. NJDOT, under pressure from Murphy, salted roads for every little storm last winter, even for all rain storms with temps remaining above freezing. Very wasteful and reckless kneejerk reaction. Since you live in FL now, you missed all that fun in NJ last year. I dislike both parties so I am not try to push politics, I just don't like anybody damaging any of my cars, including the government.
  10. Drove on 295 today and I see Phil Murphy is already overracting to winter weather and overusing road salt.
  11. The Master


    It does seem operations at the parks in Pennsy have gone downhill. Very disappointed that Hershey had so many rides closed this year. Through my last two visits to GADV, they have been running El Toro pretty poorly. I was there Sunday and El Toro, Runaway Mine Train, and Kingda Ka were only operating single trains. Perhaps it was because those three were nearing the end of their operating season? Then again, Bizzaro was running two trains and that closes down at the same time too. Of those four I wanted to ride again before the North end of the park is closed for HITP, I only made it on Bizarro as the other three had long slow moving lines due to single train operations.
  12. On the news, we hit record cold lows and highs for this date, really unusually weather today.
  13. Really bad weather this week, early Arctic cold blasts, early snow, record breaking cold, looks like Winter is already off on a strong start.
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