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  1. The Bartman soundtrack operation is pretty hit or miss at GADV. Probably depends on the employees on duty if they decide if they want to hear the loop over and over all day or not.
  2. With Hershey's river, they have highly inefficent loading. I was there on Thursday and saw that despite a huge line, the single loading lifegurad was letting lots of single tubes float by. Also does not help that nearly everyone there has a hard time putting their ass into a tube. Boardwalk is really too small and they should have built it as a seperate waterpark. Not sure which river is worse, Hershey's with long lines or HH with its lack of tubes forcing most to walk it. That Dorney alert is pretty upsetting. Seems like all the parks are becoming more crowded with each passing year. Dorney is no longer the low crowd park everyone says it is. Hasn't been low crowd for several years.
  3. Hopefully the line will move faster than the one at Hershey.
  4. I agree, where are the water mushrooms? Small body slides? gang slides? Lillypads? etc?
  5. For a activity pool, it is pretty plain. Most usually have small slides, lilly pads, etc.
  6. What really got me was that there was a raft at the top of the belt ready to go. In the past they never left Aqua Blast's rafts on the lift belf or in the landing pool. They always used to place them all off to the side of the landing pool. Also used to be the lifeguards at the top of Aqua Blast used to just slide down on a raft rather than walk down like now. Several years ago I was at top near closing, andvthey called for one more raft to be sent up, not these days. Forgot to say they even reduced the on time for the showers since my last trip. When you press the button, the shower stays on for only a second, that is cheap. Theme parks are sort of like relationships, if they turn sour you need to walk away, even if it is sad to do so.
  7. It is a nice event. The parade travels around the upper section of the park, looping from the big indoor threater through camp Snoopy, around the swings, and then around the carousel. Every so often, the parade will stop for the performers dance with guests and the floats hand out beads. After the parade, they park the floats around the carousel for the rest of the night. It is just a shame Dorney is so run down now.
  8. The rapid deterioration of Dorney Park in recent years. Because it is so bad now, I am not renewing my season pass there.
  9. Guess they will be increasing ticket prices soon to pay for the new park.
  10. Just saw the parade tonight, (Thus) it was nice and colorful. Not listed on that sign, but they also shut Hydra down early. Sadly park operations there have degraded even more. Slide dispatches are slower than ever, lifeguards don't get after people, saw guests building tube dams in the lazy rivers to block other guests, groups of people forming huge human chains that span the width of the rivers sonobody can pass them, cigarette butts on water slide stairways, foul bathrooms and change rooms. Near closing, I walked up Aquablast, as I got up to the top the lifeguard closed the chain right in front and said we are closed, even though there was a raft at the top of the belt. I asked him why they didn't close the bottom chain first, he just said sorry in a arrogant manner with a smartass TS expression on his face, then giggled. I wasn't even the last person up, there was another group of 4 right behind me, they asked me what happened and I told them thd lifeguard just closed the ride in front of me. Dorney has sadly become an armpit of a park. Talked to another ride op who said the park's management is much more chaotic this year.
  11. I hardly been to WWK this year, only 3 times. That is a problem with having dislmilar slides on the same platform, picky people chosing only one while the less popular chutes go empty, backing up the line. Coastline Plunge at Hershey has a similar problem, through not as bad since each chute has its own lifeguard rather than share a single guard like WWK. Generally its better to have slides sharing a platform to be mirrors of each other to cut down on picky people. Moreover, WWK has its lifeguard perform overcomplicated routines with each dispatch that wastes time and backs up lines. At WWK, with each dispatch, the lone lifeguard most walk across the platform, unhook the railing chain to let the next guests in, then rehook the chain, walk across back the platform to their dispatch position, then dispatch the sliders, then walk back to the chain to load thr next sliders. That extra time really stacks up in a few cycles and really slows lines done. Most other water parks don't have their lifeguards walking back and forth across platforms to fumble with chains every slide cycle like WWK, which also didn't use to do just a couple of years ago.
  12. Been great for my pool's solar panels, my pool water is at 94 degrees.
  13. If they do add slides, wonder if it will take the lifeguards 20 minutes between dispatchs like with most of the existing slides there?
  14. The Waterworks replaced a mini golf course that was once next to Wild Water Kingdom.
  15. I am not a super fan of Harry Potter either, only seen the films, most of them I just watched once. Never read the books, but I know of the main locations like Hogwarts, the nearby town of Hogsmede, and Diagon Alley in London. As for Star Wars, I am only a fan of the six Lucas made films, never cared for either the old spinoff media called the Expanded Universe which Disney did away with to start their own new expanded universe of spinoff media which has not gone well. Even the original Star Tours ride mentioned Tatooine, Hoth, Dagobah, Bespin, and the plot involved being on a trip to Endor that goes way off course to the Death Star. For the most part, Batuu looks a lot like Tatooine with a more moist climate, which begs the question of not just make it Tatooine? The planet that is featured in 5 of the 6 original films, making it the most iconic of any of the SW planets. Yes, most people know what Tatooine is. The Falcon is one iconic thing GE has other than Chewbacca, but no Han Solo. Instead of Solo, GE has Hondo instead, a obscure alien pirate character from the ten year old Clone Wars cartoon spinoff series. Plus a even more obscure human rebel spy minor character from two year old book named Vi who is supposed to be the main character of SW land. You instead of somebody the general public would know like Luke, Anakin, or even Rey. Tatooine is far less obscure than either Hondo or Vi, who I only know of by looking up SW wikis. So if Universal had followed Disney's plan, there would still be the Hogwarts Express. But instead of traveling between London and Hogwarts, it would be some other new made up magic school and generic city. Instead of Harry and his friends, WW would feature just Ron and a couple of minor background characters from those Harry Potter spinoff films set in the 1920's. There would be no Harry Potter or most of the major cast at all in WW if you applied GE's plan to WW. In more simply terms. Disney: who wants to see places and major characters they know from the Star Wars moives? That is just silly. Universal raking in money from Harry Potter: Yeah great plan Disney, stick with it, do it! Supposedly many of the imagineers are not happy with the end results of GE. Some claim that management and marketing had most of the hand in designing the land, and way it turned out. There are also unhappy with reports of fights in the Falcon ride when somebody performs poorly at their station and ruins the ride for everyone else. The land is running out of merch and is poorly stocked. There are also complaints of the expensive lightsabers ceasing to function in as little as a week. Disney goofed big time.
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