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  1. Six Flags World’s Largest Snowball Fight - Now Dec 17th

    That is why car collectors prefer southern cars, no road salt exposure to rot them out.
  2. Disney Parks additions

    So I have seen the new GOTG facade on the former Tower of Terror, and it is more ugly in person than in photos. Its is just so cheap and tacky looking now.
  3. Six Flags World’s Largest Snowball Fight - Now Dec 17th

    What makes it more weird is that it is a rare southern snowstorm that had dumped snow in Texas and New Orleans that hit us.
  4. Six Flags World’s Largest Snowball Fight - Now Dec 17th

    That much snow will not be melting very fast in low 40s, especially after freezing the night before.
  5. Halloween Events - UPDATED!

    A little late for this, but I found some images of some of the paper cutouts GAdv use to place everywhere for FF.
  6. Hersheypark, 11/26/17

    It would be a very long and slow wait. The steam train is at least running two trains. Even the Kissing Tower had a full queue and the line sticking out past the fountain, the worst line I ever saw for the tower.
  7. Hersheypark, 11/26/17

    Sounds like a good trip. I was there on Friday, it wasn't busy early in the day but by dusk the park was getting crowded and cold. The line for the monorail at night extended all the way down to the ground with only one train operating. Had a nice dinner at Hersheypark Place with their pumpkin chili.
  8. The JL garland looks like its for the 4th of July rather than Christmas.
  9. Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Yesterday at Walmart, I bought two Halloween projectors on clearance for $1.50, normal price is $16.
  10. This or that?

    Giga coasters. Iron sights or red dot sights?
  11. Misc GA Mumblings

    Today and Sat will be awful weather wise with this unusually early Arctic blast and record low temps. Looks like Nov will be below normal unlike the mild Oct we had. Normally we do not see lows in the 20s for another month.
  12. Did you miss the cobwebs throughout the park this Fright Fest?

    I do not think the hale bale man was put up this year.
  13. Did you miss the cobwebs throughout the park this Fright Fest?

    Another thing I miss were the hay bales and cornstalks with fancy gourds they used to have all over. Guess they have to allocate funds from FF decorating to HITP decorations. Yesterday on Nitro, I saw several webs spread out on the ground in the yard by Nitro's first drop, next to the old Pallex prop.
  14. 11/9/17

    I was in the park from opening to about 5. Nitro had a very late opening again, about 40 min after the other rides were running. I saw from Batman that one of Nitro's trains is disassembled on the ground. El Toro had a breakdown early in the day but they fixed it fairly quickly. Some sections of the park still had FF soundtracks playing, and a few windows still had FF store displays despite the elf HITP decals being applied to the glass.
  15. Holiday in the Park 2017

    What they could do with those strings they leave on the buildings is put orange, green, or purple bulbs in for FF, and even red, white, and blue for the 4th of July.