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  1. The Master

    Southern California Parks

    Were they still operaing only single trains on the coasters ? Last time I was at MM, every coaster only ran one train each.
  2. The Master

    Splash Days added to HH Sept 2018 Calendar

    Nice to see extended time. Only thing is I would have picked Hurricane Mt over 4 Winds with all those waterfalls.
  3. The Master

    Dorney Park, 8/6/18

    I meant they used to use all three stairs right next to each other by the current entrance. One has been converted into the current exit. Every time I have been to Dorney this year, they allowed tubers to stay on in the Runaway river. Years ago, HH once did something similar to Sesame Place with 3 color coded exits. It was a total mess as people fought to change tubes.
  4. The Master

    Cedar Fair to Remove Rides

    For years now, Dorney has no longer printed their hours. Only listing hours on their website where they can be easily changed. I don't knos about other CF parks, but Dorney's operations have been declining which could be hurting their attendance.
  5. The Master

    Dorney Park, 8/6/18

    Doesn't help that with the Runaway river, they only use one entry stairway out of three anymore.
  6. The Master

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Moreys operating Great White weird again. For some reason they will run both trains, but only load one and run the other empty. Two weeks ago they ran the blue empty, and last week they ran red empty at around the same time of day.
  7. The Master

    Photo Trip Report: Nov 28th, 2009 - Tavern on the Green

    Sure must havd looked nice at night. Though the fabric construction probably weathered quickly. Disneyland has lanterns over their uncovered Tea Cups but they are made of hard plastic rather than paper or fabric.
  8. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    SFA had Chickfilla the last time I was there.
  9. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Hersheypark is getting hit hard by the rainy week wd have been having. They even showed the park flooding on national news.
  10. The Master

    Dorney Park July 18 2018

    I did noticd part of the problem with the slow dispatches at the flume is that some riders take a really long time to put their stuff on the side and sit down in a log. Also would help if the park used both loading platforms instead of one. I was surprised to get four rides on Aqua Blast. What helped was the late 8PM closing time. Thhe arm of thd park the Flyers ard in is a pretty empty dead end which leads to low foot traffic. That section of Dorney has been pretty messed up for a while niw with the removal of Laser and all those kiddie rides.
  11. The Master

    SFGA Welcomes New Species with Adorable Eurasian Lynx Cubs

    They remind me of when my cat was a kitten.
  12. The Master

    Dorney Park July 18 2018

    This was my third trip to Dorney for this year and things went better than my last trip. Still the park is not what it used to be. Got in around 3, after finding some loungers decided to do the log flume first before going on slides. The flume was very slow dispatching and the line was long and slow moving, only rode it once, and it was my first ride on it this season. While walking back to the waterpark, I saw Dorney was not running there Ceder Creek Canonball Train, they had it parked in the back across from Thunder Canyon, guess more cost cutting, would not be surprised to see that train removed soon. Returned to the waterpark and both rivers were uncrowded which surprised me. Both of Dorney's rivers are very nice, and the Wildwater River is unusually wide. As Yoshi mentioned last week, the waterfalls were still off from his last visit in the Runaway River. Didn't do to well on the slides but still got on more than on my last visit there. Bunch of people kept cutting in line at Cascade, which is one of the lamer slides at WWK. I complained about it to the lifeguard who didn't understand English well enough to understand what I was saying. I think she was Swedish. At least I was able to get on all the slides I like to do but only once or twice each. The highpoint was going on Aquablast 4 times with no wait at closing time. Only managed the 4th time because the lifeguards did not know the current time and had to ask me. Aquablast had 6 rafts in service and 10 out of service on the side half deflated. The rear change houses by the old wave pool did not have hot water like normal, and I had to go to the forward change house by the new wave pool which had working hot water and thankfully no lines. The old wave pool bathrooms were very dirty, the ones by the new wave pool were fairly clean, the change booths at both locations were pigstyes. The clientele at Dorney is getting weird. Over half the other guests were not speaking in English, and Arabic was what I heard being spoken the most. The park had a lot of security walking around. There were a lot of camp groups there from the Bronx and North Jersey, so much for Dorney being a Philly park. Had to wait in a long line to get a reentry stamp exiting the park. After returning back to the dry park I did not fair too well. Walked all the way over to Steel Force just as it broke down. The Ceder Creek Flyers were not running, rode the Zeypher which was a full load. After that I made itbon Hydra twice and Talon once. Just a few years ago, I could easily ride Hydra and Talon twice each, Zeypher once, the drop towers once each, and Sterl Force 3 times after WWK closing, not anymore with increased crowds and slower operations.
  13. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Better be careful about that, Domino's has a history of running people over.
  14. The Master

    Dorney Park, 7/11/18

    How were the slide dispatches in WWK? Weird all the waterfalls were off in the Runaway River, further signs the park is in decline.
  15. The Master

    Six Flags Great Adventure Announces July 2018 Events

    I didn't go to any parks during the week of the 4th. Figured all of them would be mobbed besides the 100 degree heat.