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  1. If they were smart, they could copy Hersheypark and have a few all orange and purple strings that can be used for both Halloween and Christmas.
  2. Especially that many of the equipment sheds in the park ard badly rotted. They probably can't install new electrical equipmet into a rotted shed without it falling down on them.
  3. I don't agree with it either. Sadly Halloween has always been second banana to Christmas and is treated as such.
  4. I believe they are decorating a lot less for FF to allow a quicker changeover to HITP. Last year, they even began to take FF decorations down a week before Halloween.
  5. Universal's Cabana Bay. I stayed there last week and it really went downhill from my stay there last year. First thd waterslide in their one pool was closed during my whole stay. Second, the lazy river by their second pool was only open one day of my 6 day stay. Third, when I went to the hot tub for 15 minutes, someone stole my tube off the lounger I had. I complained about it to the front desk, they said they would provide a free replacement, even stating they called the tube shack by the pool so they would know. Of couse the lifeguards at thd tube shack were not contacted, and one was very rude to me saying the front desk nor the manager have permission to do that. A supervisor came by and told the rude lifeguard to give me a replacement tube whild the other lifeguards looked disgusted at the rude one. After being told all this was reported, I just called Universal's customer service and no report was filed with them by the hotel staff liie J was told. Too top it off, both pools and the river werd much colder than last year, despite the warm weather. Shame because I had a great stay there last year. Businesses can go downhill so quick.
  6. Best not to talk about the topic of sneaking foodstuffs into the park on a public forum in case SF is reading it.
  7. Its sad to see it close, but not surprising. I have not been there in about 20 years. Last time I was there it was pretty worn down then.
  8. Friday FF nights have not been low crowds since 2004. Also didn't help that there was a turned over car on the southbound side of 537, he must have been going pretty fast. Also I found out it was a Jewish holiday, which they can be pretty busy. Anyway, the traffic was a nightmare, besides the Southern entrance being closed, the first jug handle after the park was blocked off by the police.
  9. Tried to go to the park today and my god, was it a mess. The park looked completely mobbed, with the car lines backing up over the overpass. They even had the secondary entrance closed. It was a nightmare just to turn around to get home and an SUV nearly pushed me off the road.
  10. Now there are hardly any spider webs in the park for FF.
  11. Still have not ridden on Wonder Woman yet. I sat in it back in the early summer, but they closed it after I sat down. Last Sunday I tried again, when it was supposed to be my turn they closed the ride down again. Every time I try to ride it, they close it down.
  12. Perhaps the figure wasn't running yet when the WDW GE opened and a lot of reviewers thought it was cost cutting. I have seen on Revenge of the Mummy over at Universal that when the Mummy figure is down, they use a projection effect instead. Still of all the Star Wars characters to choose from to make an AA out of, they picked a side character from a 10 year old spinoff cartoon. The GP would not recognize Holdo too well, mainly just the SW Expanded Universe fans who are subset of SW fandom would know who he is. Expanded Universe is what they generally call Star Wars spin off media which has several levels of canon, with only the live action films being in the top level of canon. Lucas has even said several times that the expanded Star Wars universe is an alternate universe to his films, not a direct continuity which leads to all sorts of fan arguments between EU fans and film purist fans.
  13. That is the same issue with HH. I heard one big difference between the DL and WDW versions of GE is that the Falcon ride at DL has the Hondo animatronic in the queue while the WDW version only has video screens of him, no AA.
  14. Trip Advisor reviews complained about it being frequently closed all day along with the 4 Wind slides.
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