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  1. They were pulsing people in some of thr stations, only Fahrenheit was assigning seats.
  2. B Only way they can enforce it is if they have an army of guards in riot gear everywhere in the park. I was at Hershey yesterday and few people were keeping their distance. On a couple of rides they did tell riders to put their masks on.
  3. They filled all the rows on their B&M coasters, both Candymonium and Great Bear, likely because each row is its own car. Fahrenheit was also filling all rows. However, all the other coasters were skipping every other row for a safety gap. Everybso often they would shug a ride down for cleaning. Most of the secondary rides were closed. Only water slides that were open were the mat racers. They sprayed the mats between each use. There were also spraying the inner tubes in the lazy river after each guest was done with their tube. Waiting for park opening in the new entrance is brutal, still have a headache from it.
  4. Hershey's new entrance is a mess. Its huge which makes the entrance gate lines more chaotic.than before. Also there is compkete lack of shade so the whole entrance plaza and Chocolatetown are baking in the hot sun. They really need shade flys or other shade structures. Both have few saplings planted The new entrance and Chocolatetown are both really ugly and completely lack charm of the old. The new coaster is good but it does have the PITA lockers instead of station bins. However, unlike GADV, the lockers are free while you ride like Universal which is good of Hershey.
  5. Launched coasters have a higher risk of blowing masks off of people, makes me wonder if Kingda Ka may also be closed due to facial mask issues.
  6. My feeling is that the Splash Mt retheme will be done on the cheap like with thd DCA Tower of Terror retheme to Guardians. Most of the same stuff is still there, just different paint and a few items tacked on. In other news, Disneyland's reopening on July 17th has been postponed.
  7. I will be surprised if guests obey the distance markers. People generally have not been using them in most stores as well as seeing several shoppers not covering their noses.
  8. With HHN, guests pack in tight inside those haunted houses besides the performers and line managers. They don't even pulse the lines like local parks do, its a solid tightly packed chain through the house. It would be highly difficult to make guests stay 6 feet apart, especially when they are drunk. HHN and other holiday events will likely have big changes. I remember back years ago, Mickey's Halloween Party used to have alot more stuff than it had in recent years. Such as spooky riverboat rides and castmember Jackolantern displays.
  9. Disney has announced they have cancelled Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween Party and H20 Glow Nights. Wonder if other parks will also cancel their Halloween events? Perhaps Christmas events too? I can't see indoor haunted mazes being able to operate in a post COVID 19 world, especially Universal's HHN with lines so long that they are scarier than the mazes themselves and the solid chain of nonpulsed guests walking through the mazes.
  10. I see the park will have reduced hours, mainly closing at 9 instead of 10. Hershey will be one of the worst parks to wear a mask at between the hot blacktop and lack of shade.
  11. There will be some masks flying off on the rides which will cause issues. What riders will do if they lose their masks, how lost masks will be collected and disposed of, how often will they be collected since you don't want them to pile up. Plus if they get soaked on a water ride, it would be similar to water boarding trying to breathe through a damp mask. Not to mention wearing masks in the summer heat will increase the number of faintings. Masks are highly uncomfortable in the heat, I know I can't walk around in hot weather wearing one for long without getting dizzy.
  12. I have been watching a pretty neat channel called Comet that shows various cult films, MST3K reruns, and reruns of other scifi shows. Its pretty much what SyFy used to be. Saw a couple of movies 29yrs may like. One is Night of the Comet which takes place at Christmas time. The other is Lady in White which starts at Halloween but moves through Christmas.
  13. I am not surprised, its one of the reasons I dislike computers.
  14. Not sure how well the trucks will work out under COVID restrictions.
  15. Most of the props displayed in Planet Hollywoods were replicas, not film used props.
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