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  1. But San Francisco still has 259 sunny days and just 72 days of precipitation in a year. At the same time, NJ gets much hotter in the Summer on the few sunny days we do get, and even on cloudy days too.
  2. That would be the biggest benefit to SF, if snowfall doesn't block the panels too much. Plus there are the Spring, Fall, and early Winter seasons when they are only open on weekends. Also, if SF wants to save energy costs, they need to better manage their energy useage. I seen outdoor lighting there on in the middle of the day.
  3. The quality of their operations will likely decline with the cost cutting from CF to recoup their money back faster.
  4. Didn't know about SF's aquisition of the Phoenix Wet N Wild, looking it up, its pretty recent. Hopefully SF included upkeep of the solar farm itself into their NPV analysis. The woods produce a lot of debris and grime that falls onto roofs that must be cleared. Solar panels need cleaning as grime built up can reduce their output. Natural debris from the woods as well as general northeast manmade pollution produce a lot grime buildup that will require cleaning off of the panels. I would be surprised if the saved money is retained for reinvestment rather than paid out to shareholders. The one thing GADV does have for solar is space for a solar farm, even if the rainy climate is not the most ideal.
  5. Still sounds like AZ is more ideal for solar power as a 10-25% power loss is less than the 90% power loss in the rain. On average, NJ has 117 days with precipitation vs 36 days in AZ. But SF doesn't have parks in AZ, so comparing that is pointless. SoCal also has just 36 days of precipitation on average, while TX has 106 days and GA has 109 days.
  6. Regardless of quality, any park section needs a minimun of 3 rides. Shops do not count as attractions Disney.
  7. A quick look at the Current Results website concerning weather facts, on average NJ has 94 clear days in a year, or sunny 56% of the time during daylight hours. In contrast, CA, TX, GA, MO, MD, and even MA are sunnier on average than NJ. IL is nearly a tie with NJ. Compare to CA with 146 clear days, TX with 135 clear days, or GA with 112 clear days. The state with the most clear days is AZ with 193 cleardays while VT and WA tie as the states with the least clear days at 58 clear days.
  8. They just mentioned about GADV going solar on 6ABC today. Though wonder how well it will work as NJ is such a cloudy and rainy state.
  9. I haven't read the book, but the premise sounds interesting. Plus its right after Fear the Walking Dead which I watch. The Son is also a good show on AMC.
  10. So I heard a rumor that Disney is planning a solo fastpass for the Rise of the Resistance ride. This fast pass will allow you or your group to be the only riders in your ride vehicle for a better ride experience. It is also rumored that this pass would cost several hundred dollars. The Falcon ride features a AA1000 amantronic in its queue, with over 60 functions. Sadly, it is not of any of the iconic Star Wars film characters. It is an AA of Hondo, a recurring alien pirate character from the animated spin off cartoon series that most normies will have no clue who he is. Hondo is pretty much like Angel from Rockford Files and is voiced by Jim Cummings.
  11. Anybody watch the first episode of NOS4A2? Its a show on AMC about a Christmas vampire, maybe its Harry?
  12. Shame they ripped out the Moon Flumefor this.
  13. Could be, as some purists are A holes, especially depending what sub type of fan purists you are dealing with. There are many fractions inside the Star Wars fandom. As for the Falcon ride, the pilot functions ard really screwy. One pilot only control up and down, and the second pilot only controls left or right. I know this setup is to allow more people pilot the ship, but it will be hard to coordinate these flying functions. Real flying craft don't split basic piloting functions like this for a reason and will interfere with ride enjoyment. As for the gunner positions, it is unclear if the gunners can really aim, or they just press the fire button when prompted in time like Dragon's Lair.
  14. Correct, it is common for Star Wars fans to use acronyms like those rather than spell out everything, especially with the film titles.
  15. F smartphones. I don't even own one yet I get penalized because of other people owning them.
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