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  1. Didn't you hear the news that SFGAdv will be getting a custom 300ft tall RMC Trex coaster that will have Six Flags TV onboard every train?
  2. In other words, they need to be hot but there are few people who are hot enough, especially to work that cheap. Nobody wants to see Superman with a beer gut or a dumpy Wonder Woman.
  3. It is an immersion program guests can somehow decide to opt in or stay out of. If you opt in and score well on the ride, the various characters in the stores, midways, and restaurants will congratulate you. However, if you score poorly, then they will rib on you. The backstory is the hounty hunter works for the pirate character from the spin off cartoons who is the new co owner of the Falcon with Chewie in the new ride as Han Solo is dead. If you perform poorly on the ride, you will damage the Falcon and owe the pirate guy money for repairs.
  4. Another issue too is that most Amercians weigh more today on average than they did in the 70's.
  5. I was on the log flume this past Friday and the park is ride sharing the log boats. When the log boat is fully loaded with 5 people, it is bottomed out in the trough the whole time and the water splashes in really bad on the curves.
  6. I was at the park Friday, and saw the me membership line at the entrance was 3 times longer than the season pass entrance line.
  7. One of Galaxy Edge's food offerings will be green milk. Yes that green milk which Luke milks from the teets of the alien cow in The Last Jedi, yummy. They will also sell the blue milk that Luke, uncle Owen, and aunt Breu drink in A New Hope, but it will only be offered in the adults only bar, such a wise choice. Both are not even real milk, they will be fruit favored soy milk to appease the soy boys. I mentioned in the other thread how your score on the Falcon ride somehow follows you around the land? Well, if you get a losing score, some bounty hunter midway character will harass you over your low scrore in the midway. Also, they have canceled their First Order themed gift shop as it was mainly going to sell toy and replica weapons such as blasters. Disney has defided the only weapons allowed in SWGE will be lightsabers.
  8. Cause people were built tougher back in those days. Like the time I fell 8,000 feet onto a pile of jagged rocks. However, I was out Jitter Bugging that very night.
  9. An hour just to get into the park? At that point I would turn around and either do something else or go home with crowds at such nightmarish levels.
  10. I really like Joker's Jinx. Be very careful with your car there through. It is the only park somebody tried to break into my car.
  11. It was at Epcot back in the 90's when I was a kid.
  12. SFStL has a mirror image Batman. For me, I never got sick on any ride. However, I have gotten sick from bad food or colds at theme parks, mainly Disney. Once ate undercooked chicken at Disney, another time had ginger ice cream that did not agree with me, most other times I picked up weird bugs there.
  13. Last Sunday, as I was driving out of the park in the exit driveway through the woods, some dipcrap was driving the wrong way through the exit driveway and against all the cars leaving the park.
  14. I always hit Lafftrax first in the morning.
  15. Similar incident happened to me and mother, back when I was around 5 in 1990. Two german guys got into our car, only ever ride share with strangers on the Skyride.
  16. They probably do want to install improved flood controls as the entrance was at a low point. Also the old entrance was a bottleneck on busy days. Still it would be nice if they went with a better style for their new entrance than more plain factory.
  17. April 22 -24 will probably be crowded with large bus groups.
  18. I am going to miss the old Tudor entrance. The artwork for the new factory entrance looks boring.
  19. On Sunday I was at the park by myself, and they made another single rider ride with me on Sky Screamer, anc they sat another person by me on Runaway Mine Train. Never seen the park do either before.
  20. Yes, but the business will charge a higher total price, even if there is no interest charged by them, which can offset whatever interest you might earn in a short term investment. Interest rates are generally pretty low for short term investments. Just for an example, suppose you can buy an item for $60 now, or for 4, $20 payments with zero interest which still totals $80. Many businesses do this to offset the time value cost of delayed payment to them, and often do not list the total to customers. This is a topic probably better suited for a different thread since I didn't mean to sidetrack 29's trip report. I visited the park on Sunday, wasn't too busy. Most of the rides were running. Only issue was that JL was stacking really bad and interupting the ride. Hopefully they will solve that soon.
  21. You always get charged more when you pay in installments rather than all at once due to the time value of money. Some of those benefits used to be included on the season passes and are just a way to make the memberships seem to have greater value than they do. The sad fact is they are turning their backs on SP owners and trying to force them to go with memberships to pad out their cash inflows from operations.
  22. It sucks, also I added up the payments, and even the lowest membership costs more in total than a season pass.
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