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  1. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    I hope so too. Didn't even make it to HITP last year due to the bad cold snap.
  2. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Autumn can go back where it came from. At least moderate to normal around the mid 60s instead of the low 50s.
  3. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    Time for freeze warnings and heating bills instead, I rather have the former. Sadly we gone from well above normal to below normal. One forecaster said we pretty much skipped from Aug to Nov weather, too much of a shock. Looks like it will stay below normal through the rest of Oct.
  4. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    When I went on Friday two weeks ago, there were huge lines jyst to drive in. Never saw a early Friday FF so crowded before. Dorney's Haunt has also been much more crowded this year. Seems all the Halloween events are popular and much more crowded this year.
  5. The Master

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    What Dorney did to their Trick or Treat house this year. For this year, Dorney has Trick or Treat nearly dark with most of the lighting turned off. Every few guests gets a small flashlight to light the house. Because of this you can barely see the detailed sets in rhis house and is just a really stupid idea. Ten years ago, Universal tried something similar with miner helmets that one out of 20 guests would get. It sucked back then and it still sucks today.
  6. I heard they will be installing security screening similar to GADV's. Looks like they are going for a brick factory theme, I prefer the Tudor style of the current entrance.
  7. The Master

    Fright Fest 2018

    I think the current song choices are not too good.
  8. The Master

    Fright Fest 2018

    Anyone else think Deadman's Party is not as good this year?
  9. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    It is good business strategy, but bad business ethics which may bite them later on. Such as contributing to the drop off problems I posted above which can drive other customers away. The park was bad with unsupervised pre teen kids running around everywhere, cutting other people off, etc.
  10. The Master

    Dorney Park, 9/22/18

    The park and normal rides open at 6, the Haunt attractions open at 7ish.
  11. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    It wasn't any 75 degrees, it was cool and cloudly most of the day, then cleared out at night causing the temps to drop. Despite that the crowds really poured into the park last night. The first hour to 90 minutes was pretty good but by 7:30 everything had long lines, even the Teacups. There were tons of pre-teen dropoffs running around being super obnoxious. Gangs of them kept running past people in line for the rides. Even the teenagers and 20 somethings were disgusted by them. Here I thought the date night crowds were bad but not nearly as bad as those hordes of pre-teens. Last night was also the first time I been line cut at the exit gate. Some ugly 14 year old brat jumps right in front of me right at the exit turnstil, then turns around with a smirk and tells me that I just been cut, WTH? Driving in I saw pieces of King Corbra lying both inside and outside the HH fence.
  12. The Master

    Disney Parks additions/removals

    Not surprised AK is moving away from its original Zooigogical aspects. Seems both AK and EPCOT are going to be dumbed down. On a side note, WDW's will call is terrible, they need self serve kiosks like Universal has.
  13. The Master

    King Cobra

    Then NJ needs to come up with a provision for orphaned rides. NJ is known for not completely thinking out its laws when they are writing them.
  14. The Master

    King Cobra

    It is because NJ is a "Nanny State" that overregulates things to the point that nothing gets done.
  15. The Master

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    They have been dumbed down since the 90s.
  16. The Master

    Misc GA Mumblings

    Went to the park today and saw there was some large emergency response setup in the drop off lot. Big tents and several large camper bunks.
  17. The Master

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    Airtravel, I was stranded in DFW airport for 16 hours. Kept moving my connecting flight from gate to gate until they cancelled it at the very last minute. Then I was bumped from the next available flight and had to wait for the next one. Was supposed to have a window seat but was moved to a middle seat. Guy who had the window seat was fat, had poor hygine, and closed the shades for the whole flight so he could read his smart phone beeides having his A/C on full blast. Plus it was a older plane without screens in the seats. Then I get to PHL to find my bags are over in the International terminal luggage claim.
  18. The Master

    Flash Sale Extended through Sept. 9

    I just got the season pass just to keepmthings simple and save money. Question, isn't the chain taking a greater risk with memberships since a customer can just decide to cancel future payments and SF is left with only a portion ov their forecasted cashflow stream?
  19. The Master

    Six Flags AutoWorld History

    Here are some links to two indoor parks Six Flags built during the 1980s that just didn't make it. Six Flags Autoworld Six Flags Powerplant
  20. The Master

    New for 2019 - Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth!

    Sounds like a fun new flat. Also, no way GADV can be open year round unless the park is encased in a giant crimate controlled dome. NJ is just too cold.
  21. The Master

    Hurricane Harbor-lazy river issues

    The river at HH has always been screwy since the first year of the park.
  22. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    A few years ago when Castle was still on, there was one episode where they had SFMM stand in for Coney Island, LOL.
  23. The Master

    Miscellaneous Mumblings

    On the lastest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, one of the main characters finds shelter in a house during a storm. After dispatching the zombies inside, she finds old pictures of when they were still alive on the wall. One picture shows they had once visited Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ. The show currently takes place in Texas.
  24. The Master

    Southern California Parks

    Were they still operaing only single trains on the coasters ? Last time I was at MM, every coaster only ran one train each.
  25. The Master

    Splash Days added to HH Sept 2018 Calendar

    Nice to see extended time. Only thing is I would have picked Hurricane Mt over 4 Winds with all those waterfalls.