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  1. There is a pinfari zyklon for sale on ebay. I wish I had alot of money so I could buy it and name it Big Fury!
  2. I can't wait for tomorrow....going to be chilly but I'm going to at least validate my pass then maybe catch a freezing ride on Nitro or something.
  3. Yes I do very well......I may have met you too if you are the one who helps out events......That is a good theory and I agree that the locos could have been installed in The Lagoon later.....It's funny how there is hardly any good articles on the where abouts.......I thought they would be used as a shelf by now in the boneyard seeing that alot of defunct rides from the past are still there.....
  4. I was really excited to finally get info on The Great Train Ride, I've been an member and engineer for the Pine Creek RR for 6 years and it was nice to see us mentioned in the spotlight. My one big question is, does anybody know where the 4 Locomotives are right now? Boneyard? Other Parks?
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